Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 34

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My Sexiography … – 😉
Season 1 🐛
Episode 34🐳🐋
By: Tayo
Blood oath! Damn this girl must be crazy or possessed to have suggested we have a blood oath I angrily thought in my mind. This is a no no for me. She can go to hell with her pucci! I kept ranting off after reading her text. And to be frank, I was so scared of blood oath. I once watched a Nigerian home movie, story line was centered on a guy and a lady who did blood oath as a sign of trust before he travelled outside the country. The guy later had an accident, though he survived, however news got to the lady that he is dead. After some months of mourning she got engaged to another guy. Trouble started. After watching that movie, I learnt to be so scared of anything relating to blood oath. Now this girl is trying to pull my legs, chai! If them send you for me, tell them you no see me!
She called later that day, asked me if I got her text. I replied yes, told her there’s no way I’m gonna agree to do a blood oath with her.
We argued and quarrelled all over again till she got so angry and ended the call, I didn’t bother to call her back.
We didn’t call each other for the rest of that week. Gloria kept me busy enough. The girl was a complete nymphomaniac. That Sunday I visited my paddy at home. James is the know it all type of person. He is the guy with all the answers. I told him about my present predicament with Rita.
“Guy, no they dull o, no be just blood oath, she want?”
“Na so o…but the thing dey fear me die!”
“Forget that thing joor, the matter simple, just call her tell her say you agree, buy razor blade mark her for hand, mark yourself, then una lick each other blood, then say the yeye oaths”
“Guy, me no fit do that poo o”
“You too dull my guy! No be just to lick blood?”
“As long say you no let her drag you go meet native doctor, then you’re safe” James went on.
“Shey you get me?” He asked.
“Hmmmm….sort of sha.”
“Just make sure say Na you carry out the blood oath o”
“I hear you.”
“No go dey dull o, you need to quickly fvck her now before she go resume school o, Uniben guys no get joy o, dem go just help you dessimate her pucci for you once she go school while you dey here dey dull yourself” James ranted on.
“I hear you nau, you too talk self!”
James then made me call Rita in his presence, she picked up on first ring as if she was expecting my call.
“Okay, baby you win”
“Wow, I’m so glad” she shouted out.
This girl think say she smart abi? Don’t worry, I’ll prove I’m smarter than you.
“I’ll be going to school on Friday, what about if you come over to my place on Wednesday? My sisters had already returned back to school and mumsy won’t be at home..”
Perfect, just perfect I thought.
“Okay, I will come, we can do the blood oath when I come”
“What about the other thing…..? She asked while giggling on the phone.
“I’m not coming for that. Its for the blood oath. Turns out I need the blood oath more than you, I don’t trust you with those Uniben guys”
“Awwwwww, you mean you don’t trust me?” She asked, sounding offended.
“I that you, its them I don’t trust. Moreover you started this whole issue of mistrust when you brought about the oath taking suggestion” I said, sounding mifffed myself.
“Okay, fine, I’ll see you on Wednesday then.”
We spoke for a while then ended the call.
James patted me on the back.
“My boy my boy, you’re learning!” He said laughing.
“Learning what?” I asked.
“Mehn, I like the way you turned the table against her”
I then asked James how to disvirgin a girl. Believe me, James gave me the complete tutorial.
Wednesday. I got to Rita’s beautiful house, she welcomed me as if she hasn’t seen me for up to two years. I quickly brought out the razor blade and told her to get ready for the blood oath. I noticed fear on her face. I then marked myself on my right palm and red blood started tickling out. I told her to bring her hand closer so that I can cut her too. She said no. No?, I asked her? She then went on to say she just wanted to test me to see if I trully love her. I was quite relieved, but I tried my best not to show it on my face. Instead I displayed on an angry facade. She begged me not to be angry with her. We must do the blood oath I told her. She begged for me to let it go. I then formed anger and stormed straight to her room. I took off my clothes and put on a swim trunck that I brought for swimming. She came to meet me inside the room. I left her there while she was trying to talk to me and went to the swimming pool, dived right in and started working on my breatstrokes and back strokes.
After like 3 minutes, Rita came to the pool wearing a bikini. She dived in towards my direction. I swam away from her when she got close to me. I tried avoiding her anytime she got too close to me. She however caught me unaware, she held on to me and tightened her hands around my waist. She was crying. I consoled her, told her I’ve forgiven her.
She then told me to kiss her if I’ve trully forgivened her. I kissed her passionately while my randy hands roved across her silkin curvaceous body, smooching her b0s0m which my hands had inadvertently pushed out of her bikini.
“Baby, let’s go to my room” Rita suggested.
“Okay” I readily agreed.
She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She then took off her wet bikini, and then approached me and removed my swimming trunck. She held herself against me as she kissed me, my J0yst!ck brushing against her pucci slit. I fondled her b0s0m in my hands, and nibbled at her n!pples for a bit. She then walked over to her bed and layed on her back, spreading her legs open.
