Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 59 & 60

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My Sexiography … – 🦕
Season 1 🦈
Episode 59🐛🦋
By: Tayo
Jamb Finally arrived. I was to write my exam at University of Benin. I went over there a day before the commencement of the exam and stayed in Rita’s apartment. Rita and I had passionate love making all through the night that I would have used for preparing for my exam the next day. Next morning, Rita prepared breakfast for me after which I proceeded to locate my exam venue inside the school. The exam commenced as soon as we all settled down and I finished on time. Leaving the exam hall, I stumbled against another girl that was coming from the opposite direction in a classic Hollywood Fashion. She was deeply engrossed reading her question paper while I myself was trying to pull my phone out of the pocket of my tight jean trouser-and we met headlong on a collision course.
Her question paper, pencil, Biro and her phone dislodged to different directions.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you coming” I apologised.
She was bent down, picking up her things. Her hair was covering her face so I couldn’t tell if she was angry with me.
“You don’t need to apologise, we both didn’t see each other coming” she said in a sweet voice.
I bent down to help her pick up her phone, the battery had come off. I reinserted the battery and switched the phone on after which I presented it to her as she straightened up using her long slim fingers to pull her hair from her face. Her face was exquisitely beautiful, unadorned with makeups.
“Thanks” she said as I gave her her phone.
“Anything for a beauty” I replied.
She smiled shyly and looked away.
“My name is Sammy, what about you? I asked in a confident playboy manner.
“Happy” she simply replied.
“Its a pleasure stumbling into you Happy” I said proffering my hand for an handshake.
“The pleasure is all mine” she replied smiling while her soft feminine hand was in between mine in an handshake.
“Do you know where I can get a bite to eat around here, I’m so very hungry” I said rubbing my stomach. She laughed out softly.
“You’re so funny, come with me then, I was actually going to get something myself before a slowpoke almost pushed me to the floor” she said, winking at me.
“Ha! Touche!” I exclaimed in mock anger.
“One wouldn’t have to blame the slowpoke if the girl in question wasn’t so beautiful as to cause a major distraction, hence causing an accident. I wonder how many accidents she had caused with her beauty on the way here” I said. She laughed and punched me on the arm.
“Not funny joor” she said in her sweet ringing voice.
She led me to a place called June 12 inside Uniben. She ordered for fried rice and a bottle of mineral. I ordered same too and we both settled down to eat.
“What course did you applied for?” I asked her.
“International Studies and Diplomacy” she replied, while biting into a piece of fried chicken.
“What about you?” She asked.
“Hmmmmmm….hopefully,­ we could turn out to be course mates” I replied.
“Wow…that would be nice, that worry they definitely going to give us admission. Is this your first time of seeking admission? She asked.
“Nope” I replied, a shadow of sadness crossing my face when I remembered what OAU did to me.
“This is my third time of writing jamb, one thing or the other seemed to disqualify me” she said in an ‘i don’t care manner’ trying to cheer me up.
We finished our food and we sat back to work on the drinks. Just by my right hand side, a guy was cracking seriously on a bone of chicken with reckless abandon. He wasn’t concerned that there were other people in the restaurant with him. The girls around him were laughing, the guy no send. I noticed Happy trying to stifle her self from laughing, her effort was very comical not the least.
My phone rang while drinking my mineral. The ringing tone brought the attention of all nearby eyes toward my direction. Damn, I had forgotten to put the phone on vibration. I pulled out the phone from my pocket and noticed Happy’s eyes were wide opened in amazement. I quickly picked the call before it brought more eyes to me.
“Where are you” Rita asked
“Me?” I asked, not knowing what answer to give her.
“Yes nau, who else am I speaking to?”
“Hmmmm, I’m at the school gate. Coming to your house now”
“Liar!” Rita replied angrily.
“Why are you lying? I can see you right now.
You are in a restaurant in June 12 sitting with a girl. Who is she by the way?”
“Where are you?” I asked, shocked and confused.
“It doesn’t matter, I’m coming over” she said and ended the call abruptly
My Sexiography … -🍆🍄
Season 1🍅
Episode 60🍄🍄
Happy’s face was a mask, I couldn’t read her to gauge her reaction to the call I had just received. I saw Rita walking towards us. She came right to us. I decided to play it smoothly.
“This Happy, I stumbled into her today after the exams” I said to Rita.
“This Rita, my fr……” I continued to say before Rita cut me off.
“I’m Sammy’s girlfriend. Its nice meeting you” she said to Happy.
“Thanks, same here too.” “I’ll be on my way home now, Sammy”
She stood up before I could say anything. I quickly stood up, with the intention of seeing her outside the restaurant and if possible collect her phone number. But it was not to be so, Rita pulled me back down on the seat, not too gently.
Happy looked at the both of us for like 5 seconds after which she simply walked away.
“So this is what you’ve been doing when I’m not around abi?” Rita asked after Happy had gone out of hearing distance.
“What have I been doing?” I asked her with an innocent look.
“What kind of question is that. I caught you here with a girl and you lied when I asked you where you are. She said, visibly angry. Though she had the good sense to lower her voice.
“I was simply hungry, she simply showed me where I can buy something to eat”
“Why didn’t you come home and eat, you know there’s food at home, yet……” She trailed off.
“Rita, please its okay. I don’t have time for this now. I just finished writing an exam and I need to rest”
“You should have thought of that earlier” she replied saucily and walked out on me.
“Woman wahala” a voice said behind me. Obviously he had been listening to my spat with Rita.
“No be small thing bro” I said, I turned around facing him.
He laughed out loud.
“Guy you never see anything, that one way your babe display just now, Na small thing. Yesterday, my babe burst my big television, come still soak my mattress with water just because one ‘oshere’ send me one kind love message, chai! That girl no get joy at all” he ranted on.
His name was James, a 200 level law student.He became my best friend while in school

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