Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 39 & 40

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My Sexiography … – 
Season 1 Episode 39
After dinner, we cuddled up in bed, and watched some good movies. Rita slept off half way though the second movie. Tegiri eventually said her Good nights. I gently disentangled myself from Rita and went to bolt the door After which I finished watching the movie before returning back to bed. I strip down to my boxers befor returning back to bed.
 I slept off in no time.A wet warm s£nsat!on on my J0yst!ck woke me up the next day. I opened my eyes to see Rita sU-Cking my J0yst!ck like a pro while she fingers her pucci, her
 p@anties was pushed to one corner. She smiled flirtily when she noticed me looking sheepishly at her. Still smiling, she positioned her pucci on my J0yst!ck and she slided down. She rode me hard for like 5minutes before she had her orgasm. I pulled her down and arranged her butt0ckz in a doggy position and reentered her pucci from behind. I rammed into her again and again, Rita m0aned out loud and I heard somebody exclaimed from outside “today Na Sunday o!”
Wetin concern me, I almost replied the voice. I however kept ramming into Rita tight wet pucci till I could take it no longer and released my morning blessings in her pucci.
 She dragged me into her bathroom, it was a modern bathroom with a working shower.
 We took our bath sponging each other clean. She was squealing and squirming all over when I spong her b0s0m and other sensitive part of her body.
 We prepared and had breakfast after we had taken our bath. We stayed indoors all day making sweet love like bunnies. She even ignored her neighbours knocking at the door.
 I took my leave in the evening, she was quite sad to see me go. I promised to come see her as soon as I can.
 She saw me off to the main road and I took a bus going to Ring road. A very beautiful girl was sandwiched in between me and a very fat woman. I tried conversing with her but she was just forming one thing one thing. I then ignored her and focused on seeing the view around.
 The girl told the driver to stop when she got to her destination. Her low waist jean trouser that she was wearing pulled down as far down as her knee when she tried standing up as a result of the tightness of the space in between.
 Her black butt0ckz became public display, she wasn’t wearing p@anties, she clumsily pulled the trouser up and exited from the bus, but not before the typical Benin women in the bus had lambasted her, calling her all sort of names, ranging from ashawo.
 I called Rita after getting home and promised to call her at night. Next I called Gloria. She was quite glad when I informed her I would resume work tomorrow.
My Sexiography  

– Season 1 Episode 40
The year went by quickly. Jamb form came out again and I started attending my old jamb lecture again. I decided to fill Uniben as both my first choice University and Auchi poly as my first choice Poly. I also decided to minimise making night calls with Rita and some other friends.
 At jamb lecture, I kept to myself. Not talking to anybody. I felt so out of place considering all my old friends and colleagues had earlier gained admission while I’m still here attending jamb lectures. As well as staying away from others, I made it a daily habit to always borrow the lecture’s daily newspaper at the Secretariat to read. Reading newspapers everyday seemed to have made me looked like an intelligent and refined person. Others kinda kept away from me thinking that I’m a snob or something.
 One girl just wouldn’t leave me alone. Her name was Daisy, the first girl I really, trully fell in love with. Let me describe her a little. Daisy is quite tall, a bit taller than me. She is not overtly slim, however she is very curvy with a nice butt0ckz to compliment her backside and a not too large but firm b0s0m shaping her chest. She is olive-skinned with translucent eyes, pointed nose and dimples on the both sides of her face. When she smiles, the world do seemed to have stopped. Enough of that dovey dopey.
 Back then in lecture, I didn’t even know she existed in the jamb lecture. My isolation from other student was so absolute and total. I never knew she has been checking me out all these while.
“Proffesor Sam” I heard someone say just behind me.
 I ignored the person and kept on reading the newspaper with me. Moreover my name is not Professor Sam. Back them, I do wear medicated glasses which probably made me looked like a proffesor.
“Sam” the voice called out again.
 I turned around my seat to locate the voice, she smiled at me displaying her open teeth.
“Where you the one calling me?” I asked.
“Yes, please lemme have the newspaper when you’re done reading”
she said.
“Okay, no problem, I’m almost done”
I finished perusing the newspaper and handed it over to her. Not before telling her to return it to the Secretariat when she was done.
 After lectures that day,on the main road waiting for a bus, I heard someone calling proffesor Sam again. I knew it was her and I turned around to face her. We exchanged pleasantries and I got to find out that we both stay in the same area. While we were still talking, a bus pulled in and we both got on the bus. We sat side by side and I couldn’t help but notice the fragrance emanating from her.
“What is the name of the perfume you use? I asked her.
“Eleganzar” she replied.
“Why did you ask?”
 “Nothing, i like the scent” I replied.
“Oh…thanks” she said and smiled and I was so unlucky to be looking at her at that exact moment in time.
 Three days later, Daisy sat close to me during government class. She didn’t copy notes while the government teacher was teaching. I noticed her hands were always raised up anytime a question was asked. She is preety smart and intelligent I surmised. She kept trying to make me talk, I spoke little as I was still trying to keep a low profile. After lectures that day, Daisy approached me and asked me to borrow her my government note. I almost didn’t want to give it to her as she had chosed not to copy note while the note was being written on the board. I gave her the note reluntantly after she had flashed a bedevilling smile at me. We went home together that day and subsequent days.

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