“Make love to me baby.” She pleaded her eye’s stairing from my hardon, to my eyes.
My eye’s stared back into her eyes and glanced at her moist b-cup b0s0m and to her slightly wet pucci.
“Are you sure?” I asked her watching her carefully.
“Yes” she replied.
I moved over to join her on the bed. I slowly moved one of my hands up to her b0s0m, massaging gently and using the tip of my finger to make circles around her n!pples, making them hard.
My other hand was rubbing small gentle circles around her stomach, slowly making it’s way to the top of her pucci
By now, she was starting to breath harder. Each time I would touch her n!pple, she gasped.
As my other hand made it’s way to her pucci, she tensed up. Worried that she would pull away, I whispered in her ear,
“don’t worry. I’ll stop anytime you want”. This seemed to help, because she relaxed in my arms, leaning against me.
I was kissing her neck and shoulders. One hand was toying with her b0s0m and n!pples.
The other hand had found it’s way just between her legs.
My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they lightly began to explore between her lower lips. One of them brushing over her cl!t, making her gasp and almost jump.
I continued to tease her cl!t for a few seconds, maybe a minute. Then I slowly moved my finger down till it found the entrance to her wet tight little pucci. She was so tight that my finger had trouble getting just inside the opening.
Ithen pulled her to the edge of the bed and knelt down, with her legs draped over my shoulders. I started by kissing up and down her legs, biting and licking as I went.
Then, as I made my way back up her legs, I finally let my tongue touch her cl!t. She jumped a little at that, but as I continued to lick and sU-Ck her cl!t, she began to m0an and wiggle slightly.
While I was sU-Cking on her cl!t, I began to rub my finger over the entrance to her pucci, slowly letting just the tip slip inside.
I was slowly making progress getting more and more of my finger inside her. I was humming into her cl!t, sending little vibrations through her body. She must have loved this because she was writhing around, and m0an!ng.
“MMMMMM. Samm…. ooohhh”
Finally after a few minutes of this, I managed to start slipping a second finger inside of her. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I had to get her opened enough to allow my J0yst!ck inside.
I had to have her juices on my tongue, so I began to lick up and down her pucci, between her lips. As I did this, I moved one of my fingers to her cl!t. I was rubbing it, gently, between my finger and thumb. My tongue finally found the entrance to her pucci and slipped inside. Now I had my tongue and fingers inside her, fvcking her.
She couldn’t take much of this. She started to thrash around, m0an!ng loudly, and calling my name.
“mmmmmm oooooohhhhhh gggooodddd SSSSAAMMM….. I…I’m g gonna ccccum…”
With that she flooded my mouth. She came so much that it soaked a big spot of her bed. My hand and face were covered with her sweet, sticky goodness.
I kissed my way up her body and lay next to her, smiling.
After a while… I heard her say ” make love to me Baby”
I positioned my J0yst!ck at the entrance of her pucci and pushed gently. She was so tight that it hurt both of us when the head finally entered her.
I stopped pushing and kissed her, while she got used to having me entering her.
After a few seconds I began to push again.
This time, even though I could tell it hurt her, she asked me not to stop. So I pushed into her until I met with her hymen. I stopped when I saw the look of pain and fear on her face.
“Do you want me to stop?”
“No Sam. Please don’t stop. I’ll be ok.”
I pulled back just a little and pushed harder, so that I could break through and cause a little pain as possible. When I felt her hymen give way, I stopped and looked down at her.
She was crying a little, but when she realized I was looking at her, she tried to give me that smile.
I just leaned down and began kissing her, not moving. I gave her time to get used to my size and having me buried inside her tight little pucci.
Before long, she was moving around under me and I took that as my cue to start making love to her.
I began to move in and out of her slowly at first. As I moved, I leaned down and kissed her neck and shoulders, making my way down to her b0s0m. I sU-Cked on her n!pples, biting them gently. As I did this, I could feel her pushing her hips up to meet me.
I gradually began to pick up my pace. Before long, I was fvcking her full on. Ramming my J0yst!ck into her pucci. She was matching my every movement.
I would slide my hand between us to rub her cl!t and she would take her b0s0m in her hands and play with her n!pples. That turned me on even more than I had already been.
After about 5 or 10 minutes, I knew that I was going to Pour very soon.
I continued to fvck her hard, biting her neck and her ears and her n!pples. Soon I could not hold back any longer. I slammed my J0yst!ck into her as I tensed my whole body.
I came filling her tiny little pucci to over flowing.
After I was done, we lay there with my J0yst!ck still inside her as we kissed and held each other. When my J0yst!ck had shrank enough that it slipped out of her, I got up and went to get a towel to clean us up.
As I was wiping the Pour up that had run down her butt0ckz cheeks, she smiled that smile of hers. When I saw it, all I could do was smile as my J0yst!ck got hard again…

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