Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 35 & 36

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My Sexiography … -🐪
 Season 1 🍺🍺
Episode 35🍆
By: Tayo
About 30 minutes later, Aishatu arrived covered up with a very big hijab, her face was the only visible part of her body. As soon as she entered my uncle’s apartment, I hugged her tight, pressing her soft b0s0m on my chest while my hands grabs and sq££zed her butt0ckz. I felt her vibrating, then I released her. She looked at me in a naughty way and smiled.My nephews were watching cartoon in the sitting room, I shouted at them to goto their room. They grumbled and sulkily cleared out from the sitting room.
Immediately they left, I attacked Aishatu, she squirmed a lot when I pushed her on the sofa and pinned her down with my body.
I could just couldn’t wait to see her body, quickly I pulled her up again and proceeded to remove her hijab, she didn’t stop me. Her hijab came off. Under her hijab, she was wearing a Sekxy and sheer looking lingerie. She looked so ravishing! I feasted my eyes on her body for about five minutes, had to stop ravishing her with my eyes when she started feeling shy.
Next I pulled off her lingerie, her b0s0m were so magnificent looking, the n!pples were tiny and long, they were kinda brownish.
Her pucci was shaved clean, I do love a shaved clean pussi. I then turned her around as if she was my model. She perfectly executed a pirouette, showing me her well rounded and shaped butt0ckz. Chai!
I was still fully clothed,
I then picked up Aishatu, she was quite light in my arms. I deposited her on the sofa, she tried pulling me atop her, but I drew back well enough to have a perfect view of her clean shaven pucci which was starting to look moist.
She then spreadeagled her legs and coquettishly beckoned me towards her gaping pucci lips.
I descended on her pucci, not waiting for further invitation. She screamed out loud when I pulled and sU-Cked in her cl!t into my lips.
Chai, this girl is a screamer. All these while I had stayed far away from Muslim girls thinking that they were very conservative. Aishatu damn well reorganised my perception of these Muslim girls. She was way too full of Sekxual exhuberances, she was almost exploding with any slight touch of mine.
While sU-Cking her cl!ts, I looked up to watch Aishatu’s face, her eyes were widely open and they were intently watching me sU-Ck her cl!t. She smiled when our eyes met. Her b0s0m were staring at me too probably trying to tell me why I’ve ignored them so far. I decide to give them some attention.
I pulled up atop Aishatu, my still clothed J0yst!ck rested on her thigh. She wiggled around till my J0yst!ck was in between her thighs and directly on top her pucci.
Her lips were slightly opened and inviting, I then placed my lips on hers and we kissed for the first time. The kiss was quite erratic and rough at first as we were both trying to get the better of each other. The kiss progressed to a more passionate one when our lips and tongue had gotten used to each other.
Aishatu wiggled her tongue deep into my mouth, my tongue met hers. While kissing, my hands had gone on their own personal adventure. I paused the kiss and concentrated on what my hands were doing.
My Sexiography … -🍄
 Season 1 🐜🐳
Episode 36🍄🐪

Soon I had her m0an!ng softly, her magnificent soft b0s0m were pressed into my hands and I was massaging them as if my life depended on it. I noticed she liked it rough. She hardly makes a sound when I massage her b0s0m gently.
She then grab hold of my hands pressing her b0s0m with hers and forcefully press them together. Then I knew I’ve been doing it wrong all these while.I’m a fast learner.
Without wasting more time being a gentle boy, I grabbed hold of her b0s0m very tight and pressed them together, she winced out. Is that not what you want? I asked her in my mind.
I kept pressing her b0s0m, almost squashing them and pulling hard on her n!pples.
Her m0ans were good music to my ears.
“Please, sU-Ck on my n!pples”
Damn, I like a girl who knows what she wants and is not shy or afraid to ask for it.
I obliged her request and pulled her right n!pple into my mouth and sU-Cked it not too gently, she m0aned softly and she started griding her pucci on my J0yst!ck in a fvck motion. She kept doing this for sometime, panting and m0an!ng all through.Then she felt her way towards the band of my boxers. Her hand went in and grabbed hold of my enraged J0yst!ck and started stroking it.
“Ohhhh god, Aishaaaa. Oh my god…sU-Ck my J0yst!ck.” I m0aned out.
She m0aned before putting her lips over the head and swirling her tongue around it. I gasped as she cupped my balls, massaging them slowly.
She began to stroke me slowly but firmly with her other hand, continuing to lick and sU-Ck on every part of my J0yst!ck. I held the back of her head, swirling my fingers around in her hair.
I began to thrust my J0yst!ck slowly into her mouth. She gagged at first and I stopped, but she immediately lowered her mouth and throat around my J0yst!ck. She came back up and grinned at me before stroking me wildly and sU-Cking on my balls.
“OHHhh Aishaaa!” I shouted. “Ohhhh fuuuuck baby you’re going to make me Pour. Ohhh shittt.”
She m0aned loudly and continued her work on my J0yst!ck and my two jewels. I was in heaven. I noticed that while stroking me with one hand, she was swirling her other hand around her cl!t.
She started to gasp as she sU-Cked my balls and thrust onto her own hand. I stood up suddenly, surprising her. She looked at me confused and I reached down and picked her up, turning her upside down. She m0aned, realizing what I was doing and went back to jacking me off furiously.

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