Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 11

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My Sexiography 🍆… – 
Season 1 💦
Episode 11♥
By: イムリの
We eventually broke apart and she went home, not before she told me, she planned to surprise me tomorrow at the cave. She wouldn’t tell me what the surprise was. I gave up trying to trick her into telling what she is planning to do. Within me, I know there is no way I can ever fall for any of her pranks again. ‘ Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’.Next day was Christmas eve. It was a very cold morning. The harmanthan has been strongly blowing thought out the night. I ruluntactly rose up from bed, brush my teeth. I was gingered up remembering I am to meet with Queen later today. I quickly had my bath with warm water that mumsy prepared for me. Then I went to the kitchen for breakfast. Breakfast was jeoloff rice with fish. I’m not really a fan of jeoloff rice, but I ate because I was very hungry that morning. I stayed indoors for sometime waiting for the sun to come out.
Was quite glad when the sun later came out in all its glory. Quickly I sneaked out of the house. I got to the cave breathing like someone who had just finished an Olympic race. I was hoping to be there before Queen so that I can prank her as a return favour for the other day. I was disappointed seeing her there already. The dissapoinment was written all over my face.
“Sammy, what is wrong? Why is your face like that?” She asked me
“Are you not happy with what I’ve done?” She asked again.
Done? I was quite confused. What has she done? That was when my eyes lighted on a makeshift bed made with mat and some wrappers. Close to the bed was a picnic basket filled with ripe bananas, and some other fruits with two cans of water.
“You brought all these?”
“You did all these?” I stuttered out like a stammerer.
She simply just smiled, her cute dipples became so pronounced making her face looks so beautiful and adoring. I didn’t even know whens I swiftly got to her side and started kissing her.
“Hey stop that! Mr lover boy, there’s plenty of time for that and more” she said and coyly pushed me off.
…and more? What does she mean by that? I hope it is what I’m thinking!
“Do you love me?” She suddenly asked me.
“Yes I do” I reverently answered her.
“How do you know you love me?”
I was quite confused on what I’m to say to her to convince her that I love her.
“I just know that I love you” I eventually answered her. My answer seemed to have satisfied her. She kept quite for sometime. But knowing her, I know there is no way she can keep quite for long. I was right. She started asking all sort of questions, not even waiting for me to answer one before moving to the next one. I so wanted to shut her up, so I quickly placed my lips on hers and kissed her just before she could ask another question. That shut her up preety well. Lol… She won’t let go when I wanted to stop the kiss. She started kissing me like a pro. Her hands started moving across my chest, then to my neck. Her lips freed mine, just when I was glad for a respite, her lips slowly warmed its ways to my the side of my necks, “haaa!” I m0aned softly. She wiggled her tonque into my ears and licked me inside,
“Haaaa!” I m0aned again.
“That tickles” I said.
Queen then went straight to my shirt and helped me pull it over my head. I shivered with cold immediately it came off, but Queen compensated for the cold by lashing her lips on my Tips. The cold immediately ran off. Queen kept sU-Cking my Tips. The feeling was so sweet and pleasurable, at the same time it was ticklish.
“Queen, stop! Please stop!” She ignored me and kept at it. I tried pushing her off, but she would have nothing of that. I eventually succeeded in disengaging her lips from my Tips.
I used one of my Chinese moves on Queen, before she knew it, I was on top, while she under me. She started wiggliging her body like a snake trying to escape from my hold. I was stronger than her. She gave up and la!d still under me. I looked into her eyes, they were so inviting.
“Kiss me” Queen ordered me.
I smiled and kissed her. She returned the kiss with enough fierceness to drive out a mountain Lion.
After kissing each other for like 2 minutes, I straightway proceeded to kissing the sides of neck and her ears,
“Haaaa sweetheart!” She m0an
“Yeeeeheeee” she silently whispered again.
I was so thrilled that she was filling me that I got bold to move my hand over her b0s0m. I thought she would protest. She didn’t, instead she m0aned out the more. I was damn encouraged. I firmly held her big b0s0m and was pressing them. This increased the propensity of her m0an!ng.
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