Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 1

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My Sexiography … –

 Season 1 💦Episode 1💦

By: イムリの

My name is Sammy. It all started back when I was just 7years old. I know in your mind you’re saying:

“ha! that early?”

Yea it was. I ate from the forbidden fruit when I was just 7 years old. I can’t really remember all what happened back then, but this I remember vividly, it was a threeesome, a shocker right? Let me tell you the little I can remember. My parent had a separation, so my mum took custody of my elder sister and I.

Back then we were based at Kano. I was just 6 then. As it happened, we were tenants in a compound filled with the Hausa speaking people. There is this girl, her name was Zainab I think, she was quite older than me with about 3 years.

Also in our compound was a Yoruba speaking family and I was friends with the third son of this family, Tunde. Tunde is everything bad and worse. His parents got even tired of him that at a point his dad took him to town and left him there, unfortunately for his parent he found his way home. He is street smart acontinuey good prankster.

There was a day Tunde came back from school very early and when he was asked why he came back early, he got the parents in the whole area shaken with fear when he said

“our school don catch fire o, Na only me fit escape because i jump fence”

there was serious commotion and pandemonium in the area as parents who had children in the school started rushing down to the school. Alas! They got to school to see students playing about, as it was break time. The only sign of fire was a small bush burning just across the school fence.

Tunde and I hit it off when he tried beating me.

He was after my lunch box. As God would have it, it turned out I was stronger than him, although back then I looked so small and scrawny. I had to use some Chinese moves on him. After then, we became very good friends. We were always seen together, playing pranks, molesting girls and other childish vices. It was fun with Tunde I must say.

Back to Zainab. One cool evening, Tunde and I went to look for Zainab’s younger brother so that we can go play football. On getting to their room, we met only Zainab at home, she had just came out from the bathroom, she was Unclad.

She ran inside the room when she saw us, Tunde pursued her into their room while I waited at the sitting room.

I waited for up to like 5 minutes for Tunde, he didn’t come out from the room so I went in to see what was going on. On getting inside the room I saw Tunde Unclad lying atop of Zainab, at first I was shocked and confused. Then realization dawn on me that this must be the same thing that I have seen on television.

“I wan do” that’s what I said next.

Tunde told me to wait, but Zainab said no. So I threatened her

“if you no let me do I go tell your mama”

That was all it took for her to push off Tunde. Then she said

” oya come do Na”

Trust me I didn’t waste time. I can’t really remember how it felt like back then, but I do remember that inside her pucci was wet and hot.

I got bored after sometime inside her pucci, so I pulled out for Tunde to continue. From then on, once in a while Tunde and I do dig out Zainab’s pucci-hole.


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