Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 5

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My Sexiography … – ♥
Season 1 😜
Episode 5💦
By: イムリの
Here I was daydreaming on my bed with my eyes wide open and unfocussed. My imaginations were quite wild and so vivid. I was the actor in a Chinese movie. This was the last fight. I scaled the fence where the boss was staying like a ninja assassin. Immediately I was surrounded by the boss henchmen. We started fighting, I was fighting off 7 guys at once with my karate moves.
I defeated them remaining the boss. He was a tough and elusive fighter. The fighting became so real, that my body started moving on its own, mimicking the karate movies being deployed in my daydream. Eventually, I succeeded in using one of my special moves on the boss.
Just when I was going for the final kill, I felt a very hot slap on my face. Immediately I woke up from my daydreams. Mumsy just slapped me.
She has been calling my name, but I was obviously busy in my daydreams. So she came inside the room to see what I was doing, only to see me jackknifing across the bed, making some crazy sounds. To my utmost embarassment, Linda came inside the room with her, and she was laughing off her silly head.
” go show Linda where we buy meat from” mumsy instructed me.
“And you better not start playing on the road, and make sure you come back to the house as soon as you both are done. Is that clear?”
I mumbled “yes” eyeing Linda with venom in my eyes.
Linda and I set out to buy meat. I ignored her on the way, she tried talking to me to no avail. She saw a mallam hawking kulikuli, she bought some and offered me about 3 pieces, I wanted to refused at first, but my love for kulikuli overrode my anger and I accepted. Knowing she is now in my good books, Linda started making fun of me again, playfully I pushed her, she pushed me in retaliation and I almost fell inside a drainage.
On the way back, after buying the meat, we came across one of the bullies in the street. He was older than me, and bigger than me. He started calling Linda names. Gentleman that I am, I just couldn’t stand the idiot calling my cousin names, so I rushed him hoping to catch him unaware. Unfortunately for me, he was expecting that. That day I received on of the worst beating of my entire life. My Chinese moves couldn’t save me. Intact there wasn’t any opportunity to display my Chinese moves. With my cloths torn, head swollen, black eyes and my male pride wounded, I got home with Linda trying to comfort me, which was even worse than the beating I received, it took some serious control and bravado, I would have started crying.

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