Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 3

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My Sexiography … – 
Season 1🍆
Episode 3💦👇
By: イムリの ✌️💞
Papa Ayo eventually went to open the gate for the Landlord. He came in still ranting on Johnbull and Papa Danlandi. After sometime he calmed down after much begging from Papa Ayo and other tenants in the compound. Then he called for a meeting. Only for this man to announced that he has increased the rent from 500 naira to 1000 naira.
Everybody started voicing out their complaints.
“Landlord, me no go fit pay this new rent o, I be dey manage to pay the old one before, I no dey owe you rent, now you just come increase just like that” Mama joy complained.
“Stufid people, if you no fit pay, pack out! Danhiska!” The landlord bellowed out.
My mum kept quiet, she is hardly the kind of person that shouts. She is different from other women, so soft spoken. The landlord left after dropping his Bombshell. My mum pulled me inside our quarter. ” I think it is time for us to look for a new place” she said. I felt bad that moment knowing it would involved me loosing all my friends, especially Tunde.
Two weeks time, my mum got a new place somewhere at Sabogida area.
The new place was in many ways better than our old place. For instance it was a self contain, unlike the face me I face you we had earlier.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t much kids my age around. So I was practically lonely.
Mum then suggested in asking one of my cousin to come stay with us. I was quite happy as it was going to be my most favourite cousin. Linda is her name. She is quite older than me though and I have been having a serious crush on her for a very long time now.
A week later. It was a Friday, the sun was quite hot, everywhere was hot, my apartment was as hot as a baker’s oven. I just came back from school after trekking a very long distance in the sun, I was quite hungry and thirsty. So I went straight to the fridge, had a cold drink of water, then I proceeded straight to the kitchen to get my lunch.
I Was quite happy, mumsy had prepared my favourite, vegetable stew and white rice. I quickly bulldozed through my lunch and i was covered in sweats in no time.
After like 5 minutes, I proceeded to the bathroom, had a quick shower. Sleep came calling after some time, so I just layed down on the tiled floor. Before I could transcend into the dreamland, I heard someone knocking on the door. I so wanted to ignore the noise, but it was like the person knocking was really out to get me.
“Na who dey there?” I angrily shouted.
” you wan break the door?”
For a while, whoever was at the door stopped knocking.
” Na me o, Linda, your cousin” was what I heard next.
“Mumu, come open the door joor.” She shouted at me.
I was filled with so much joy to hear Linda’s voice.
” I dey come, yam head” I shot back at her.
I quickly put on my shorts, as I was Unclad. I’ve always slept Unclad. I was so wowed by the sight I saw when I opened the door, Linda has changed physically, she wasn’t the Linda I used to know. She looked so ladylike, with a nice rounded b0s0m,with slim waist, and straight long legs. And my o my, her buttocks was something else😋

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