Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 28

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 28
I returned back home after the holiday period to discover that Taiye was dating another guy. I was pretty pissed off when I found out so I decided to punish her and making her jealous by dating her twin sister. I set my plans into motion immediately I settled in for school. I kept going to their house every evenings as usual. There was a slight change though, I concentrated all my attension on Kenhinde instead of Taiye. I played with her way more than I played with Taiye, in no time I had drawn her out of shy self, and in no time I was pressing her extra size b0s0m and fingerin her pucci right in front of Taiye. She couldn’t do anything. She only threatened to report me once to their mum, I knew she was not serious, so I didn’t take her serious. I continued pressing Kenhinde b0s0m and fingerin her pucci on our daily evening rendezvous.
An opportunity eventually came for me to have S£x with Kenhinde. Taiye has been doing everything to foil my plans sleeping with her twin. She was always with us every time I’m around, never leaving us alone even for a minute. So on this Saturday, I was Preety bored at home, so I decided to see if the girls were in. On getting to their house, I was overjoyed when Kenhinde told me that Taiye and their mum had earlier gone to the farm. On hearing that, I quickly pulled Kenhinde inside her room and bolted the door. I then proceeded to her b0s0m without wasting time. However Kenhinde fought me tooth and nail, obviously she knew what was coming to her in matter of minutes. We fought over removing her blouse, eventually I succeeded. I still have her bra to think of. Removing her bra was another war. I won, and for the first time I got to see her magnificent b0s0m! With Very thick n!pples. I quickly sU-Cked on her n!pples, eliciting pleasure m0ans from her. I had to move on to my next conquest…which was pulling off Kenhinde’s skirt. It was a tug of war for both of us, eventually her skirt came off… This girl was wearing tights as well as
p@anties. I swore out loud. Which kind girl be this one, why person go just they wear tights and p@anties at the same time I thought. I then hook my fingers unto both her tights and her p@anties and tried to pull them down, Kenhinde was making things difficult for me, she kept trashing around, I immediately brought her to heel when I grasp her n!pples with my lips and sU-Cked it deep into my mouth at the same time inserting my middle finger deep inside her K!ttyC@t in one full swoop. She m0aned out and stilled her self for like 20 seconds. 20 seconds was well enough for me to pull off both her tights and her pants.
With her tights and pants pulled off, Kenhinde mellowed down, I wasted no time removing my trouser and boxers, freeing up my engorged J0yst!ck from its prison. Kenhinde was wide eyed when her eyes settled on my J0yst!ck. I bet she was wondering how my J0yst!ck is going to fit inside her tight pucci. I kissed her for a little while fingerin her pucci, my fingers knew every corners of her pucci, why won’t they? I got her screaming off her head, trashing around on the bed, making it hard to keep my fingers in her pucci.
I then mounted her, I held my J0yst!ck in my right hand and used it to tease the opening of her pucci, she was very wet, almost messy. She started m0an!ng out loud when I started using the tip of my J0yst!ck to massage her cl!ts. By this time she was in mile twelve, her eyes were closed. Then I quickly placed my J0yst!ck in the entrance of her pucci and in one swoop I thrusted deep down in her tight hole. She opened her eyes and shouted out in pain as well as pleasure. She held on tight to me, locking me in with her thighs and knees, I couldn’t move for some seconds. Eventually she let’s go and I started thrusting in as fast as I could go and as deep as well. My J0yst!ck kept slipping out of her pucci, so I pulled out and told her to clean up her wetness. She did and I resumed banging her. This time around, I strategically placed her legs on my shoulders, this afforded me deeper penetration and louder m0ans from her. This position was very pleasurable for both of us, in no time I came.
I kept thrusting inside her pucci and then it hit her too.
“Sammy, you’re killing me oooooooooooooooo!” She screamed out.
Knock knock knock knock…..
Somebody was knocking on Kenhinde’s room door, she was too high to answer and I was too afraid to answer too, it could be their mum, I thought. We both got dressed quickly.
“Open the door joor!” Taiye shouted from outside.
I was a bit relieved. Thank God it wasn’t their mum I thought in my mind.
Kenhinde opened the door and Taiye came in.
There was no denying that we didn’t have S£x. The whole room was permeated with that S£x aroma if one can call it that. Taiye looked at me, with hurts in her eyes. Who cares! I thought. I kissed Kenhinde on the lips and walked like a superman right through Taiye to my house.
From then, Taiye and I became enemies, she doesn’t talk to me again, but I didn’t care as long as she kept out of my way. Kenhinde and I were now very free to have S£x with each other with no champeron around. I took her to the cave I once shared with Queen. It became our hideout and if only the cave have eyes to see and mouth to speak, the cave would have probably told you all, unbelievable things that Kenhinde and I did in there.

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