Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 32

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My Sexiography … -🐙
 Season 1 😉
Episode 32🐬🐋
By: Tayo
A week later, I travelled down to Ile-ife to write my post utme exams. I stayed with an inlaw while I was there. The post utme exam was quite easy and I was very sure I had cinched a position in this prestigious school. I stayed back after the exam at my in laws place waiting for the release of the result. The result came out three weeks later I think. I spent the three weeks in total Sekxual inebriation. My inlaws’s housemaid do have a thing for Benin boys and it so happens I’m a Benin boy. Meeting her for the first time, her appearance was very repulsive. She was dressed in clothes way too big for her that all her feminine features were covered up, her hair was rough and unkept and her English intonation was way off. Her name was Deola. I started seeing Deola in new lights the day I bumped into her coming out from the bathroom with a tiny towel hanging loosely on her b0s0m. Chai! So this girl get all this kind assets! I shouted out in my mind. I was stupefied! Her b0s0m and her butt0ckz were way too big for her! Her skin was flawless, no visible sign of stretch marks.
Her thighs are wow, I wouldn’t have minded if she had told me to place my head in between her thighs and start licking in circles till I get to her pucci.
The shock of bumping into me someone dislodged her soap dish from her hand. The soap dish clattered down on the floor and her bathing soap spilled off towards the door of the bathroom. She turned around backing me and then bent down to pick up the soap dish. I was graced by a spectacular view of her flawless looking butt0ckz. Damn! She wasn’t wearing p@anties! Her pucci lips were quite visible that I was so tempted to push my face in between her thighs from behind and go to work! She kinda took her time picking up the soap and the soap dish giving me almost a minute view of her butt0ckz.
She eventually straightened up not saying a word to me, went straight to her room. Damn! I wasn’t myself throughout that day. I kept playing and replaying back the events of that day in my head.
Two days laters later, Deola and I were the only ones at home. The day was hot, Deola was simply tying a wrapper around her while I wore a boxers. We were both watching a movie and weren’t talking to each other, though our eyes were speaking volumes to each other, we had both caught each other spying at each other. I told myself the signs are there and I need to make a move before my in law or my sister comes back from work. I then gingered up and stylishly moved towards where she was sitting, she looked up at me and smiled
“Broda, kilode?” She asked me.
“Ko si o” I replied in my halting yoruba.
I sat close to her and held her hands. She just kept smiling not saying a word. From holding her hands I progressed to massaging it in a Sekxual manner. She didn’t stop me so I went further to rubbing her laps.
She then asked me what I’m doing in Yoruba. I didnt say anything but went on smooching her thighs. I then tried to see how far she would let me go. I moved my hands deep inside her wrapper towards her pucci, she didn’t stop me. She stiffened up when my fingers got dangerously close to her pucci. I held still for a while guaging her reactions. Her lips were slightly opened, her eyes were looking intently at me pleading at me to go on.
I moved on, my fingers getting to her pucci. She wasn’t wearing p@anties and she was so very wet. I expertly finger bleeped her pucci for about 3 minutes, all these while she was screaming out in Yoruba even saying some shits that I can’t really translate into English.
My inlaw would be home anytime soon I thought, I decided to fast forward the processes. After making my resolve, I then lessened the knot on her wrapper and immediately lashed my lips on her n!pples.
“Ha! Egba mi o!” She screamed out…
Not waisting much time, I pulled off my boxers and my J0yst!ck emerged in its full glory raging, twitching and leaking out pr£cuum. I stradlled her, placed my J0yst!ck in the entrance of her pucci and pushed in slowly till her pucci swallowed my entire J0yst!ck. I pulled out till the tip of my J0yst!ck was almost out of her pucci then I thrusted in in one full swing, she screamed out loud as she wasn’t expecting that. I pulled out again and thrusted in again.
This time she tensed up and I felt her pucci contracting around my J0yst!ck, gripping my J0yst!ck in viselike grip, she then incoherently screamed out in Yoruba. Chai! this girl quick o, na so congeal dey worry this girl I thought in my mind.
I fired on, pumping and pumping my J0yst!ck into her pucci in a ringular pattern……just then….
‘pon pon pon…..pon pon pon…..’
Damn! that was my in laws car outside the gate!
Damn! I’m almost there!
Damn him! I fired on in a frenzy, my J0yst!ck was moving faster than a bullet inside Adeola’s pucci.
‘pon pon pon…..pon pon pon!!!!!!!!
‘Mr man, hold on for a little while’ I thought in my mind.
Adeola by now was trying to push me off….see this girl o, no way!
I was almost there! I pumped in faster and faster and faster till I dislodged my hot creamy load deep inside her pucci…immediately I pulled out, i took the air freshner and sprayed it inside the sitting room. I ran inside the quest room to pretend I was sleeping while Adeola closely quickly took a shower before going to open the gate for her boss. I heard her telling him that she was taking a bath when he angrily asked her what kept her from opening the gate on time. I just smiled in my room, closed my eyes and slept off for real.
From that day on, Adeola showed me how much she loves Benin guys. We bleeped virtually everywhere in the house. My inlaw’s room was out of bounds though. Every other part of the house was game. We did all the styles ever conceived by man, we even invented our own styles. I will be patenting those styles very soon.
Post utme results finally came out…I confidently went to check mine in a cyber cafe. I scored about 270. I was very happy as I felt my score would be enough to secure me an admission in faculty of law. Alas…maybe its God way of punishing me for my many sins, I really don’t know. I wasn’t given admission two weeks latter when I went to check for admission list in my faculty. I was very bitter seeing people with lower scores than mine on the list. I was so disconsolate that day that I left my two phones in the cab I entered. Cab driver swiftly switched off the phones after the first ring. I stumbled home with tears in my eyes.
Adeola welcomed me like a dutiful wife, she tried comforting me when I told her what happened. Her comforts weren’t enough, not even her sedusive body could draw me out of the sad mood I was in.
Three days later, I returned back to Benin.
Tbc ….

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