Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 27

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 27
I turned to face Tricia, trying to catch her eyes, she avoided my eyes and cat-walked towards the principal. She said something to the principal, he looked up toward my direction, quickly I looked away, quilts written all over me. “Samuel Akpors!” The principal shouted out.
“Come out now!”
I slowly left my line, and proceeded to answer the call from the principal. I was resigned to my fate, but I decide to deny the allegation.
“I’ve just been told that you were seen on the said day sneaking away from the staff room” the principal interrogated me in front of everyone.
“Sir, its true I went inside the staffroom, I only went in to take some chalk for our next class”
“I didn’t even get closed to Mr Agric…James chair” I stuttered.
The principal looked at me for sometime and then ordered the both of us to return back to our line. Right there on the line, I was thinking what to do to punish Tricia for telling on me.
After school, the principal came to my class, he gave me a letter to my parents. I know what’s in the letter, I had no choice than to give popsy the letter. The witchcraft saga started all over again. I was prepared this time around, I quickly confessed that I’m a witch and the beating stopped. Sunday was deliverance day…lol… I just can’t wait to get back at Tricia, I thought in my mind.
From then on, I tried to remain a modest student up till SSS2 first term. This time around I was expelled from the school. I broke into the principals office and stole typed exam question papers of all my class subjects. I then made photocopies. I sold these photocopies to some of the dullards in my class. They were really very dull that one of them was caught with a copy of the question paper. I was eventually exposed as the supplier. The principal was very angry, without wasting time, he expelled me from the school. That was the last straw that broke the camels back. Popsy immediately sent me away to stay with my mum, who by now had relocated to my hometown and was the owner of a booming restaurant.
Mumsy was happy to see me as was I. I got admitted in a nearby school.
Every evenings, I do come out to take fresh air in front of my house. That’s how I got to notice two girls from the next house. They do come out too in the evenings to take fresh air.
They were twins, Taiye and Kenhinde. Taiye is tall, big b0s0m, medium sized butt0ckz, while Kenhinde is short with extra large b0s0m, big butt0ckz and very shapely. Taiye is an outspoken girl while Kenhinde is the shy type.
I’ve always wished I could go over to their house and talk to them, but I was kinda shy to approach them, I was still new in the town. An opportunity eventually came when mumsy sent me over to their house to give their mum money to pay for her at this women contributions (osusu) I think it is called.
I entered their house for the first time, Taiye was just coming out from the bathroom, a wrapper was casually tied across her body, the top half of her b0s0m were exposed to my greedy eyes, I quickly looked away when she caught me looking.
“Where is your mum?” I asked her.
“She is in a neighbour’s house” her voice was very sweet. I was spellbound.
“My mum sent me to her, I’m to give her money for the contribution.”
“Oh…wait for her then, I’ll send my sister to call her”
“Kenhinde!” She shouted out.
“Stop shouting my…..” Kenhinde started saying as she walked in from the backyard. She shut up when she saw me. She was dressed in a short skirt and a tank top that was way too small for her.
“He is here to see mumsy, go call her for him, I just left the bathroom as you can see”
“Okay okay, I will” Kenhinde said. She looked at me for like 5 seconds then went to her room to put on a blouse, before going to call their mum. Taiye quickly dressed up and came to sit with me at the sitting room. We started talking and in no time she brought out a photo album for me to go through. I was still looking at her pics when her mum and Kenhinde came in. I greeted her and gave her the money mumsy said I should give to her. I reluntantly left their house to report back to my mum.
I came outside later in the evening for my customary fresh air and Taiye waved at me, I responded and she told me to come over. I did.
From then on, I became an item in their house.
We became very good friends. We do go to and return from school together. We played rough games, go rock climbing together. I was however more closer to Taiye than Kenhinde.
There was this day we started playing our rough game, I got hold of Taiye and forcefully held her tight with her back to me. I got so bold that I went as far as grabbing and pressing her b0s0m. Taiye didn’t say anything, she just kept on laughing, I got encouraged and was pressing her b0s0m, she stopped struggling in my arms and instead relax towards me. Her b0s0m were very soft to the touch. I was still pressing her b0s0m when Kenhinde walked in on us. She didn’t say anything seeing me pressing her sister b0s0m.
In the evening of that day, I decide to take things with Taiye a little further. When every where was quite dark, I came to join them outside for fresh air. Their attire on these evenings was just a wrapper tied over their body, they don’t wear p@anties sef. So on getting to the front of their house, they were already sitting on the veranda, both tying wrapper. I sat in their middle and we started talking. Our conversations eventually died out and Kenhinde sort of placed her face on her knees. I then focused on Taiye, I slipped my hands into a wrapper and held her b0s0m. I then started massaging it, Taiye rewarded me with slight m0ans at first, but she m0aned out loud when my mouth clasp on her n!pples. Her m0ans made Kenhinde raised up her head, but I didn’t stop what I was doing, and moreover, Taiye herself didn’t stop me. So I continued sU-Cking on her n!pples. I was quite conscious of Kenhinde’s eyes on us, it was quite weird, but I somehow liked her watching us.
To spice things up, i located Taiye’s pucci with my right hand. I was shocked to noticed she wasn’t wearing
p@anties. I then started rubbing her pucci. This increased the loudness of her m0ans and I became scared that her mum would comeout. I located her cl!ts and focused on rubbing it, sometimes pinching it, I then inserted the two fingers close to my right thumb into her pucci and started finger bleeping her, this time around she was trashing around like a banshee, I then bent my middle finger in a ‘come here fashion’ and located the rough patch in her pucci, I concentrated my efforts there, in no time, Taiye came. She released warm liquid all over my hand in the process. Just after she came, I heard another m0an!ng sound coming from Kenhinde, her fingers were deeply buried inside her pucci, she was furiously finger bleeping herself…she didn’t even care that we were there. This was a sight to me as I have never seen or watched a girl pleasure herself. Eventually she brought herself to orgasm. Our eyes met when she has calmed down, she looked away shyly. I just smiled in my mind.
This continued for several evenings, Taiye once gave me a Mouth Action while Kenhinde looked at us. Blowjobs was all Taiye gave me, she wouldn’t let me insert my J0yst!ck inside her pucci. I begged, begged and begged, she refused penetration until eventually I went on holiday to Kogi state to visit my Aunt.

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