Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 4

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My Sexiography … -💦
 Season 1 🍆
Episode 4💦
By: イムリの
When she finally entered the apartment, she hugged me so tight, pressing her b0s0m on my chest . chai! The feelings was something, I can’t put into words. Immediately, my J0yst!ck responded. Ha! I tried willing it to behave, but it just won’t behave. It was like my J0yst!ck was also happy to see Linda.
Linda must have felt my J0yst!ck pressed on her thigh, but she didn’t say anything, although I was quite embarrassed. After like a minute, she broke up the hug.
“Where mumsy? ” she asked.
“I forgot the garri, my mum gave me to give to your mum in a bus”
I knew mumsy would be so very angry with her when she comes back, she has been hoping that Linda would come with our native garri, because it is very good for drinking, now Linda is saying she forgot the garri inside the bus.
” fish brain, mumsy will be so pissed at you.” I replied.
” how can you forget almost a bag of garri inside the bus, what where you thinking? Small girl like you”
” shutup your dirty mouth, mumu” she shouted back at me. ” don’t forget you’re my junior o! Abi, you no get respect for your village?”
She has always played the seniority card on me, and I always remind her that she is a girl, in my book, no matter how old a girl is, she can never be older than a boy. That has always been my philosophy. And Linda knows that. Before I could remind her of it, she quickly covered my mouth.
This girl is strong, I tried removing her hands from my mouth to no avail, consequently I pushed her on the chair, while she was falling, she pulled me with her. She fell with her back on the chair, while I fell on her chest, my hands pressing her b0s0m, at first I didn’t know what I was holding on to for support, when I did, the softness of her b0s0m was immediately sent as an electrical neuron straight into my brain, and my brain interpreted the message and sent a delivery report straight to my J0yst!ck.
All the blood in my body immediately rushed like a volcano to my J0yst!ck, the result was, my J0yst!ck became five tines its actual size.
There is no mistaking it this time around. She certaining felt my hard on.
” Sammy, wetin be that way dey chook me so. You put wood inside your pocket?” She asked innocently.
I knew she was teasing me, so i didn’t answer her. I tried extricating myself from her body, but she would have nothing of that, she held tight to me, so I stopped resisting. Her right hand then moved straight to my J0yst!ck, she grabbed it, her grip was very tight to the extent that it became pain full. I retaliated by pressing her b0s0m with as much force I could muster.
” idiot, you no know say e dey pain abi” she winced out. ” no be you first start? I replied her. Her grip on my J0yst!ck lessened after that. She felt for my the buttons on my shorts and unbuttoned them, then her hands entered inside my shorts and held my J0yst!ck gently, the feeling was superb! You know that feeling when you have been holding back a urine for a very long time, then you you get an opportunity to pee it out. That was how I felt. It was like peeing out a very hot urine.
She kept handling my J0yst!ck till we heard my mum’s voice outside our apartment. We quickly extricated from each other. I ran outside to meet my mum, greeted her and helped her with her bag.
“Has Linda arrived yet?” She asked.
“Yes” I simply answered.
I was still feeling out of place.
“Where is she then?” She asked.
“In the kitchen washing plate” I replied.
“Stupid boy, how can you allow her to wash plates when she just came and have not even had her rest?” Mumsy said angrily.
“She insisted on washing the plates herself” I evasively retorted.

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