Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 2

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My Sexiography … – 
Season 1 💦
Episode 2🍆
By: イムリの
It was on a cool morning, infact I just woke up. The main gate to the compound was still locked. Then all of a sudden the early morning quietness was disturbed, bang! bang! bang! At first nobody made any move to ask who was there. We all thought it was the alumajiris who always do come begging on our doors early in the morning.
Then it continued, bang! bang! bang! bang! and on and on and on and on. It became clear its not the alumajiris at the gate.
“Who dey there” papa Ayo shouted.
“Na your Father, idiot! Kutuma boro umbaka! Danhiska! Open the gate!”
That was when we knew it was the landlord. The fear of our landlord was the beginning of wisdom. The man is one scary person. There was a rumor that he once daggered one of his tenant just because he failed to pay his rent. I wasn’t surprised when I came outside my room to see Johnbull, and papa Danlandi scaling the fence trying to escape from the landlord. It was obvious they haven’t paid their rent.
Unfortunately for them, the landlord was waiting at the point where they were trying to scale the fence.
” danhiska!!! You think you can escape me abi? You Johnbull, you dey owe am for me 6 months rents and you think you can keep escaping me, everyday for the thief, one day for the owner!” The landlord boomed.
” Oga Landlord no be so o, I wasn’t trying to escape from you, me and papa Danlandi were just trying to kill one snake that nearly entered my room, the snake went across the fence, so we just dey try to kill the snake” Johnbull said.
I was just laughing off my head where I was standing. Landlord then said:
“Bornfool, abi Na wetin dem dey call am for you, if you no come pay my rent today, Na dagger I go take bring your intestine come outside” landlord threatened Johnbull.
Mehn…when I heard dagger, I ran inside my room, I knew how violent these northerners can be when it comes to daggering people.

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