Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 10

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My Sexiography ….
 – Season 1🍆
Episode 10🍆💦
By: イムリの
Queen saw me off, we walked to my grandmother’s house side by side as if we were old friends. I didnt even know when we unconsciously we held hands like lovers. We got close to my Grandmum’s house, she stopped and kiss me on the side of my cheek, then she ran back home. I was wowed! Remember the movie ‘Coming to America’? Just after the scene where Eddie Murphy took out the eldest daughter of Mr Mackdowells out on a date.
Can you remember how he was happy and in a festive mood, crazily shouting out to his neighbours that he is in love! Lol…just picture me in place of Eddie Murphy. It was like I just won a jackpot. Love is sweet people!I was too excited to eat dinner that evening, infact I gave out my dinner to my cousins, even the meats! Can you imagine that? I so much love eating meat. Sleep intact wouldn’t come on time, I kept on remembering the kiss Queen bestowed on my cheek and when I did sleep, I dreamt of her.
The morning looked so great when I woke up the next day. I was still happy. My joy got dampened a bit when granny says we all are going to the farm that morning. I hated farm work with passion. The annoying part was my that my granny farm was quite far, one would have to trek a very long distance to get there. I tried pretending I was sick, but mumsy would have nothing of that. She knew me too well,she knew I was pretending, so she threatened no food for me for 2 days if I still keep on insisting that I’m sick. Farm work was pretty gruesome for a city boy like me, but I managed.
On our way from the farm, we came across Queen’s family who were also returning from the farm. The parents strikedup conversation with each other, while we the kids fooled around. Queen was carrying a bundle of firewood. I offered to help her carry it, she obliged only for her brothers and my cousins to start sniggering and calling both of us names.
“Sammy wife” her brothers teased her
“Shut up there dumb heads” she retorted
“Woman wrapper” my cousins teased me. They were irritated that I was carrying a woman’s bundle of firewood, in my town, men don’t carry firewood on their head. I ignored them. I returned the bundle of firewood to Queen on getting to our individual junctions. We said our good byes and she promised to come to my Grannys house later that evening.
I was quite glad when when kept her promise.
We played together, held hands, tickled each other, played pranks on my cousins and she kissed me full on the lips when nobody was looking. Though it lasted seconds, it felt like hours to me. My cousins kept making fools of themselves, teasing us and calling us husband and wife. Eventually it was time to go home as everywhere was quite dark, so I saw her off.
Before we parted, I made the resolve to kiss her.
I waited till we got to a dark spot before making me move. I stopped at the dark spot, held her waist with my left hand while I used my right hand to pull her face towards mine. She didn’t object, so I placed my lips on hers. After some time, she opened her lips and gave me direct passage. We kissed like there’s no tomorrow. Our tonques battled with each other, frolicking and smacking at each other. We broke apart for air, just when I thought we were done, she came at me with full force, her lips crushed mine, her tonque teased mine so sensuously, I m0aned out and she chuckled..

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