Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 12

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My Sexiography … -🍆
 Season 1 🍆💦
Episode 12♥
By: イムリの
Then she stopped me. And she quickly removed her top, she is now Unclad from the waist up just like me. By now my eyes had adjusted to the gloomnes enveloping the cave. I could see her b0s0m so clearly, they were really big and round with thick and pointed Tips$. Quickly I descended on the Tips$ and I started sU-Cking as if my life depended on it. Linda taught me well. Queen was hypenventilating, she kept m0an!ng and trying to sU-Ckin air. I had to stop for sometime ” why did you stop?” She innocently asked me. [/B] ” I was so enjoying it, where did you learn all that?” [/B]
Shuooo, see this girl wey I dey pity o!
Without wasting any more time, I fell back on her b0s0m with a vengeance this time around. I slowly flicked my tonque on her Tips$ moving from one to the other. And then I’ll use my tonque to sU-Ck the very center of her Tips, this do make scream the more I observed. Linda was taught me how to blow air on her Tips after sU-Cking it for sometimes. It always made her m0an the loudest. So I used the same technique on Queen, this time I remixed it with gently biting her Tips with my teeth. The result was spectacular. Queen held me tight, using her hands to press my head to her b0s0m for some seconds, while she shook convulsively.
“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She m0aned out like a crazy witch. Her face contorted lnto a deep grimace.
She m0aned again and quietened down after sometime, she held me tight during all these time. I knew quiet well that she has just released. We both kept quite for one minute I think. Then I noticed her hands moving towards my J0yst!ck, I made no move to stop her, as I wanted her to touch it very badly. She held it for like 15 seconds through my shorts, without much ado, she remover her hand and went straight inside my shorts grabbing my J0yst!ck in the process. I almost released. My J0yst!ck started pulsing in her hands and she started wanking it. She was moving her hands to and fro the length of my J0yst!ck. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable feeling.
“Your J0yst!ck feels big” she said, waking me from my euphoric state.
“I think so” I replied.
“I wonder if it would fit inside my kitten” she coyly said
Chai! kitten wasn’t part of my expectations.
“Let’s try and see if it will enter” I quickly replied her. Bad boy that I am, with a smirk on my face.
She was wearing a short miniskirt, so I just calmly and gently climbed on top of her and slides down to her waist where I delved my head inside her miniskirt and pulled her pink p@anties with my hand. Then I tentatively kissed her bald kitten lips. She shivered like I poured cold water on her. I’ve never done that before. Linda never taught me that. I don’t know what came over me to kiss her kitten lips. She was quite wet and her K!ttyC@t tasted and smelled so ambrosially.
I quickly pulled off my shorts, and mounted Linda with my raging J0yst!ck pointing towards her kitten lips. I pulled up her miniskirt to her tummy, then I held my J0yst!ck with my right hand using it to rub her wet kitten lips, I kept at it for sometime. While she frustratively tried to pulled my J0yst!ck inside her kitten.
“Sweetheart, please put it inside!” She begged. ”please put it inside!”
“Beg me again” I commanded her
She was almost bursting into tears
“Please” she said again.
“Look at me” she told me. I did. That was a big mistake. Quickly like a fox, she held my J0yst!ck with her right hand and quickly guided it straight inside the depths of her K!ttyC@t. I was bemused. Her K!ttyC@t was indeed very tight! Immediately my J0yst!ck bottomed out in the sweet tight confines of her kitten, she held me tight and screamed out loud, more louder than the first scream.
She held me like that for sometime, not moving or allowing me to move. My J0yst!ck was still entombed in her her
K!ttyC@t and it was still raging hard. She kissed me after sometime and started wiggling her waist slowly. Taking a cue from her, I raised up my body a bit and started moving my J0yst!ck inside her K!ttyC@t. It was hard work, as her kitten was very tight. After sometime it loosenedup. I could now move my J0yst!ck easily in her kitten.
Queen was m0an!ng not so loud, her eyes were half closed, her mouth was slightly opened. I started making love to her slowly at first, moving my waist slowly.
“Sammy, faster joor!”
Shuoo, so this girl is this vulgar I thought within me. I obliged her and increase the tempo of my thrusts, Mehn, I started gyrating my waist like an accomblished makosa dancer. This got her screaming loudly nonstop. Wetin concern me, I just kept at it, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Then from no where, Queen hands shot up to my chest and pinched my Tips. Ha! That was it! A tingling s£nsat!on started building up from the core of my J0yst!ck, quickly the s£nsat!on moved up towards the tip of my J0yst!ck. I tried to consioulsy push it back, as I was not ready to release yet.
“Sweetheart, I want us to release together, I’m almost there,” Queen groggily said to me.
So I stopped trying to prevent my self from releasing and instead added more momentum.
My release came at me with an age long volcanic force. It was a bitter sweet pleasure.
I screamed out when it became too hard to bear. Queen on the other hand locked me in with her knees and legs, while she clapsed my neck so tight almost choking me to death. She kept trashing around until we both returned from our blissfull trip to pleasure land.

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