Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 61 & 62

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My Sexiography … – 😥
Season 1🍆
Episode 61🍄🍄
By: Tayo
“Every man’s memory is his private literature.”
-Aldous Huxley.
After my Jamb exams, I concentrated on preparing for my Post Utme. I noticed I always do well when I study on my own, so I didn’t bother attending a post utme lecture. Instead I started going to the state library to read. I do go there in the morning and returned back home in the evening.
If you have ever visited Edo State library at Sapele road, you would know what am about to write down now. On the top of most of the tables, you will see words like This:
“I’m a nice girl, looking for a boyfriend, call me if you’re interested 080……”
“my name is purityval and I need a girl to love me, call me 080……..”
Inscriptions like these were rampant on most of the library’s reading table. So on most times that I’m tired of reading, I do pick up my phone and call some of those numbers. I was unlucky as all the girls I called were already into a relationship. I was lucky to sit in front of a clean table one day. Though there was writings on the table, there was still a very large space to in script my own advert.
“My name is Sammy and I’m a very caring person, I need a girlfriend that’s caring and nice, call me 0803……..” I wrote with a red pen very legibly on the table.
“Heheeeeheee…” I heard someone voiced out behind me. I froze for a second, I didn’t know someone has been watching me.
“What were you writing on the table?” the voice asked me. It was a feminine voice. So I turned sideways to look at the girl.
“Nothing, I wasn’t writing anything” I lied.
“Really? I’m sure I saw you writing something on the table and I’m willing to bet it’s one of those stupid rubbish people do write everywhere on the tables” she said, while standing up from her chair.
“No, oooo! I can’t write such rubbish Na, what do you take me for? I asked her, forming fake anger.
She walked toward me and I quickly used the book that i was reading to cover what I’ve written on the table.
[B] “Why are you now covering it, if you didn’t actually write anything? She asked.
“Please mind your business” I said annoyed with her insistence.
“You know, I can report you to the library staffs for writing on the table, didn’t you read the library rules and regulations before coming in?” She asked. What a pain in the butt0ckz, I just wished she would just leave me alone.
“Go ahead and report nau” I said.
She went back to her seat, leaving me alone.
Two hours later, she gathered up her things and walked away towards the lockers. I watched her go, Mehn! Her butt0ckz was something else, and she knows how to recklessly swayed it from one side to another. I went back to my books. After like 2 minutes, I heard a commotion in the lockers region. The girl that had earlier threatened to report me was having hot words with the library staffs. From what I gathered, someone had stolen her phone and the money inside her bag. The library staffs ignored her and went about what they were doing earlier.
Like a knight in shinny armours, I approached her, by now she was already crying. I offered her my immaculate white handkerchief, she gladly accepted which she used to clean her face and daubed her eyes. She calmed down after a while.
She told me she can’t even transport herself home now, because they stole all the money in her bag. I offered to pay her fare home when she told me she stays close to my area.
We met again at the library about a week later, she thanked me profusely for helping her out the other day. She had gotten a new phone so we exchanged phone numbers. Her name was Antonia. She was with two of her friends, Joyce and Wemi. The three girls were in all very beautiful, but Wemi was more than beautiful, she appeared so s£nsu@l in all aspect, even as far to the way she bat her eyelids. I couldn’t stop myself from having deep dark thoughts of sU-Cking on those thick n!pples of Hers, the shapes of which I could see through her top, I pictured myself sliding my J0yst!ck in between her huge b0s0m while she licks the head when it ride upward toward her pouty lips.
Joyce on the other hand looked and dressed like a Sluut. She wore a very short skirt and small top that shows her stomach. She also had large ear rings on her ears and a pin nose ring. This girl is wild, I thought.
The girls and I later went to an adjourning bar close to the library and ordered for bottles of malt. Antonia sat by my right while Joyce sat by my left. Wemi sat opposite me, she was a huge distraction and I noticed she kept looking at me, Antonia noticed it and whispered something into Joyce ears. She laughed and looked at me. Wemi just smiled in a coded way. she must have known what Antonia whispered to Joyce.
While we were sipping our malt I picked up Joyce phone, which was on the table. The phone was locked so I returned it to her and asked her to open it. She didn’t want to at first, not until I noticed Antonia bat her eyes at her conspiratorially. Joyce opened the phone and handed it over to me. I went straight to her pics and started going through them one after the other.
The first pic I saw shocked the shiit out of me. Wemi was Unclad on the bed while Antonia was sU-Cking her pucci. I quickly close the picture and looked at the girls, they seemed oblivious of me, Antonia was pressing her phone while Wemi was showing Joyce something in her phone. Damn!
I’ve never seen anything like this before, only in Adult movie, I thought.
Curiosity got the better of me and I went back to the pics, in some of the pics, Joyce was sU-Cking Wemi thick n!pples, Antonia pucci was being sU-Cked by Wemi, while another person’s finger, probably Joyce, was deep inside Antonia’s pucci. The pics went on and on till I finished the last one in the folder. By now I was having a serious hard on, thank God, the table was directly covering my thighs.
