Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 – Episode 37 & 38

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My Sexiography … -🍺🍄
 Season 1 🐋
Episode 37🍆
By: Tayo
I went home after my tryst with Rita. Popsy was at home waiting for me. After greeting him, he told me that his younger brother in abuja wants me to come over to Kaduna to look over his kids. He and his wife would be travelling to Senegal for a missionary work that will last for two weeks and they can’t take their kids along with them. Popsy promised him that he would send me over. After being told I would be travelling to Kaduna, I went outside and called Rita, informing her I won’t be around for sometime. She said okay, as long as I returned back in time to attend her matriculation. Next, I called Gloria. She was on another call. I called her back after some time. I explained to her the situation of things. She wasn’t happy. Then I called my boss, pospsy had called her already she told me. Now I’m very free to travell.
On Friday, I took a bus from one the transport company in Benin going to Kaduna. I was allocated a back window seat by the right. I settled down, waiting for the bus to get filled up. I brought out my earpiece and inserted it into my phone, place the buds in my ears and started listening to music.
After a while, the last passenger came. A lady with an oval face from what I can see, she was clad in full hijab. She was alocated a back seat too, just by my side. Bad market I thought. I was hoping to share the seat with a good looking girl. Although this my hijab wearing lady looked beautiful from the little I could see. She noticed me looking intently at her, she blushed and looked away when our eyes met.
The journey to Kaduna began. I called my dad, told him we just left Benin. Rita also called me. We spoke for some time, she told me she loves me before ending the call and I told her I love her more. My hijab wearing lady looked at me and smile when I told Rita I love her more.
Which one be this girl own nau, she never hear guys professing love to girls on phone befor? I asked myself. After the call, I concentrated on my music, closed my eyes and dozed off. It has always been an habit of mine to sleep off while travelling long distance.
I woke up when I felt an alien body on mine. I opened my eyes to see my hijab wearing lady resting her head on my shoulder, she was sleeping so deeply with a calm look on her face. I noticed how beautiful she looked.
I wanted to wake her up as I wasn’t comfortable my self, but I just couldn’t disrupt her beauty sleep. I couldn’t go back to sleep myself, almost everyone in the bus were sleeping.
After some time, my hijab wearing lady adjusted herself in such a way that she was almost hugging me, immediately a signal was sent to my brain when her right boob pressed into my chest. Her boob felt so soft and from what I felt she definitely wasn’t putting on a bra.
To make matters worse, she subconsciously readjusted herself again, this time her hand rested directly on my J0yst!ck….
She maintained this position for sometime, at times moving the hand around my J0yst!ck in a sleep like manner. She and those sleeping got jostled up when the driver narrowly missed ramming into an incoming trailer. She woke up, wide eyed, not knowing where she was at that moment. She blushed and quickly extricated herself from my body when she realized where she was. Other passengers by now were busy insulting the driver, while some were begging him to slow down.
We got to Kogi state with no further incidents, the third passenger with me at the back seat and some other passegers came down when we got to Kogi state. It was now just my hijab wearing friend and I occupying the back seat.
My hijab wearing lady bought some appetizing looking fried meat arranged on a stick, while I got a bottle of soya milk and 4 pieces of quail eggs. She offered me some of her meat, smiling. While I offered her two piece of my eggs which she collected still smiling. Then in a sing song accent she spoke to me in perfect English.
“Do you know those eggs are aphrodisiacs? She asked.
“No, I don’t. They are just eggs to me” I replied
“I was told they are very good for men….you know what i mean… she smiled and blushed at the same time.
“Really? Wow…so how would I know if it is working?” I asked her flirtingly.
She blushed again.
“I was told it makes you know what very stiff for a very long time” she replied while trying to avoid my eyes.
Chai! I couldn’t believe my ears, so these hijab wearing ladies dey sabi fit yarn all these kind thing? I asked myself.
“What is that for?” she asked looking fully into my eyes.
“Nothing, just wondering about what you said about the eggs”
My Sexiography

Season 1 Episode 38
My stay at Kaduna wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped. My two nephews were serious pain in the butt0ckz, I didn’t know anywhere or anybody. So I stayed indoors most of the times. I had earlier tried reaching Aishatu on phone, her line didn’t go through. I even thought that she probably gave me a wrong number. Just after a week of my stay in Kaduna, I had a call from a strange number. ”Hello, who am I speaking with?” I asked
“Aishatu” she replied in her sing song voice.
“Wow….I’ve been trying to call you, the phone number you gave me wasn’t going through”
“Ha…my elder brother seized my phone all these while, that’s why you were not able to reach me”
“Hope you’re enjoying your stay in my state?” She asked.
“Not at all, it’s been quite boring, nowhere to go, nothing much to do around here”
I complained.
“Don’t you have friends around, you can pay a visit to?” She asked.
“No, I don’t o.”
“You’re the only Friend I have here” I said.
She laughed out loud on the phone.
“So I’m now just a friend abi?” She asked.
“Are you not my friend?” I asked her, not knowing where this was leading to.
“So do you go around having S£x with your friends inside buses?”
I laughed and replied her.
“Yea I do, if the friend looks exactly like you” I said.
She laughed.
“How about I come visit you?” I asked her.
“Nooooo! You can’t come here o, my family will just use you to do suya”
“Then how are we going to see nau, I would love to see you. I’m quite bored here” I said.
“Hmmmmm….okay, why not describe your location and I’ll come over, but I won’t be able to stay for long o”
“It’s okay, I’ll mange”.
I then quickly gave her my uncle’s house address.
20 minutes later, Rita called me.
“Hey baby, how you doing” she asked.
“Not so good, I’m practically dying of boredom here”
“Eeyaa, shey your uncle would be returning back in about a week.”
“Yea, I just hope so, just can’t wait to leave this miserable State, I’ve so missed you. How is school like?”
“I’ve miss you too baby, thinking of you and remembering our last time together always makes me gushing wet, that I’m forced to change
p@anties most times, is it even normal?”
“Common, don’t be such a baby, its normal. Its simply means you really do miss me and you’re sexual active.”
“Okay o, if you say so. Guys have been disturbing me here o”
“Nothing o, just be care full around them and don’t always forget how much I love you”
“Awwwww, somebody is jealous. I love you too baby. I promise you, no guy would ever see my p@anties not to talk of having S£x with me, I’m all yours baby”
“Thanks baby, I’ll see you as soon as I returned back to Be…..”
“Baby, mumsy rented an apartment for me o, I forgot to tell you earlier”
“But I thought you wanted to stay at school hostel nau?
“Yea, but I wasn’t able to secure a school hostel accommodation.”
“Okay then”
Aishatu call came in while I was still speaking to Rita.
“Baby, why don’t I call you back, my dad is on line”
I ended Rita’s call and quickly picked Aishatu’s call.
“Hello, Aisha?”
“Yea, just wanted to tell you that I’m on my way to your house, I’ll be there in the next 30 minutes I think.”
“No funny business when I come o, I’m just coming to keep you company, nothing more.”
“No problem” I replied. We will see about that when you come, I thought in my mind. Experience has taught me that when a girl says she won’t have S£x with you when she comes visiting, its actually the opposite.

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