Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 30

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 30
Jamb result came out a week later, Rita and I both scored
above 200. We were overjoyed, most especially Rita. She
called me from the cyber cafe shouting that she scored
215, I told her I scored 288. Later her mumsy called me to
thank me, she then invited me to her house, I told her I’ll
come if my dad gives me permission. I visited them on a
Sunday, Rita’s mum and her two elder sisters (Kate and
Joyem) welcomed me. They seemed to be quite rich. Rita
showed me round their house, it was a very stylished and
modern house surrounded by tall fence, adorned with
flowers and a cool swimming pool. There were about 3
cars within the compound. Rita then suggested that we
make use of the swimming pool. I was kinda ruluntant to
oblige her because I was somewhat shy displaying my
body in full view of 3 grown up girls. I told Rita I would
love to swim, but I don’t have anything to swim with. She
then took me to her room and rummaged through her
clothes. After like 3 minutes, she fished out a lady’s tights
and presented it to me.
“For goodness sake! There is no way I’m wearing that” I
She started giggling.
“Just manage it nau, nobody will see you or even laugh at
you” she promised.
After begging for some time, I agreed to put on the tights.
On the condition that she will act as a lookout for me. I
quickly undressed and put on the tights, damn! the length
and circumference of my J0yst!ck was quite visible and I
looked funny wearing a lady’s tights. I wanted to pull it
off when I noticed Rita staring at my J0yst!ck. I had to
act the gentleman when Rita changed into her bikini.
Mehn! This babe hot no be small! I was so carried away
looking at her that I didn’t hear what she was telling me.
“Pardon me, I didn’t get what you said”
“I said earth to Sam!” She laughed and then cat walked
away right in front of me.
While heading to the swimming pool which was at the
back of the house, I kept a very watch full eyes for her
sisters. Just when I thought they weren’t around the pool
area, I heard someone laughing loud at my back. I turned
back only to see Kate and Joyem laughing vigoriously and
pointing at him. I wished the ground would opened up and
swallowed me, I was so filled with shame, it was almost
like I have just been caught red handed stealing a piece of
meat from the soup pot. I was so embarrased.
“Don’t mind them joor!” Rita called out to me from inside
the swimming pool.
To cover my shame, I quickly did a running dive into the
swimming pool, I could still hear those naughty girls
laughing at me. Swimming with Rita was fun, she was a
wonderful swimmer, although I’m good, I’m like an
amatuer in comparison to Rita. We raced each other from
one end of the pool to the other with she always winning.
My eyes were all over her, most especially her b0s0m,
she kept adjusting her skimpy bikini, so that her booms
won’t fall out. She caught me many times checking her
out, she would just smile coquettishly and then dive inside
the dept of the pool. Her sisters eventually came to join
us inside the pool. Joyem was quite the naughty one, she
would swimm deep inside the pool and sneaked close to
me, grap my legs and then tried to pull me inside the
water. Kate on the other hand kept her distance, but once
in a while, she would brush against me. Rita was quite
protective of me around her sisters I noticed. She was
always shouting at Joyem to leave me alone. That was
when I realised that she had feelings for me….

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