Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 24

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 24
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Maureen blocked me off after the close of school. I wondered what’s she wanted. “I saw you sneaking out of the biology lab, then later on I saw Tricia come out of the lab, what where you guys doing inside the lab?” She asked accusingly.
“How did you get the keys to the lab sef?” She went on asking with a mischivious look on her face.
“The principal gave me the key and instructed Tricia and I to cleanup the lab” I lied.
“Hmmmm, I thought you guys were up to something” she said, sounding unconvinced.
“Something like what?” I asked with growing apprehension.
“Forget, I was wondering if you can attend my counsin’s birthday on Saturday” she said with a slutty look on her face. Saturday is tomorrow, I thought in my mind.
There’s no way popsy would allow me to attend a birthday party. The only way to attend is to sneak out of the house if it so happens that popsy decides to go to one of his leadership conference tomorow. But what if he doesn’t go for the conference I asked myself. So I decided not to give her a definite answer.
“I may be able to come, or I may not. Don’t expect me” I told Maureen.
“What kind of an answer is that, it is either you’re coming or you’re not coming”
“I can’t make promises, that’s all I can say” I said.
“Okay then” She then went on to describe her cousins house address.
“Good bye. See you tomorrow at the party”
“Dont be angry if you don’t see me o!” I shouted at her retreating back.
Tricia was waiting for me outside the school gate. She wanted to know what Maureen and I was saying to each other. I simply just told her half truths. She wasn’t even worried when I told her Maureen saw us leaving the biology lab after our romp. I however didn’t tell her about the birthday party invitation.
At home, I paid attention to what my dad was saying so that I’ll know if he would be going out tomorrow. Nothing came up, I was quite dissapointed. Next day. Popsy took his bath earlier than normal on a Saturday. I was quite hope full. Then I overhead him telling my sister to bring the money he gave her yesterday to buy food stuffs with. From what I heard he would be attending a town meeting with his people in town. On his way home he planned to buy the food stuffs himself.
I was overjoyed. But as I was still reluntant to attend the birthday part as I didn’t know when he is gonna get back home. It would be a total disaster if he gets home before me.
After debating in my mind for the appropriate course of action, I decided to just go to the party, spend like an hour there, then rush back home.
I quickly got ready for the party and left the house after popsy did. I told my sister that I am going to Emmanuel’s house. She said OK.
The address Maureen gave me wasn’t that hard to find, it was an indoor party and the speakers were already blazing out music.
I saw Maureen outside the house seeming to be waiting for someone. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw me. She hugged me full on the chest pressing her magnificent soft b0s0m on my chest.
“I’m glad you came” she said with joy on her face.
“I’m glad I came” I said too.
Maureen dragged me inside the house, wow…the scenery was great. The sitting room was stylishly adorned. This Maureen cousin must uncertainly have rich parents, I thought in my mind. Maureen took me straight to her cousin and introduced me to her as her boyfriend. No be only boyfriend, I thought in my mind. After the introductions, I went to look for a place to sit.
Maureen brought drinks for me.
“This is a party Sam, let’s go dance!” Maureen shouted, the music was very loud. I was kinda ruluntant to dance, not because I don’t know how to dance. I’ve never been to this kind of a birthday before. Girls and guys were busy grinding on each other all in the name of dancing. This world that Maureen just pulled me in is so very different from what I had had in the past. Before now, birthday to me was a simple gathering of people, eating cakes, snacks and drinking minerals, then top it up with a birthday song. Here were kids even Drinking Beer for Christ sake!
Not to sound too uptight, I however allowed Maureen to drag me to the dance floor. We started dancing. She is good, too good! I lost all my inhibitions about the party and concentrated on Maureen’s twerking arse pressing hard against my J0yst!ck! This dance no be here, I exclaimed in my mind. I was quite glad that the dance floor wasn’t too lighted, if not everyone would have seen my hard on. My J0yst!ck was almost bursting out of my trouser. Maureen felt my J0yst!ck pressing against her butt0ckz, she turned and winked at me. She then got hold of my hand and pulled me away from the dance floor towards the rooms.
The first room we entered was occupied by three girls, so we moved to the second room. It was empty. Maureen pushed me in and bolted the door. Without wasting anytime she pushed me towards the king sized bed and proceeded to pulling off my trousers like an expert. Next was my boxers. She won’t let me pull off her gown, she just pushed me on the bed and mounted me. Deftly, she raised up her gown, held my J0yst!ck and slided her p@anties to one corner.
Maureen then aligned her K!ttyC@t towards my J0yst!ck, slowly her pucci engulfed my J0yst!ck.
Her pucci was quite tight, as tight as a virgin pucci. She started riding my J0yst!ck, in no time she screamed out loud, then I felt her warm pucci juice dripping on my thighs. I haven’t been able to Pour yet, so I gave her sometime to catch her breath. Then I turned her on her back and pull off her wet p@anties.
I then pulled Maureen down from the bed and positioned her, leaning her facing the bed in doggy style. her heels made her K!ttyC@t come up to just the right height. I rubbed my hard J0yst!ck between her pucci lips, gathering the moisture, rubbing the head of my J0yst!ck against her still swollen cl!t. She reached down between her legs grab my J0yst!ck and slided it into her moist hole. Her pucci was still pulsating from her orgasm as I thrust my J0yst!ck deep into her. I grabbed her hips and ram myself deep into her cunt, faster and faster I pumped. She reached down and started playing with her cl!t. This girl naughty no be small I thought in my mind. I pumped till I could stand it no longer; Maureen noticed that i was about cumming, she begged me not to release inside her. As I exploded I pulled out and shot my watery load all over her butt0ckz cheeks.
As I got done I slided my J0yst!ck back into her pucci, and leaning forward I gently nibble on her ear and neck. As I soften I slide myself out, spinning her around we embraced and I kissed her deeply. At that moment I knew I had made a good choice coming to this party.

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