I went on to the videos and I played one, I made the mistake of not lowering the volume. Joyce pucci was being sU-Cked by Wemi, she m0aned out loud and the sound reverberated out loud from the speakers of Joyce phone. I quickly paused the video, but the damage had been done. Other people in the bar turned and looked toward our direction. Joyce quickly collected the phone from me, While Anthonia and Wemi bursted into laughter.
While they were laughing, I failed to noticed Anthonia hand moving under the table towards my J0yst!ck which had gotten as hard as an iron rod. She grabbed hold of it for like 5 seconds, then let it go. Then she said something to Wemi in Yoruba, which I don’t understand and Wemi laughter increased. These girls are crazy, I surmised.
My Sexiography … – 💦🙇
Season 1🍆💦💦
Episode 62😗
By: Tayo
Later that night, I got a call from Antonia, we spoke for like 5 minutes then she asked my permission to conference the call with her friends, Joyce and Wemi. I gave her the go ahead, the girls came on and we exchanged pleasantries. After which we talked about what happened the previous day. It was a lively call, we joked and laughed at each other and the girls said some very naughty things that got my J0yst!ck very hard. These girls were indeed very crazy.
Next day, Antonia sent me a text to meet them outside the library. I did and from there, they took me to Joyce’s house, a very big mansion at GRA area in Benin. Getting there, I was kinda scared as the only occupant of the house was a gateman who opened the gate for us.
“Where is every one?” I asked Joyce.
“It’s just me, my parents travelled outside the country” she replied.
“Wait o, you mean you stay in this big house all alone?” I asked.
“Nooo, I do stay with Wemi at her house, sometimes I stay over at Antonia’s house”
“Hmmmm, I for say”
The house was indeed very big and I noticed a swimming pool at one end covered with a tarpaulin material, I think. Joyce unlocked the door to the main house with a bunch of keys which she brought out from her bag and like a good host, she welcomed us into her humble abode. No be only humble abode I thought looking around the rich display of wealth.
She led us to her room. Her room was also richly designed with a huge, wide bed in one corner. The bed was exactly the one in the video and most of the pics I saw. Gentleman that I am, I pulled out a chair and sat down and pretended to be reading a novel that I picked up on her reading table. The girls suddenly disappear, I raised up my head from the novel I was reading to see that the girls were no longer in the room. I called out to them and I heard Joyce shouting from somewhere. They were in the bathroom.
Then Wemi shouted out, that I can come join them if I like. I couldn’t believe my ears so I stayed back. After like a minute, the door to Joyce room opened and Wemi came in without a single clothes on, she was stark neked, her b0s0m were much bigger than I thought, her pucci was shaved clean and a small cupid tattoo was tattooed very close to her pucci lips. Wemi got hold of my hand and dragged me towards the bathroom. Everything was like a dream to me, I just couldn’t believed this was happening.
As a result of watching too much Adult movie, I had had several fantasies of having S£x with two girls. Here am I about to have S£x with three hot and beautiful girls. I must be day dreaming I thought.
I quickly woke up from my day dreams when I felt Wemi’s hand all over me, she was pulling off my clothes, I quickly helped her to remove my trouser and boxers after which she opened the bathroom door and led me inside. This must be paradise I thought and I must have died for me to here. Joyce was positioned on the toilet seat while Antonia was lapping away her pucci. The sight was so unreal. Infact the whole thing was completely surreal. I was so carried away by Antonia and Joyce act that I didn’t notice when Wemi got down in front of me. I became aware when I felt her pouty lips around my J0yst!ck. She took me deep into her mouth while she fondled my balls. I held her head in place and started fvcking her mouth, I lasted less than 2 minutes. The whole scenerio was too intense for me to bear. I cummd inside Wemi’s mouth and she immediately went to the bathroom sink to spit the Pour away.
After we all showered, we filed back to Joyce room Unclad, and unto her bed. Immediately Antonia came at me, Suddenly, I could feel the warmth of her tongue being wrapped around my J0yst!ck, She smiled up at me as she kissed the tip.
Her lips slowly sU-Cked the tip, swirling around it with her tongue. She then proceeded to draw it into her mouth slowly, sliding her tongue around it. Slowly she sU-Cked it harder, deeper until it was in her throat. I could feel her gag slightly but got over it as her throat massaged it. She held her mouth tightly around my J0yst!ck. I raised my hands and held her head, my fingers sliding through her hair. She m0aned softly, sending waves of pleasure back up along my J0yst!ck…then she proceeded to slide her head back and forth, sU-Cking as she went.
While Antonia was ministering to my J0yst!ck, I heard Joyce screamed behind me.
“”Yes! Yes! Yes!” yelled Joyce from the other side of the bed. I turned my head to see Wemi burying about two fingers inside Joyce pucci and her other hand was rubbing her cl!t.
Her body shook the bed as she climaxed, squirting her juice on Wemi’s hands.

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