Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 65 & 66

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My Sexiography … 🍤
– Season 1 🍤🍤
Episode 65👦
By: Tayo
UNIBEN DAYS- “Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it. All it takes is courage, imagination … and a little dough”
-Charlie Chaplin
I finally got admitted into Uniben after undergoing a grueling Post Utme exam. I was among the very few who quickly did and finished clearance and I was able to start lectures on time. However, I was unable to secure an hostel accommodation. Mumsy sent money over for me to get an off campus accomodation which was against my dad’s wishes. He wanted me to be going to school from home. I refused stating the risks involve in plying the road every day.
He eventually relented but refused to give me money to get an off campus accommodation.
My girlfriend, Rita suggested I cohabit with her, I readily agreed not knowing she had her own ulterior motives for wanting us stay together.
Things were okay for a time, then we started having issues, at first irrelevant ones at that.
Lectures started and I quickly made friends. We were about two hundred individuals in a class, getting a good vantage seat to sit became world war 3. I do go to class an hour before the commencement of a lecture so that I could get a good place to sit.
4th day into starting lectures, I got to school on time and secured a good seat. My shapeless looking phone rang out few minutes before the commencement of the class, It was Rita calling, so I left my seat and went outside the lecture hall to pick the call. I didn’t washed the plates that I used to eat that morning was what Rita called to harangued me about. I ended the call when I observed her tirades won’t be ending anytime soon. After ending the call, I saw my lecturer coming from a distance, I quickly entered the class, I didn’t want to get into the bad graces of any lecturer.
On getting to my seat, I noticed a girl sitting on it. Her head was bowed on top the table, so I couldn’t see her face.
“Hey, excuse me, you’re sitting on my seat” I said to her.
She pretended not to hear me and I was forced to repeat myself again, yet she didn’t replied.
Which one be this girl own nau, I thought.
The lecturer would be here anytime. I then tapped her on the shoulder. She raised up her head, and looked up at me. She was smiling. That was when I realised who she was.
“You’re not a gentleman at all Sammy” Happy said to me still smiling.
I’ve looked all over for this girl before today. Searched for her in almost all the halls the school used for conducting the post utme exam, couldn’t find her. I fruitlessly searched for her during clearance, she was no where to be seen. I gave up hope thinking she may not have been able to secure Admission. Here she was, seating on my very seat, what a coincidence I thought.
My Sexiography … 🍄💦💦🍑
– Season 1 🌴
Episode 66🌷🌷
By: Tayo
The lecturer is coming to the class  right now” I said after about a minute of being spellbond.She told the other girl beside her to adjust a little bit, after which she herself adjusted and I sq££zed myself in between her and the other girl. The lecturer entered the class soon enough. He walked off 3 students that were standing up when he came in. Thank God o, Na me this man for use take do scape goat today abi, I thought.
The lecturer started with admonishing us on how to comport our selves as new students before he delved into the lecture proper. I couldn’t concentrate while the lecturer was doing his thing, with Happy beside me. I’ve been initially waiting for this particular class, now here am I praying for the class to end quickly so that I can catch up with Happy.
The lecture went on and on and on to my utter dismay. It came to an end 3 hours later. Happy was the model student. She jotted down throughout the sermons from the indefatigable lecturer.
After that lecture, we had like 3 hours break before the next class, so Happy and I went to June 12, to the very restaurant we once went to when we came to write jamb. We ordered fried rice. While eating we catched up since we last saw each other.
“How is your girlfriend?” She asked me.
“She is fine” I simply answered.
Knowing there wasn’t any need to lie as she already knows I have a girlfriend. Although I was almost tempted lying to her that Rita and I had broken up, but I decided against it, knowing very soon she would discovered that I lied.
“I forgot to collect your phone number that day” I said changing the direction of the conversation.
“No you didn’t forget to, silly. Your girl friend held you back” she replied laughing.
“That’s not true nau”
“You thought I didn’t see her forcefully pulled you down on the chair when you made move to walk me off? She said and laughed.
“That girl is way too jealous” she went on to say.
While we still talking, my phone rang out. She started laughing again when I brought out the phone.
“I can’t believe you’re still using this phone” she said laughing.
“I don’t have money to buy another phone nau” I replied while picking the call.
I hung up after like a minute.
“I bet, that’s your girlfriend, hope she is not coming over to beat me o” she jokingly said.
“Relax, it’s my elder sis” I replied, playing her game.
My phone rang out again, it was Rita. I quickly silent the call and switched off my phone. Happy looked at me and smiled knowingly.
“I’ve a phone at home that I don’t use again, I could bring it to school for you tomorrow if you want it” she offered while looking at my phone.
“Wow, I would love that, but why wait till tomorrow, I can follow you home today after lectures” I said, hoping to use this opportunity to know where she stays. Killing two birds with one stone.
“Okay then, after lectures”

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