Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 14

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My Sexiography … -😍
 Season 1 🍆
Episode 14💦
By: Tayo
NEW PLACE, NEW LOVE:’ When the axe entered the forest, the trees said,
“look, the handle is one of us” ‘
-Yoruba Proverb.
Benin was and is a very good place to stay. Although it took some time for me to adjust to my new environment. Major problem were my domineering elder brothers. They made me felt at home for two weeks and then things changed. My elder sister was nice and caring to me, God bless her soul. My dad was a strict and astute disciplinarian. He was the children Pastor of a Pentecostal church. We the children ought to be of good conduct to serve as an example to other children. Going to church became a regular practice. Infact church attendance was mandatory.
It was in one of our church service that I met Pauline. That was her first time in my church. She was accompanied by her twin, Paul and their elder brother, Emmanuel. The twins both had a quiet temperament, that’s where their similarity ended. Paul is quite tall while Pauline is short and with a fair complexion, Paul is dark. I became with friends with their elder brother, Emmanuel as we were age mates. With time we became very close friends that popsy do allow me to visit them at home. Their parents were hardly at home. Their dad always travel outside the country while their mum is a barrister. The children were virtually left to their own devices.
So it became easy for me to fall in with them.
Their house became an escape for me from my domineering brothers. With time I became close to the twins as well. Yeah, very close, especially to Pauline.
Pauline is a very good chess player, she taught me how to play chess. We became quite close as a result. I engaged in chess playing most of the times I spent in their house, but no matter how good I play, Pauline always checkmated my King, it was quite frustrating. Come to think of it, it wasn’t really my fault that I couldn’t win! Pauline always dress so slutty when she is at home. This was a major source of distraction.
She knows how beautiful she is and she wastes no effort displaying her body for me to see. She was 14 years old back then, but she possessed the body of an 18 year old girl. She loves wearing short mini skirts and short gowns which looked like a shirt to me. There are times I do come to their house to see her wearing just p@anties and a shimi top. These shimi tops were quite revealing. I could easily see her Tips through the shimi.
I’ve had several Sekxual day dreams about those b0s0m of hers, I do fantasized over how succulent her b0s0m and Tips are. There are times I imagined how she is going to react if and when I sU-Ck on her n!pples.
I was still thinking of Pauline’s b0s0m when one of my elder brother called out my name.
“I’m coming bros!” I shouted back at him. I just knew he will want to send me on an errand.
I was quite right.
“Abeg help me wash two of my trousers and that my blue polo” my elder bros begged of me.
I dare not refuse even though he added a beg.
“Owk bros, but you go give me something o” I tried negotiating with him.
“No worry, I go give you that my brown slippers”. He promised. ” make sure you wash the cloths well o” he further instructed.
“I hear bros.” I acknowledge.
I then proceeded to wash the clothes. I finished just in time for lunch. My elder sis just finished cooking rice and stew. She shared out the rice, I quickly ate mine, drank water and I went to my friends house. Emmanuel and Paul weren’t at home when I got there. It was just Queen. She was wearing a revealling handless tank top and a short mini skirt. She was reading a novel when I came in. We exchanged pleasantries and I was told her brothers went out with their mum. She ignored me after we exchanged pleasantries and concentrated on her novel. The chess board was lying on the table.
“Let’s play chess” I suggested, trying to take her away from the novel she was reading.
“Hmmmm, so you’re not ashamed of playing chess with me after the flogging I’ve been giving you?” She asked while closing the novel she was ready.
“No be only flog, I’ve been purposely allowing you to win” I shot back at her
“Why?” She asked.
“Because you’re a girl nau” I told her, flashing her a crocked smile.
“I don’t like flogging girls, if not….”
“Okay, from now on, don’t pity me again, I want to see how good you are” she cuts in.
Pauline then proceeded to arrange the chess board. I commandeered the white pieces while she took over the black pieces. We played the first game which lasted for about 15 minutes, she completely obliterated my pieces, she won, though I put up a serious fight. We started the second game, it was moving well at first in my favour, I have taken out one of bishops and several of her pawns. Casualties on my side were just the loss of two pawns.

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