Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 26

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 26
Senior Secondary School was quite fun even with its accompanying hitches. Like for instance, Maureen and I were caught making out inside an empty classroom. We were caught by Mr Agric just about when I had just raised up Maureen’s pinaform and positioning my J0yst!ck in alignment with her wet pucci, Mr Agirc bursted in grinning with a crooked smile on his face, I bet he would have loved to screew Maureen too. I almost made him the offer in exchange for him not telling on us, but I was too scared too speak out. We were marched to the Principal. Next day we were paraded in front of the assembly ground all eyes looking at us, some laughing, some sniggering and some visibly angry. Tricia was very unhappy, She broke up with me as a result. As punishment, Maureen and I were suspended for one week, popsy had a field trip beating the witchcraft out of me. Popsy used to have this ideology that any form of sturbborness is an act of witchcraft, hence you must confess that you are a witch if not he would just keep flogging you until you confess, then he takes you for deliverance in church. Trust me, I had to confess that I’m a witch after being tortured by my dad for about 2 days and I was taken to church for deliverance. Lol… I got another suspension again, a month after my first suspension, this time it wasn’t related to a girl. I was trying to get back at Mr Agric. I looked for and acquired ‘Devil Beans’ it is a very deadly plant. Its job is to make you hitch and scratch all over your body, sometimes pulling off your skin when it comes in contact with your skin. So I got some of it and sneaked into the staff room and dusted the devil beans on the chair and table assigned to Mr Agric. 30 minutes later, there was serious commotion in school. Someone was shouting out in pain in the staff room. It was Mr Agric. He ran out from the staff room screaming, scratching his body and tearing off his clothes.
Seeing him screaming and scratching all over made me smile. Mr Agric started rolling on the floor, nobody could get closed to him, I almost felt pity for him. Eventually the principal was called and he in turn called for a cab and Mr Agric was rushed to the hospital. We didn’t see him in school for about 1 week. By then the principal had started investigation after another teacher sat on Mr Agric’s table and had the same symptoms with him. The table and the chair were then taken out carefully and devil beans dust was seen all over the chairs and the table.
The principal announced his findings to the entire school at the assembly ground. He swore that the entire school would undergo series of punishment unless whoever planted the devil beans comes out and confess. Nobody did, so the punishment started. It continued for 3 days. On the fourth day, while on the assembly ground, the principal made his customary announcement.
“Come out now If you know you’re the one responsible for planting devil beans on Mr James table and chair” he boomed out.
Nobody came out. Everywhere was quite for like a minute.
Then from my line, a voice spoke out.
“Sir, I know who placed the devil beans” the voice said
My heart started pounding in my chest. I know that voice. How could she? How did she even know that I was the one? Nobody saw me sneaking into the staff room nau. Maybe she someone saw me, but then….

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