Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 23

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 23
The next school day.We just marched into our classes from the assembly ground, Tricia was already in class before me. On getting to my seat, Tricia pulled me down towards and whispered into my ears.
“I got your message from my friend, I love you too and I would love to be your girlfriend” she whispered. Then she allowed me pulled up my face and stood up for me so that I can pass to my side of the desk. I was bubbling with joy throughout classes that day. The joy remained unabated even after the flogging Mr kalakala gave me for not doing his assignment.
On Friday, Tricia whispered into my ears to meet her at the biology lab during break time. I couldnt ask her for more information before Agric teacher came inside the class. She disappeared quickly immediately the bell for break time rang. I was kinda confused because the biology lab is always being locked every Friday, and even when it is opened, the junior class dare not enter the lab. So I was kinda worried that Tricia wants us to meet there. Anyway I braved up and went to look for her there. I did my best not to been seen going towards the labs. The labs were an entire building on its own. It wasn’t part of the main school. I located the biology lab, the door was closed. I wanted to turn back at first, but on a second thought I decided to push the door. I did.
The door opened with a sillent creak. I was surprised, what is Tricia up to, I asked my self, how did she got hold of the key to the biology lab? I looked back to see if there is anybody coming, then I entered the lab. I saw Tricia at the extream end of the lab lying on the lab tables.
“Lock the door with the key” Tricia instructed.
“Yes ma, I jokily replied. I quickly locked the door. What we were about doing was beginning to dawn on me.
“How did you get a key to the lab” I asked her.
She won’t say, I kept pestering her, by this time Tricia had jumped down from the lab table and was standing close to me. She suddenly placed her lips on mine to stop me from asking her a question. From there we started kissing. I knew i have to make the next move as quick as possible as there is no time and I was afraid of being caught in this position with Tricia in the lab room. While we were kissing my heart was seriously pounding. I quickly unpin her pinaform and unbuttoned the top 4 buttons on her shirt, then I pulled aside her chemise, her b0s0m with sucullent teats welcomed my prying eyes, I wasted no time or formality, I pounced on her b0s0m and started sU-Cking on the teats, handling them at the same time. Tricia gasped out at first while my tonque flicked across her left n!pple, then I noticed she covered her mouth with one of her hands so that she won’t make noise and draw attention to us.
While I was busy sU-Cking her teats, Tricia went straight to my belt, she unbuckled it, pulled down my zip, then she grabbed hold of my J0yst!ck and started moving her hand over my J0yst!ck. After like 2 minute, she whispered that I should on, she then brought a lab stool closer to us, then she pulled off her p@anties and raized up her pinaform showing me her rounded arse. She bent her body towards the stool, with her arms forming a pad for her face to lie on. Her arse was pointed towards me. I’ve always enjoyed doggy style, here’s another opportunity to enjoy it again!
I quickly shifted towards her arse, holding my J0yst!ck with my right hand, I used it to locate her pucci opening. I plunged in deep into her pucci, while Tricia pushed back to meet my thrust. I was quite glad that she was quick to cover her mouth when I thrusted deep inside her pucci, if not the whole school would have heard her scream.
I kept thrusting my J0yst!ck deep inside her pucci while she pushes back every time to meet my thrust. We kept at it for 5minutes I think.
She came first, screaming into her hands when she did. Then I concentrated on cuming, within minutes, I felt the volcano building up, when it finally came, I held onto Tricia’s waist, pushed my J0yst!ck deep inside her pucci and I erupted with a sense of satisfaction over my face.
We quickly cleaned up, we both agreed that I should go back to the main school first while she locks up to avoid suspicion. I got to the main school just in time for end of break time, no body except Tricia and I the wiser, so I thought. I was so wrong!

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