Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 16

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My Sexiography … 😌
– Season 1 🏁
Episode 16🍆🍑
By: Tayo
We started playing our third game. This time around, I was quite attentive to the game. As fate would have it I won! But now I doubt that I won because I was good. It seemed so clear now that she let me win. Anyway I won. ”Oya show me your b0s0m just as you promised” I told pauline triumphantly.
“I thought you said you don’t want to see my b0s0m earlier” she coyly said.
“That was then nau, I want to see them” I pleaded
“Say please” she instructed.
Pauline then slowly pulled off her Tank top like a strip danser right in front of me. I was captivated by the view. I drew closer to her to inspect the b0s0m clearly. The n!pples were thick and were surrounded by dark aureoles. The b0s0m on their own were firm and round, almost at attention.
After viewing Pauline b0s0m for like a minute, I wanted to so much grab hold of them and fulfilled my fantasies. Pauline slapped my hands away just when I was about placing my hands on her b0s0m.
” I’ll let you touch them if you win our next game” she promised.
I wasn’t too happy that she stopped me, but I conceded to the fact that I can touch her b0s0m if I win our next game. So we started playing.
Unbelievably, I won again. Unfortunately, befor i could cash in my prize, we heard her mum’s car coming inside the compound. She quickly ran inside her room and tied a wrapper. Then she came back to the sitting room. Her brothers came in first, followed by their mum. I greeted her. I was angry with her deep down in my mind. Why on earth did she chooses this time to drive in. Very bad timing on her part. She should have waited for me to get my prize, at least 20 more minutes would have suffice, who knows!
Emmanuel later went to put on the generator as there wasn’t light. He came in and put on the televion and the video place. He selected a Chinese movie they just rented from a video store and inserted it into the video player. We all settled down to watch the movie, while their mum went to her room to change so as to start making dinner. I sat on a sofa that has a good view overlooking the television, while Pauline sat on the carpet close to my legs.
” Paul, switch off the overhead light” Emmanuel told Paul.
I wondered why he didn’t switch it off himself as he was more closer to the switch than Paul. While we were watching the movie, Pauline surreptitiously snaked one of her hands to my legs. She started romancing my legs, what she was doing was quite so erotic. She further proceeded straight on towards my J0yst!ck and started rubbing it through trouser. I tried stopping her as I was scared her brothers would notice what was going on. She stopped for a while, then looked at her brothers who were were engrossed in the movie. She then stood up from the floor and sat side by side on the sofa with me. She sat at an angle that no one could easily tell what she was doing. Pauline then went straight to my zip and gently pulled it down. I tried stopping her but I was forced to stop so that her her brothers won’t notice the scuffle going on.
After pulling down my zip, Pauline then inserted her hand inside my trouser and got hold of my J0yst!ck. She then started rubbing my J0yst!ck. She was quite good. She kept on wanking my J0yst!ck, she seemed to know when I’m about cumning. She would stop just when I was about cumming. It was hellish as she won’t let me Pour. I couldn’t do anything about it. She started again, and this time around, it looked as if she would let me come. She abruptly stopped again just when I was about cumming. I almost shouted at her, then I noticed her mum just walked in from the kitchen. This Woman again! I angrily thought in my mind. She was really a spoil sport.
After the movie ended, I said my goodnight to every one and went home. Not too happy though. On getting home, popsy had been looking for me. I told him where I went to, but he won’t listen to me. He flogged me for leaving the house without his permission. And so ended my not so good day. Dinner was quite sour in my mouth after the beating. However I wasn’t too dismayed. My consolation was the things I planned to do to Pauline when next I go to thier house.

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