Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 25

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 25
‘If you understand the beginning well, the end will not trouble you’-Ashante proverb
Third term exams are finally here, this means I’ll soon be able to go visit my mum. I haven’t seen her for a very long time. I was quite glad when the exams finally came to an end. We were told to come to school a week later to collect our report sheets. Damn the results! I screamed out loud in my mind, just can’t wait to travel on holiday. We disbanded after the announcements. I was about moving toward the school gate when I came across Tricia.
“Hi sweetheart” she said to me
“Have you been avoiding me or what?” She asked sU-Ckily.
“Noooooo, how can I be avoiding my love, that’s not possible nau”
“OK o, I just wanted to tell you to come over to my house on Saturday. Mumsy will be travelling on Friday to Lagos”
“Owk, no problem, I’ll be there. Just describe your house address.” I know without a doubt that popsy would be going for a burial ceremony in my hometown on Friday and would probably not come back till on Monday. I’ve never been invited to Tricia’s house ever since we started dating. On Saturday, I went to visit Tricia at home.
Tricia was very happy to see me. She entertained me like a good host. She had prepared rice and stew garnished with turkey for me. I ate to my satisfaction, the meal was very sumptuous. She later brought out orange juice which we both drank. We gisted, laughed, tickled each other and we also did pillow fight and mock wrestling, and of course I won. By this time we were sweating despite the air coming from the air conditioner. So Tricia suggested we go take our bath together. So this girl romantic like this, I thought in my mind. She led me to the bathroom, we slowly undressed each other then she switched on the shower. We showered holding on to each other, my hands were all over her body. We dried each other with a towel. After that, Tricia led me to her room, a very girlish room with posters of celebrities and half Unclad guys on her walls. She led me to the bed and made me lie down on my back using a pillow as a prop.
Maureen then reached out and grabbed my extreamly hard J0yst!ck with her right hand and stroke it a few times, looked up at me and smiled and then put her head down. What happened next, I’ll never forget as long as I live. She opened her mouth and in went my hard J0yst!ck. Man she had the softest lips and tongue I’ve ever felt. It is really hard to describe your first ever Mouth Action. It was warm and wet and it was all I could do not to immediately Pour in her mouth. She was sU-Cking away, and I felt the Pour rising up in me. I said, “you’re going to make me Pour.” Her reply was, “OK, but tell me when.” She kept right on sU-Cking. She swirled and flicked her tongue all over my J0yst!ck, while she was running her fingernails over my balls and giving them a light sq££ze and massage. She then focused on my balls, giving them a good tongue bath then continued to work the head of my J0yst!ck between her lips again. She had beautiful full lips, and a nice pink tongue. I can still see them today in my memories. I felt myself start to Pour and grunted “OK…” and half-heartedly tried to pull her head off my J0yst!ck. I came like I’ve never done before.
Maureen then brought out an hand towel and cleaned me up. She then positioned her self on the bed, her legs were wide open, her pucci was glistering with moisture.
“Its your turn, come sU-Ck my K!ttyC@t baby” she pleaded.
I’ve never done this before! Although I’ve seen how its done in Adult movie movies. I edged towards her and buried my face into that sweet K!ttyC@t. It was shaved completely clean, not a hair in sight, and it tasted so sweet. She quivered and m0aned while I probed her with my tongue and sU-Cked on her swollen cl!t.
I then drew her pink pucci lips wide apart and thrust my tongue into her tight wet hole, driving her mad. I nibbled on her cl!t and continued eating her pucci, I then slipped two fingers inside her pucci and began finger bleeping her to ecstasy while sU-Cking on her engorged cl!t. This sent shock waves through her petite body, a long low groan escaped from her mouth. I continued to sU-Ck hard on her cl!t.
“Ohhhhhh, this is sooooooooo good Sam!” Tricia screamed
“I’m going to Pour OOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo.”
Tricia’s whole body spasmed, She closed her legs around my head, suffocating me against her pucci as she let out a large m0an and started to Pour all over my face. I sat up and looked at her, admiring her beautiful young body, her thigh glistening with Pour. She looked at me, panting, and smiled sweetly, then la!d back and closed her eyes. I sure did well for a first timer.
I gave her time to rest then I climbed on top of her
“Drive it in me,” I heard her whisper.
I shoved my rooster inside her K!ttyC@t and began to thrust inside of her. She was loving every moment of it. I could tell by the m0ans that escaped her mouth. She looked up at me and m0aned as she felt the entire weight of my body. We kissed deeper than I think I have ever kissed anyone as my hands mauled her breasts. I drove my J0yst!ck deep inside her.
She would have m0aned if my mouth wasn’t covering hers. I felt her tongue on my tongue, on my lips, against my teeth. She was all over the place. I was loving every second of it. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer at the rate I was hammering into her. I pulled out of Tricia’s pucci, trying to stop my self from cunning as I was already so close.
I lowered myself back down on Tricia, slipping harder in her. She grabbed the headboard as she felt the weight of my body crash down on her. She m0aned louder. I sU-Cked her tongue into my mouth as I pushed faster in to her.
I stared down at her as I bleeped her. This was easily the most passionate S£x Tricia and I ever had. It made me wonder what took us so long to get this moment. I kept hammering into her pucci, eventually I came. I then reached between Tricia’s legs and fingered her pucci to orgasm

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