Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 29

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 29

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious,
than to be able to decide.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte.
Ken, as I got around calling Kenhinde for short. We broke
up when i was in SSS3 first term. It was just a mere
lovers spats and we were both too proud to settle our
difference, long run we drifted apart. I met a very lovely
She was a friend to one of the twins cousins.
Her name was Omiyom. Omiyom is kinda a Sluut. Yea, I
said it. She sleeps with friends and begged them not to
tell each other. As you know guys must be guys. That’s
how I got to know the kind of person she was.
Our mutual place of meeting was one of neighbour’s
house. We do go there to watch these satellite programs.
They were the only ones I believed who were able to
afford a satellite dish and decoder that period. So we all
do go there to watch football matches and foreign
movies. I do come across Omiyom there virtually every
time, though I haven’t been able to say more than 3 word
to her. Things changed just after I broke up with Ken, I noticed
that Omiyom was always making sure she sits close to
me. I didn’t know what it meant at first.
So on this particular day, we were watching football when
NEPA as it was called then, took the light. Everywhere
became dark as a result and my neighbour then went to
put on the generator. While we were waiting for the light
to be restored, I felt someone’s hand on my thigh. I
thought it was an accident at first, the hand however
remained on my thigh, not moving. After sometime, the
started moving purposely across my thighs, I was putting
on a baggy shorts, so the hand was having an easy
access moving across my thighs. The hand then
proceeded straight inside my baggy shorts, next thing I
know, this hand was holding my J0yst!ck. I was so
turned on, that I started leaking out pre-Pour. This hand
is so very good I thought. Just then the light came on, and
the hand quickly withdrew…I looked at Omiyom with a
knowing look on my face, she just smiled with her slutty
face telling me there is more where that came from. This
continued for almost two weeks, I returned the favour
anytime I could. She stopped wearing p@anties because
of me so that I could have free access to her pucci. There
just wasn’t any opportunity for us to have S£x or to
arrange to have S£x as we were always never alone.
I was quite surprised when she came to my mum’s
restaurant to buy food, I quickly attended to her while
mumsy was busy with other customers. Immediately she
finished eating, I sneaked her inside our house which was
on the same building with my mum’s restaurant. I then
told mumsy that I’m going to the toilet, that I’m having
running stomach.
I then entered my room and locked the door, Omiyom was
already waiting for me stark Unclad. I quickly pulled off
my clothes and joined her in bed. She wouldn’t let me kiss
her, she just went straight to my J0yst!ck, held it in her
hand and slowly guided it inside her pucci, no time for
I wanted the formalities so I didn’t move my J0yst!ck
inside her pucci and instead concentrated on sU-Cking
her b0s0m.
“Sammy, you sabi fvck so?” Omiyom asked me with an
annoyed look on her face.
Which kind yeye question be this one, I thought.
“Move ur J0yst!ck nau! Omiyom shouted at me again.
So this girl want Fvcking abi, don’t worry, get ready to
receive serious lashing, I spoke out loud in my mind.
I then stopped succking her n!pples. I put up her two legs
on my shoulders and started thrusting deep inside her
pucci in perfect synchronization.
“Yea, that’s it! Ha! You sabi fvckkkkkkkk!” Omiyom
screamed out.
“Ohooooooo, haaaaaaaa, Sammy, yes like that, like that,
abeg no stop, no stop!!!!
Stop ke….I jus dey start self I thought in my mind. You
never see anything.
I kept thrusting my J0yst!ck as deep as it can go deep
inside her pucci, I think I was so deep that I was touching
her womb, wet in concern me, Na she say she want
serious lashing.
“Sammmy, Sammy….ohooooo Sammy! Ha! I don die!”
“Sammy a beg slow down. Slow down ohooooo!”
Slow down for where, me Na moving train and there is no
stopping or slowing down this train!
I kept digging her pucci, I wouldn’t let her bring her legs
down from my shoulders. I was out to punish her for
asking me ‘if I sabi fvuck’ what an issult!
I pulled out quickly just when I noticed that she was about
“Continue nau, why did you stop? I was about cummin” I
ignored her,
She was desperate enough to Pour that she started finger
bleeping her pucci, rubbing her over sized cl!ts with her
thumb. I noticed she was about cummin again, so I
quickly pulled her wet fingers from her pucci. She almost
went berserk on me.
I eventually turned her around in a doggy position and
inserted my J0yst!ck back inside her wet pucci.
Immediately she took over and started moving her waist
like a makosa dancer on my J0yst!ck. Instead of
thrusting in, I just relaxed enjoying the way her pucci kept
clenching on my J0yst!ck, the feeling was so pleasurable.
Omiyom started moving her waist so fast, pushing he
arose so fast towards my J0yst!ck, the movements of her
ase almost became a blur in my eyes. I knew she was
about cummin, so I concentrated on cummin as well.
After a few thrusts, Omiyom pucci clenched hard on my
J0yst!ck, she then shoved my J0yst!ck deep inside her
pucci, immediately she started squirting all over the bed,
this was too much for me to take, so I shot my hot load
deep inside her pucci after which we both crumpled on
the bed both spent out. I wasn’t surprised when Omiyom
told me not to tell my friends that I have had S£x with
her. She didn’t know that they’ve told me that she had had
S£x with all of them. I just laughed in my mind and
assured her that I won’t tell. She dressed up and sneaked
off through the backyard.
Next week in school, rumours started going around that
I’m a bad shooter. The rumour was obviously started by
Omiyom, she probably told her female friends that I
seriously know how to fvck…lol…it was quite funny. Girls
who hardly noticed me in school started flirting with me.
My guys came up with a name for me infact “Striker”.


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