Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 21

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My Sexiography … 🍆
– Season 1 🍅💦
Episode 21🍅
By: Tayo
The weekend fizzled out quickly after my Sekxual encounter with Pauline, I visited her on Saturday, it was however a full house that day, mumsy and popsy were all home. So we settled for movies. I played chess with Pauline later on, I also played with her Dad. He is a master chess player, he had me at a disadvantage with just 3 moves and my queen was captured in no time. He checkmated my king in less than 5minutes. Its became quite obvious that Pauline learnt from him.
Its Monday. I so hate Mondays! I quickly got ready for school, ate breakfast and walked off to school. At school, we were reminded at the assembly ground that the inter class competition would begin today. JSS2 (my class) would be playing with JSS3 later today.
After break time, the whole school assembled at the field for the commencement of the match. I captained my class to victory, we won with 2 goals. The inter class football match continued for the rest of the week. Friday was slated for finals. My class would be playing SSS2.
Friday came, and the match began, we played well, but scoring against the senior class was practically proving to be impossible. First half ended, no goals. We began second half in earnest, both teams played well, scoring was the problem. I knew I needed to do something asap because if the match proceed to penalties, it would become a game of luck. Then Out of no where a classmate passed the ball towards me, this was a golden opportunity as there was just two defender close to me. I expertly dribbled through them, once through I lobbed the ball straight into the net! The goalie just stood there standing like a log of wood, I won’t blame him sha, I belived he was in a state of denial. It happened so fast. The goal brought about a tremendous shouts from the watching crowd, my classmates started jubilating and were taunting SSS students at the field. In no time the referee blew the whistle and the match ended in favour of my class, the new champion!
Immediately the referee blew the whistle the field was besieged by my classmates and students from other class who were happy that we won, SSS2 had been carrying the cup 3 times on a roll. I was quite astonished when Maureen who was in a celebratory mood, rushed me and hugged me publicly on the Field. She squashed her booby so tight on my chest, she encircled her hands over my neck as if we were lovers.
I became worried what people would start saying so I quickly disentangled her from my body. Just when I thought I’ve succeeded in freeing myself from Maureen clutches, I was rushed again by Tricia, she wantonly hugged me so tight, it was quite posessive. She was clearly marking her territory, Maureen was till close by, she angrily looked at the both of us, hissed and walked away. Who cares I thought in my mind, but sha, Maureen b0s0m soft no be small, another part of my mind told me. Tricia was still holding on to me, eyes were beginning to turn towards our direction, so I quickly disengaged from her.
After the football match, the dance competition started, Tricia was simply amazing! Her hips and her arse moved so well in rhythm of the music.
To top it all my class also won the dance competition, thanks to Tricia’s efforts. It was a double celebration for my class, we kept disturbing the school with our celebratory noise.
We even shooed away a senior when he came to warn us to stop making noise. In all I was very happy,Tricia and I became the center of attraction.
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