Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 17

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My Sexiography … -🍅🍅
 Season 1 🍆
Episode 17🍆💦💦
By: Tayo
Back then in school, there was a girl in my class, her name is Patricia. We all simply called her Tricia. Tricia was publicly known as a sloth or ‘public towel’ as well as ‘cheerful giver’ as we all do call her behind her back. Tricia and I shared the same seat in class, she was my wingman. I’ve always wanted to Bleep her ever since I started hearing all her exploits from the guys in my class. I was hoping that one day I would be opportune to collect my share from the national cake. As my wingman, we do exchange notebooks with eachother. Most of the times I do come across several love letters in her notebooks written to her by guys in senior classes and as well as guys in my class.
Remembering the content of those letters now makes me laugh and think how stupid we all are back then. Anyway Tricia just don’t know how to say no to advances from guys. Tricia with either one guy or the other were always being paraded in front of the morning assembly after being caught by either a teacher or a student when they were doing some uncompromising thing in an uncompromising place. There was a time Tricia and two boys were caught in a broom closet by the principal himself. From what I heard, she was caught with her pinaform pulled down and her inner shirt raised up while the two boys were busy handling hers b0s0m. She and the guys were suspended for one week. Tricia was like a leper to me for a time, that was when I just enrolled into the school. I was told her stories and I was unlucky enough to be allocated to her desk. I was quite scared of getting involved with her as I know my Dad would beat the hell out of me if ever he heard I moved with such kind of girl. Secretly though, I so much wanted to Bleep this girl, but there wasn’t any good opportunity or a secret venue to use. ” starting from next week Monday, the school inter class football competition will commenced” the principal announced at the assembly ground.
We were all filled with joy because it meant we won’t be having full lecture periods as from next week. .
“Also the girls should get ready for their dance competition which would begin by next week Friday” the principal continued in his guttural voice.
The girls erupted out in shouts and catcalls. The dance competition was long waited. The principal’s wife earlier placed a ban on the dance group. According to her dansing promotes immorality. We were quite surprised the principal had just lifted off the ban. After the announcements, we sang out marching songs and marched to our individual classes.
Immediately we entered the class, the boys all came to my seat. I was kinda the class unofficial football captain. We quickly discussed our strategy for training before the teacher comes in. Someone shouted that Mr ‘who born you sir’ is about entering inside our class. So we quickly dispersed to our individual seats. The fear of Mr Osaro alias Mr who born you sir is the beginning of wisdom. This man has got a thing for weird punishments. There was a day he drew a car on the blackboard and told a student to push the car as punishment. We were all stupefied. The boy however did his best to push the car, he only succeeded in rubbing off the car from the board which further enraged Mr who born you sir. Mr Osaro majestically strode into the class like a king. We all greeted him, though some of us muffled our voice to sound like ‘who born you sir’ instead of ‘good morning sir’ I knew he was going to call out my name next. Ever since I came to the school, Mr Osaro had been picking on me. I became his errand boy. Today wasn’t going to be an exception.
“Sam” he boomed at me, even though it was unnecessary as I was sitting directly in front of him.
“Yes sir” I meekly answered.
“Go get me some chalks from the staff room”
For God sake you just came from the staff room, why didn’t you get your chalk before coming to the class? I angrilly shouted out at him in my mind.
The space in between my desk and table was pretty tight. Tricia sits at the extreme left while I sit at the far right close to the wall. The only way to get out of my seat was either I climbed the table or Tricia stands up from her seat so that I could easily pass through. I was quite surprised when Tricia didn’t stand up for me to pass, I couldn’t argue with her as it was a very bad idea to keep Mr who born you sir waiting for long.
So I was forced to wiggle my way though Tricia’s part of the seat, in the process I felt her b0s0m pressed against my back. The b0s0m were quite soft! Then i heard Tricia m0aned out softly. I stayed put for like five seconds before moving of ..

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