Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 20

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My Sexiography … -🏂
Season 1 💦
Episode 20🍆🍅
By: Tayo
The first two games were a disaster for me. Third game looked promising at first and I was hoping I was going to win. I was already worried that I need to win the game on time so that I can quickly commence procedural proceedings and this tease of a girl is wickeldly frusrating my every moves. She won the third game as well. Desperation was written all over my face at this point. Then all of a sudden, Pauline made a micaculated move that puts her King in serious jeopardy. I couldn’t belive my eyes. How could she make this sort of mistake i’asked my self.
I then took my time to evaluate my next move.
With just a single move I checkmated her king.
I shouted out like I just won a jackpot. Pauline just smiled and started pulling up her frock.
I thought she was going to pull it off all the way, but she stopped half way and s£ducely beckoned on to come closer, I wasted no time at all.
I descended on her b0s0m. I Grabbed hold of her right b0s0m and I fondled it gently, Immediately Pauline blessed me with a m0an. I was encouraged, so I bent my head towards her b0s0m and placed my lips on her left boob.
It was like I placed a live electric wire on her. ”Haaaaaa!” She shouted out.
Wow, this girl is a screamer I thought.
I continued sU-Cking on her b0s0m, alternating from one to the other. I then blew air on her right n!pple and quickly I clammed a little too hard on it with my front teeth. This blew her off, she shouted and held on to my head smashing my face over her b0s0m, almost cutting off my air intake.
I decided to waste no more time and go straight for the kill. While still’sU-Cking her b0s0m I carelessly moved my hands towards her p@anties, wow! It was soaked. I almost thought she peed on herself. I started trying to pull down her p@anties. Pauline stopped me. Wetin again nau?
I asked her in my mind. Hope I won’t have to play another game of chess to get into her p@anties o! I screamed out loud in my mind…
.Those thoughts ran off from my mind when I felt Pauline’s hand on my zip, she pulled it down and brought out my J0yst!ck, she then pushed me lying down on my back right there on the sofa.
She mounted me and held my J0yst!ck in her right hand, she then position her pucci correctly on my J0yst!ck. Mind you, she was still wearing her
p@anties. So I asked myself if she won’t pull off the p@anties. She then slowly inserted the cap of my J0yst!ck inside her pucci opening.
That was when I realized that there is an opening inbetween the front of her
p@anties. She must have intentionally placed the opening there just in case we do have S£x, her ingenuity was quite bewildering. There wasn’t any need to pull off her p@anties.
Just when I was thinking how ingenious Pauline is, I suddenly felt a warm and wet s£nsat!on on my J0yst!ck, Pauline had just drove down hard on my J0yst!ck in one single move! Chai! This girl Na badooo! Fear Akwa-Ibom girls!
She then closed her eyes and started moving her pucci on my raging J0yst!ck. This girl energy no be here, she began moving so fast that I could hardly keep up. She slowed down a little and I tried turning her over so that I can be ontop, she won’t let me, we began wrestling, she annoyingly maintained her position.
It became clear to me that she loves be in charge. So I just relaxed and gave her a free rein to do as she likes. She started riding my J0yst!ck hard and fast again, she was making so much noise in the process, the sofa was loudly protesting and her pucci was making those slurping sounds, Pauline continued, her pucci was been rammed hard against my J0yst!ck. Chai! I pity for my J0yst!ck that day. Pauline was obviously using me to satisfy her Sekxual urge. She was acting like she was crazy and S£x starved.
After like 5minutes, the tempo increased, she was sliding down hard on my J0yst!ck, when I looked up to her, I noticed her eyes were open and distant, her teeth were bared out and her face was contorted in a deep concentration, I knew she was about cuming, I wasn’t wrong.
She suddenly push down hard on my J0yst!ck with an exclamation and held still for some seconds, then I felt warm liquid sliding down from her pucci onto my thighs.
I quickly turned her over, my J0yst!ck was still buried deep down her pucci. Now its time for top boss to catch his own fun, I thought in my mind. I wasted no time moving my J0yst!ck in and out of Pauline’s pucci. She started m0an!ng like mad again. I was kinda stun when I heard Pauline m0an out grogily for me to move faster. I was already moving fast for damn sake!
Anyways, I added a little bit of speed to satisfy her, Pauline then raised up her hand and pinched down hard on my left n!pple, immediately I lost control and erupted hard deep into her pucci.
I fell on her body and she encircled me with her arms and then she kissed me on the forehead.
After cozing into each other for like 5 minutes, Pauline pushed me off and dragged me into the bathroom. She pulled off her frock and and her
p@anties, and I saw her pucci clearly without any obstruction for the first time.

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