Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 57 & 58

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My Sexiography … – 🍆🍆

Season 1 🍑
Episode 57 & 58

I caressed her b0s0m and pulled her thick n!pples. She began to rock her hips backwards and forwards pressing her pubic bone into my hips, trying to get cl!toral stimulation any way she could. She began to pump up and down my J0yst!ck at an increasing pace, this time not holding back. She began to m0an and giggle, which was pretty strange to me. I met her downward thrusts with upward thrusts of my own. Soon, the bed began to bang against the wall.
As I tried to keep massaging her breasts and n!pples, she began to shudder. I thrust harder upwards to keep up the pace as she began to lose control. Within seconds she was in a frenzy of erotic babblings. Victory squealed quite loudly and let out a long, and unusually loud m0an as she came.
I turned her around with my J0yst!ck still buried deep inside her pucci and started thrusting deep inside her pucci. I felt an orgasm coming, but it wasn’t near yet. I tried concentrating, my orgasm became elusive. It was there this moment and was gone the next. I kept drilling in to her pucci hoping that my elusive orgasm would finally arrive. For good 15 minutes, I drilled on yet the orgasm refused to come. Victory started complaining that she is tired, I pulled out, out of frustration. I pulled off the condom and wanted to re-enter Victory’s pucci, she stopped me. I begged and begged but she won’t let me come in without condom. She finally agreed to give me a blowjjob. When my orgasms finally came, I quickly pulled my J0yst!ck from her mouth and sprayed her face and her b0s0m with my fresh Pour to get back on her for for not allowing me fvck her without condom.
“Yeye boy, you no see another place pour that your smelling Pour put, Na my face you see abi?
I just smiled and walked inside the bathroom..
Episode 58
3 days later, I had to visit one of my cousins at the University of Benin Teaching hospital. Rumour going around was that she contacted HIV/AIDs. Her condition was so appalling when I saw her.
There wasn’t a single flesh on her body. She was all bones and skin. I shivered when I set eyes on her. It was like cold water was poured me. I almost fell sick. Since then, I developed an aversion to hospitals or the smell of drugs.
Seeing her in that conditions made me reevaluate my life style. I vowed to be care full with who I do have S£x with. I also vowed not to engage in S£x without condom. I didn’t actually know back then that HIV/AIDs wasn’t gotten from S£x alone. Anyways, from then on I decided no condom, no S£x.

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