Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 33

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My Sexiography … – 🍹
Season 1☕🍹
Episode 33🍹
By: Tayo
Three days later, I returned back to Benin. I wasn’t myself for some days. Rita got admitted into Uniben, Ruth and Faith got into AAU. Most of my friends got admitted. It was quite painful as painfull as an heartbreak, another year at home. Dad encouraged me to use this as an opportunity to put in more time for my fashion school. I complied, I started going to my fashion school virtually every day unlike before that it was on a part time bases.
It was on one of these days that I met Gloria.
Gloria was a new apprentice. I was in the fashion school the day her elder sister brought her for enrollment. Seeing her for the first time that day, I knew it would be so easy having S£x with her. She acts and behave so simplistic.
She was all smiles and laughter to everything I say, be it funny or not. Any little thing makes her laugh. While her elder sister was negotiating with my boss, Gloria came to sit close to me, watching me as I was working.
Next day, Gloria started work. She magnetically attached herself to me right from the first day probably because I was the only guy in the midst of 6 female apprentices. I became her tutor, I started teaching her how to pedal a sewing machine. My boss left her to me when she noticed she was doing well within a short while.
Third day at work, I was going through Gloria’s phone during lunch break. I navigated to her pics. I was kinda surprised and thrilled at the same time when I came across some Unclad pictures of Gloria. In some of the pics, she wore just p@anties, with no bra, her b0s0m standing firm and her n!pples erect and pointed. In some of the pics, she was fully Unclad, showing her fingers deep inside her pucci. This girl is very naughty I thought.
Gloria noticed me going through her phone and she quickly collected it from me, she blushed when she noticed what I was looking at. I didn’t say anything, neither did she.
While she was pedalling the sewing machine later on, I sent her a text, in the text I told her how I would love to sU-Ck on those cute n!ipples of hers and tonque fvck her pucci until she cums for me. The text was quite dirty.
She looked up and smiled when she read the text.
‘My place after work today’ I texted again to her.
‘Okay, you better be as good as you claim o’ she texted back
‘Trust me, you will beg me to stop’ I texted her back
‘In your dreams’ she texted.
Work closed by 5:30 pm. I quickly led Gloria to my house, knowing that pospsy do return back from work by 7 or 8 pm.
On getting home, I led Gloria to the bed and proceeded to pulling off our clothes, she stopped at her p@anties, while I left my boxers still on. We then cuddled up in bed and we began to kiss, we broke the kiss looked into each other’s eyes. She stuck her tongue out and so did i, we tickled each other’s tongues, and then I opened my mouth and kissed her, our tongues in each other’s mouths, I then rolled on top of her, we continued to kiss as she brushed my J0yst!ck.
“Wow, was that your J0yst!ck?”
“No its yours” I replied jokily
“Its looks huge, lemme see it”
I took off my boxers and my J0yst!ck stood at its full 8 inches.
“wow! You’re huge Sam!!”
“Thanks” I said in reply
Then Gloria reached out and began to stroke my J0yst!ck sliding her hand up and down the shaft. I let out a m0an, she then moved so her head was closer and kissed the tip she then opened her mouth and slowly slid down the length of my J0yst!ck, reaching 5 inches, she came back up to the head and went all the way down this time.
After a good while of watching my J0yst!ck go in and out of her mouth, I couldn’t take it anymore. She must have felt it coming because she let me out of her mouth and simply stopped, looking up at me with a dull grin. She didnt want me to come, not yet. She la!d back in the same position, her legs spread. She then moved back and pulled me over her again.
I slid my hand slowly into her p@anties while we kissed and she was rubbing my J0yst!ck I was rubbing her K!ttyC@t through her pants and she was m0an!ng into my mouth. I had her in just her pants lay under me gently stroking my J0yst!ck while I had a finger sliding in and out of her pucci, she was getting more wet, so I slipped in another she started m0an!ng heavily…
“Spread your legs” I ordered Gloria softly-
She complied…

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