Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 51 & 52

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My Sexiography … – Season 1 🍶🍶
Episode 51☕
By; Tayo
After lectures one hot Friday afternoon, Daisy and I went home together. She was all over me as soon as we entered my apartment. I had earlier told her on night call the previous night how I would so much love to eat and sU-Ck her pucci, she was all hot for it. I told her we gat shower before we do anything Sekxual. She reluntantly agreed and slowly stripped off her clothes right in front of me. She was so stunning beautiful without her clothes. She wore a very Sekxy p@anties which had ‘busy body’ labelled very boldly at the back of her butt0ckz. I teased her about it and she owned up that her mumsy got the p@anties for her. From then on, I started calling her busy body.
We took our shower together, our hands couldn’t stay off from each other. I led her into my room and placed her on the bed. I started kissing her flat stomach and my hands slid up her thighs to her tight butt0ckz. She did a quick intake of breath as my toungue found her Unclad skin.
I reached for her pretty shaved pucci and I placed my hand over her mound and felt the insane heat coming off her. This made her jerk up as she m0aned. I placed a finger on the outside and slid down her slit, she was completely soaked. I felt her gripped my J0yst!ck that moment and I almost lost it.
I had to quickly pull away from her if not I would have Pour. After sometime she straddled me and started humping her wet pucci on my J0yst!ck my balls were almost exploding so I quickly threw her down on her back. Just don’t know why its was so difficult controlling my self anytime I’m with her. I kissed her nec after which I kissed her collar bone. From there I proceeded to licking and sU-Cking one of her perky n!pples while I pressed and fondled the other one, I kissed her stomach, I skipped over her K!ttyC@t and she got frustrated
…”god dont tease me” she yelled.
I didn’t care I was going to make this girl beg for everything. I worked my way back up her soft thigh and then to the glorious shaved pucci.
I dove in.
I slowly ate her pucci out until she was writhing under me. Hips driving her pucci into my mouth begging to be eaten harder and faster. She wanted to Pour so bad, so I put a finger in as I attacked her cl!t, giving her exactly what she wanted. Daisy tightend up and bucked her hips driving into my face. I felt her body shake as she yelled something I couldn’t even understand.
I let Daisy come down from her orgasm as I la!d down behind her. My J0yst!ck buried in her butt0ckz crack throbbing to get inside of her.
While on this position, I inserted a finger inside her pucci and began finger bleeping her gently.
My finger went deeper into her pucci but was stopped from going any further by her hymen.
She winced out in pain when my finger came in contact with her hymen. She then pulled out my finger and rolled me on top of her and spread her legs wide. She looked into my eyes with great anticipation and fear as I slowly slid my J0yst!ck up and down her wet slit.
I decide to go in for the kill and I inserted the head of my J0yst!ck into her pucci entrance. It won’t go any further, to make matters worse, Daisy had tightened her body and had used her legs and knees to lock me in out of fear or something. I couldn’t move. I tried reassuring her that’s its okay. She only released me when I told her I won’t have S£x with her until she is ready.
She released me after that and apologised. Told her not to worry as I’m willing to wait for her as long as it takes. However, she was still hornny like hell. She turned me over and straddled me.
She then grabbed hold of my J0yst!ck and started using it to stimulate her wet pucci. My J0yst!ck was been used to rub her cl!t. She kept this on for like 5 minutes, until she tensed up and released a load of her juices on my thighs, then she collapsed on my chest. She slept off in no time.
My Sexiography … – 😗
Season 1 🍶
Episode 52👉
Next day( Saturday) I visited Rita in school to help my aching balls. She had earlier told me before hand that she won’t be at home that morning, that she would be attending a marriage. She however promised to leave her key with Meg.
I got to her hostel and Meg came out to give me the key to Rita’s apartment. I opened the door and went in. I went straight to the kitchen to get something to eat. I dished out a plate of rice and settled down to eat. After eating I put on the television and settled back on the bed to watch a movie.
Twenty minutes into the movie, someone knocked on the door and I went to open the door only to find Tegiri at the door wearing a very Sekxy and transparent gown, it was so transparent that I could see her n!pples protruding and the shape of her pucci lips. I quickly took my eyes away. Which kind temptation be this I asked myself. Tegiri had on several occasions before now showed that she has interest for me, though I’ve tried to stay off her path but she just refused to give up. I would have longed played her game but I was scared that it could be an entrapment orchestrated by Rita to know if I am faith full to her or not.
Seeing her glad in this see through gown was destabilizing my sense of propriety. I needed a quick Bleep as the congeal had for a long time gathered and Daisy the previous day hadn’t helped matters. I inched my way back into the room and Tegiri closed and bolted the door.
To make it rather difficult for me, Tegiri came toward me and lied full on my body pressing her soft Mellons on my chest. My already semi-erect J0yst!ck sprung up and lodged itself snugly in between Tegiri thighs, landing directly on her pucci. The gown she wore had ridden up to her waist and she wasn’t wearing p@anties.
Tegiri sighed like a S£x starved person and slowly began humping my J0yst!ck. This was just too much to for me to bear and I quickly jettisoned the ‘a bird in hand, is better than two in the bush.’ Idea. I raised tegiri up a bit and pulled down my trouser and boxers, she quickly helped me pulled it off.
I rolled on top of her and spread her legs wide. She looked into my eyes with great anticipation as I slowly slid my rooster up and down her wet slit. She reached and grabbed my J0yst!ck guiding it to the entrance of her pucci.
“enough with the tease, I’ve imagined you sliding this J0yst!ck in me for months” she said.
How could I deny her that pleasure? I pushed my J0yst!ck into her slowly. It easily slid into her pucci. She was so wet and so bleeping hot. In fact I had never felt someones body so on fire before.
It was the most amazing feeling of my life as I continued to slide in and out her.

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