Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 43 & 44

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My Sexiography … -🔥
 Season 1 🍆🍑
Episode 43🍑💦💦
By: Tayo
I then began to orally attack her beautiful pucci. It was sopping wet and it wasn’t long before she was humping my face wildly. My J0yst!ck fell out of her mouth as she wrapped her thighs around my neck. “FUC-KKKK YES! YESS I’M Cummin, WAYO alllahhh! WAYO allllahhh!!! OH MY…. STOP DON’T STOP YESSSSS” she screamed wildly and continued to jack me off furiously as I felt her entire body spasm from her orgasm. I lowered her to the floor and positioned her on all fours, kneeling behind her.
I stroked myself a couple of times and lined the head of my J0yst!ck up against her drenched pucci.
“FVCK MEEEE! DOOOO IT! GO! FVCK ME SAM!” she shouted, bouncing her butt0ckz up and down in anticipation.
I rubbed the head of my J0yst!ck against the outside of her lips a couple of times.
She shuddered each time I rubbed over her cl!t.
“Pleeeeease fuuuuuck me,” she whined, pushing her butt0ckz back toward my J0yst!ck.
I grinned and grabbed her hips in my hands before thrusting hard into her.
“Yesssssssssssssssss­ssssssssss” she hissed, pushing herself back into me as I filled her completely.
She groaned as she got used to having me inside her, slowly rotating her hips back and forth. I groaned in pleasure pulling her back onto my J0yst!ck. She turned her head and I leaned forward into another wild makeout.
During the kiss, I started thrusting, slow at first but harder and harder as our kiss continued.
She was m0an!ng loudly and eventually broke away from the makeout session,
“YESSSSS OHHHH FVCK ME LIKE A Sluut, OHHHH god FVCK ME SAM. YES, JUST LIKE THAT,” she shouted, ramming her butt0ckz back into me.
She began bucking wildly onto my J0yst!ck, burying her head in the crook of one of her arms and squealing.
I had to hold on to her hips for dear life as she bucked and rode down my J0yst!ck like crazy, impaling herself on my J0yst!ck over and over. She slowed down after a full minute of shrieking and shaking. With a wet plop she pulled herself off of my J0yst!ck and turned to lay on her back.
I crawled up on top of her, kissing her romantically. I positioned my J0yst!ck at her entrance and slid in again, slowly. She m0aned through our kiss, beginning to thrust herself up onto me again. I pulled away from our kiss and smiled at her.
“You’re fvcking crazy, Aishaa,” I said with a smirk.
“Sometimes,” she sighed, wrapping her legs around my waist and pulling me into her.
My Sexiography … -🍆💦💦

 Season 1💡💦
Episode 44🔥
I began thrusting fast again, focusing purely on my pleasure. I leaned back, standing on my knees and holding her hips in my hands, pulling her further down my J0yst!ck with every thrust.“Ohhhh Aishaa, yeahhhh you feel so good,” I m0aned, staring into her eyes.
She began to thrust her hips down with my pulls into my thrusts, m0an!ng and groaning with every rhythmic interval.
She reached down to rub her cl!ts some more and I la!d on top of her, grabbing hold of her breasts and sU-Cking on her rock hard n!pples.
She hissed in pleasure at the new form of stimulation and began to buck up into me again.
I pulled back and kissed her wildly again. She wrapped her free arm around my neck, holding me to her and massaging my tongue with hers wildly. She hooked her heels together around my lower back and began thrusting madly up into my J0yst!ck while pulling me down into her.
I groaned and continued to kiss her. She was m0an!ng loudly, squealing through her covered lips. She continued to hold me tight to her. I wrapped one of my arms around her lower back and began to pull her up along with her thrusts.
At one point my J0yst!ck popped out of her and she cried out in disappointment but it immediately found its mark again and she screamed with approval.
I continued to thrust and pull her onto me wildly. I was getting close now and I wanted more. She tried to break away from the kiss but now I held the back of her head and began to thrust like a madman.
Our bodies were both gleaming with sweat and were slick as I la!d down on top of her to continue to thrust like crazy. My hard pecs slid smoothly along her breasts and the feeling of her hard n!pples flicking against mine was something I thought was strange to notice at the time, but got me even more Hot.
She m0aned loudly, her eyes going wide with pleasure as she began her rapid, desperate thrusting movements as well. I pulled away from the kiss as I felt my balls about to explode.
Then it came in force and I sprayed her pucci walls with my hot semen.
We looked each other deep in the eyes and kissed again. It was romantic and slow at first, but soon I noticed she was pushing onto my semi-hard J0yst!ck again. I wasn’t sure if I could go again but I was determined to try. At first, my J0yst!ck wasn’t responding after the marathon it had just experienced, but Aishatu wasn’t going to take that for an answer.
She wrapped one leg around me again and flipped us over, straddling me and grinning. She reached behind her and began to handle my balls slowly while pushing herself up and down the full length of my J0yst!ck.
I m0aned out, reaching up to handle her great n!pples. She grinned as she felt my J0yst!ck become fully hard again and she began to thrust wildly down on to me. I m0aned loudly, my balls were already tightening and I knew I wouldn’t last long this time….
My journey back to Benin was uneventful.
Aishatu promised to hook up with me when she comes back to Benin. She had earlier told me that she was an undergraduate of Ambrose Ali University, so I was pretty sure of seeing her again.
I called Rita and Gloria when I have settled in. They were both very happy that I am back, Gloria wanted to come over immediately, had to tell her popsy was at home. However I promised to come see Rita in school on Saturday.

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