Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 18

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My Sexiography … -🍅🍆
 Season 1 💦
Episode 18💢
By: Tayo
For the rest of the day, I kept brushing against Tricia’s body on the slightest opportunity while she easily pretended not to notice, sometimes blessing me with a slight m0an of pleasure.
On Wednesday of that week, I went to see how far the girls were going with their dance practice.
The girls in my class were dancing to a circular music. They were being led by Tricia. This girl sure do know how to dance. You need to have seen her wiggling her waist like Rihanna, her arse was something else! Her arse was shaking like no mans land, gyrating to and fro like a pendulum clock. Her dance moves were so erotik, I wasn’t surprised that I started having an hard on! My principal’s wife was certainly right for banning the dance group.
I quickly brought myself away from fantasy land before someone notices my growing hard on.
Thank God my johnny listened to me this time around. I kept ogling Tricia for sometime she must have noticed my mischivious eyes on her, because she suddenly looked up and our eyes met. She smiled and whispered something to her friend. I quickly located my legs and instructed them to propel me out of there. They didn’t want to at first. I had to send a second command before they obeyed.
Tricia caught my eyes as I was leaving, she smiled and turned away. That smile was the ruin me. I fell in love with her that moment. I was ready to face any punishments, damn what my dad would do to me just as long as Tricia smiles for me. I made up my mind to write her a love letter. So I went to an empty classroom away from my friends. I started trying to compose the love letter, but it was damn too hard as I kept cancelling and cancelling. It got to a point that i got frustrated and tore the letter into shreds. I gave up writing the love letter and planned to just ask her out with my mouth.
The next day, which was a Thursday was quite interesting. We had just marched into our class from the assembly ground that morning, when Tricia opened her school bag and brought out a packet of foreign exotic biscuits. I looked on wondering what she was up to as it was against the school rules to eat anything in the classroom especially when its not break time. I was however surprised when Tricia stretched out the biscuit towards me.
“It is for you” she said.
“My mum just got back from USA and she brought a lot of goodies, this is yours”
I was reluctant in collecting the biscuit as virtually the whole class were looking at us. I was worried one of my classmate would go tell my brother that I collected biscuit from Tricia and he himself would in turn report me to my dad.
“You don’t want the biscuit?” She asked.
“Or you don’t like it? I can exchange it with another one if you don’t like this one” she went on
Damn! What a crossroad!
I have never in my life eaten such an expensive biscuit, now is a very good opportunity, but the telephone without no wire in my class won’t let me collect it from her.
To hell with all of them I finally thought. Na only flog my dad go flog sef, I thought on. I then proceeded to collect the biscuit from her and thanked her. She heaved a sigh of relief, she was probably worried that I would reject her gift. She smiled in acknowledgement of my thanks, zipped her bag and faced off towards the board.
Before one could say ‘Jack’, our corner was besieged by the rest of my classmates, they started begging Tricia to give them their share of the biscuits. It was becoming rowdy and I became scared that a senior or a teacher would invade our class to know what’s going on. I quickly disbanded the crowd by shouting Mr monkey face is coming, this got them running to their desk.
During break time, I went to hang out under a mango tree. I’m unlike most children that their parents do give money to school, so while all most everybody were busy at the canteen buying snacks and drinks, I was heading towards the mango tree to meet my fellow no money for snacks club.
While sitting under the mango tree I noticed Tricia coming towards the mango tree with a cellophane bundle in her hands. She got to me, greeted me and shyly offered me a bottle of cold Fanta and two meat pies. I didn’t hesititate to collect this time around. I’ve already collected biscuit from her this morning, so there’s no point worrying myself over this now. Its not as if popsy would flog separately for collecting biscuit, meat pie and fanta from Tricia, it would be just one punishment if ever there would be a punishment, I reasoned.
She sat close to me and we straightway munched through our meat pie and drank the minerals. We talked while eating, that was the first time we really spoke to each other for long. She told me about herself and about her mum.
She is an only child, her mum left her dad while she was just six years old. She complains that her mum was always travelling though she makes it up to her by buying her expensive gifts anytime she travels.
I told her a little about me, most especially about my stay in Kano. She was quite thrilled that I know how to speak the Hausa language, she made me speak to her, it was quite funny seeing her trying to learn Hausa from me. We were still happily gisting when the bell rang out, we then moved to our class together. We came across one of my classmates at the staircase, Maureen.
When Maureen saw both of us coming up together like old friends, her facial countenance just changed into an ugly frown, she then hissed, whispered something under her breath and brushed through Tricia and I. I was very enraged with her behaviour and planned on speaking my mind to her after school.
Just before school closes, we suddenly heard shouting emanating from a nearby class.
The shouting continued. It was my elder brother’s class, so I was wondering what was going on. The disturbances increased, it was like a pandemonium. It got to a point that some of the bold ones in my class went to see what was going on. I was too afraid to leave my seat. Those that went later came back to report that Mrs skul skul had discovered a love letter in my brothers notebook written to him by a girl in his class.
That piece of info was at that moment one of the best news I have ever heard. I’ve so waited for this day, this is an opportunity to get back at my brother for all the telling on me that he had been doing. I was so giddy with joy that I just couldn’t wait for the closing bell so that I can go blackmail my brother. On a normal day, my brother don’t go home with me after school, he prefers walking with his friends. I wasn’t surprise to see him waiting for me after school so that we can go home together. He wisely knew what I had in mind for him.
“Sammy, I use God take beg you, no tell popsy wetin happen for school” he begged on our way home.
“I go give you my fish when we reach house” he further begged.
“No be only your fish you go give me, I want half of your food and your full fish throughout the rest of this week” I countered with a sly look on my face.
I thought he was going to say no deal. I was surprised when he agreed. You need to have seen the triumphant joy and happiness on my face that day. I bounced home as if I owned the road.
I sharperly collected his full fish and half his plate of rice when we got home. My elder sister was surprised, she knows how my elder bro loves fish more than anything. She asked what was going on, I kept quiet waiting to hear my brother’s answer.
“Abeg mind your business joor” he muttered in reply.
My sister looked at me, trying to catch my eyes. I pretended as if nothing was wrong and looked away. She must have suspected something fishy.

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