Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 19

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My Sexiography … 💦
– Season 1 🍆
Episode 19🍅💦
By: Tayo
Next day was Friday and it was a public holiday, so no school. I was quite filled with joy. My joy became complete when popsy announced that he would be going for a children teachers conference later in the day and he won’t be coming back till on Saturday evening. Around 10am popsy left for the conference leaving us in the charge of our overall elder brother.
He himself left the house immediately popsy left. My two other brothers left the house also leaving just my sister and I at home. I quickly took my bath and told my sister that I’m going to Emmanuel’s house. She said okay. Just like last time, Emmanuel and Paul weren’t at home.
Pauline came to open the door for me, a towel was tied across her chest, she just came out from the bathroom. I entered the sitting room while she closed and locked the main gate and then went inside her room to dress up. While she was putting on her clothes, I slotted a movie into the video player and started watching it.
The movie was quite boring at first, I was about removing it when a S£x scene started showing, so I relaxed to watch, just about that time, Pauline walked inside the sitting room, she then walked up to me and stood by my side and began watching the S£x scene with me.
My eyes left the television and focused on Pauline when the kissing the couples were doing became too boring for my liking. I was wowed when my eyes settled on Pauline, she was putting on a very simple frock, it was quite transparent, I could visibly see her N!pples, chai! This girl is out to kill me today I thought in my mind. ”Sammy, look, look!” Pauline shouted
“What?” I asked her.
“Look at the television!”
I did, the couples had since stopped kissing, and the guy was busy taking off the girls clothes, the camera turned somewhere else, next thing we saw was the couples covered with the bedsheet, the girl was atop the guy and she was moving to and fro in a S£x like position. This continued for like a minute and the scene was changed.
Pauline then came close to me and sat on my laps. She started rubbing her arse on my leg, she then centered her
p@nty covered pucci on my knee cap, she started humping her K!ttyC@t on my knee.
What has come over this girl, I asked myself. In order not to dull myself I straightway placed my hands on her b0s0m, however Pauline quickly pulled up from my laps breaking my hold on her b0s0m. Shooo! Which one be this girl own na?
“I told you befor that I will only allow you to touch my b0s0m if and when you win me in chess” she said.
“Haba! But I won last week nau! And you counldnt let me touch them before mumsy came in” I said In return angrily.
“That was last week, last week’s offer is over. If you want to touch my breasts, then you will have to win me in a game of chess today, otherwise forget!”
‘Why won’t you say that when you have just used my knee to rub ur pucci until you came,, I thought in my mind.
“Okay then, let’s play”
Tbc ..

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