Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 31

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My Sexiography … -🍄
 Season 1 🍶🍆
Episode 31♥🍏
By: Tayo
I Invited Rita over to my place, a week before I travelled
down to Ile-Ife for my post UTME. She came on the day
we planned, looking radiant and lovely. She wore a body
fitted jean trouser with a red top to match. Her natural
hair was unplaited and was simply brushed and packed
with a ribbon. She won’t let me entertain her, she instead concentrated on watching a movie. It was very hard to
distract her from the movie, to God be the glory NEPA
took the light as it was about to rain. NEPA in my area do
have this habit of snapping off the light when they notice
the slightest sign of rain. I always do curse them when
they took the light in that manner, but this time around I
blessed them in my mind. Every where quickly became
dark, it was like the rain would be very heavy, I thought. In
no time the rain started falling slowly at first, then it came
down in torrents.I gegely pulled Rita inside my room and
toward the bed. The room was quite dark, we could barely
see each others face. Rita got on the bed and lie down on
her back. I left her in the room and went to make sure the
front door is locked. I called out to her when I came back
inside the room, she didn’t answer. So this oshere wan
come dey feign sleep abi? I asked myself. I then mounted
the bed, got close to Rita and tickled her just beneath her
arm pit. She didn’t make any sound. I did it again, still no
sound from her. So this babe wan dey form stone abi…
you just wait you will be screaming off your head very
soon. I stopped tickling her and instead started kissing
her, full on the lips, she didn’t stop me or encouraged me,
she just lay there on the bed like a log of wood. It was
quite annoying. I stopped kissing her lips, instead I
focused on kissing the sides of her neck, she softly
m0aned out when my lips came in contact with her neck.
I kept kissing her right there, Rita then encircled my neck
with her hand and was trying to pull me much closer to
her sensitive neck.
I was quite encouraged, I knew it was time to move on to
the next phase. I quickly pulled off her top without any
resistance from her, she was putting on a black bra, I
smartly unclasped her bra hooks like an expert. By now
my eyes were kinda used to the darkness of the room, I
could see her b0s0m relatively well, her n!pples looked
hard and puffy. She m0aned out softly when I sU-Ck in
her left n!pple into my lips.
They were quite thick, I sU-Cked on her n!pples for good
5 minutes before I proceeded to pulling off her jean
trousers, followed by her black p@anties.I then pulled her
hair from behind to lift her chin, so I can get to her neck. I
kissed (if not devoured) every part of it, and worked my
way down….to her collar bone… to her chest… down her
abdomen, while massaging her upper body… teased
around the belly button a little… then just over her sweet spot…Damn! Nepa brought back the light! I didn’t let that
deter me though.
I rubbed her thighs up and down as I stare up at her… she
has this mischievous look on her face. Smirking, while
biting her own lip. I run my fingers up her pucci, just a
little. She is soaking now… a strand of wetness forms
from my finger, leading to her sweet cunt…
I licked her from the bottom of her slit to just under her cl!
t. I notice her face tense up as I got close to that spot, so
I knew she was sensitive. I kissed and sU-Cked around
her entrance, just to tease a bit. Then I stuck my tongue
deep in her, slowly, and played around a bit. just so I
could know what she tasted like.
Then my tounge slowly trailed its way to her little cl!t. I
felt around her hood, then just slowly lapped at the head.
She m0aned as she started to play with my hair. Her legs
were on my shoulders as I massaged her abdomen.
I put my lips over her entire cl!t, and started to sU-Ck as I
still tasted her with a sharper tongue… just around the cl!
t, not directly on top of it. She quivered. “Fucccck…” she uttered.
With one hand still pressed on her lower belly, I put a
finger from my other hand inside her pucci and felt how
tight her pucci was, my finger could hardly go in….
“Oh GOD” she says as she grips the back of my head. I
still work on her cl!t while working my finger inside her
“Im almost—“ She start to say, but now my tongue is
directly on the head of her cl!t, and I stare right into her
eyes as my other hand goes from her belly to her neck,
just to hold her down. “OH bleeping YESSSSSSSS!!!!”
Her hips buck up against my face as I keep going. I feel
her hole tighten around my fingers, and I can feel a pulse.
She cums all over my hand and her legs wrap around my
head, and she pulls my hair in ecstasy until it hurt. Her
mouth is open in a silent scream…. She looked
disoriented from her orgasm, but she slowly came back
to earth, her gaze going straight to my J0yst!ck. I had
earlier taken off my clothes while she was still disoriented
from her orgasm. I noticed the look of fear on her face
when she saw my J0yst!ck, I just hope she is not afraid
of my J0yst!ck o, I thought in my mind.
“Baby, I’ve something to tell you” she coyly said.
“What is it, tell me” I was eager to hear it so that I can commence procedural proceedings.
“Baby, I’m a virgin”
I couldn’t believe my ears…
“You’re a virgin?” I asked unbelievably.
“Please I’m not ready to have S£x yet”
Damn! All these while, is it not S£x you have been
having? I asked her in my mind. I kept quite for sometime
then I answered her in a rough voice.
“Its okay, we won’t have S£x if you don’t want to” I said obviously angry.
“Baby don’t be angry nau”
“I’m not angry” I retorted.
“Okay, what if I make it up to you by giving you a Mouth
Gig? She asked with a pleading look on her face.
“Okay” I agreed still sounding pissed.
“But you must promised you won’t Pour in my mouth o”
“Okay, I won’t Pour” I promised her.
“Just know that I’ve never done this befor though I’ve
seen Adult movie of it…”
“well, maybe its time to learn…”
With one hand behind her head, I whipped out my hard
J0yst!ck and held it to her face. She looked up at me,
gave a little smile, and then slowly engulfed the head of
my J0yst!ck.
I would have said she lied, because her head started
bobbing up and down like a pro. Her warm mouth just
kept making more saliva, make it easier for her to take it
all. She took her head off it, leaving a strand of spit from
her mouth to the tip of my J0yst!ck. She started to stroke
my J0yst!ck as she played with my balls, with her
tongue. It felt amazing… then gave a quick spit and
stroked a bit more
“oh fvck… you’re a liar.. you sU-Ck J0yst!ck like a pro…”
I said to her.
She grinned, with spit and pr£cuum on her lips. “I told
you, ive only seen in Adult movie. And I watch A LOT”
Then, she licked me from base to the tip, then deep
throated me. Her tongue licked the base of my rooster as
I felt the back of her throat.
“You devious little…. Oh FVCK”
I knew I was close. I took control. I held her head by the
hair and started to skull Bleep her. She gagged everytime
I thrusted, but she welcomed it. She put both hands on
my hips and tried to get deeper and deeper. Rita kept eye
contact with me the entire time, smiling at me with those
brown eyes of her’s… I couldn’t take it any longer. I
quickly pulled out my J0yst!ck from her mouth, she
automatically started stroking my J0yst!ck with her soft
hands while she looks at me, her eyes telling me to Pour
for her…I exploded bathing her face and her hands with
my sizzling hot Pour. Then I collapsed back on the bed
breathing spasmodically. I eventually calmed down,
grabbed a towel and we cleaned up each other. We la!d
back in bed, Rita spooning into me, my J0yst!ck resting
on her butt0ckz crack. We slept off in this position.

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