Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 67 & 68

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My Sexiography … -😾
 Season 1 😏❤
Episode 67🍄
By: Tayo
I was shocked when Happy told me she rented accommodation inside Ekosodin. This girl get mind o. Ekosodin is the most notorious of all places within Uniben axis. It’s the den of different cult groups. A week hardly pass by that we don’t hear of someone that was sent to the after life in Ekosodin. Girls and guys are openly molested on the street, generally speaking the area was a red zone and my elder brother made me promised never to cross over to Ekosodin. My friend James had been trying to get me to pay him a visit, but I had been putting him off because he stayed inside Ekosodin.
I almost went back when Happy told me she stays in Ekosodin, I manned up and went with her. If a girl can be bold enough to rent an apartment in Ekosodin, then I should be more than bold enough to go there just for a day I reasoned.
We got to her hostel, some bare chested guys were outside smoking Igbo in an hot afternoon. I loyall loyal very well to them before I entered the hostel. I no wan hear say person come dey load my face with plenty slaps just because I no loyal.
I sat on the bed on getting to Happy’s room as there wasn’t a chair to sit on. Happy then went inside her bathroom to ease herself after which she came out and walked to me.
“Please, help me unzip my gown” she turned around, proffering her back to me. I stood up straight and gently pulled down the zip. My Finger graze her back while the zip was coming down and I felt her shiver and sighed softly. She pulled away and went inside her room divider to change. She came out wearing a bum short and a shimi top with no bra underneath. I could easily see the shape of her n!pples.
I reminded her of the phone which she promised to give me. She brought it out and handed it over to me. A stylish looking Samsung phone.
The battery was down so I plugged the phone into a wall socket after which I powered the phone.
“Lemme have the phone, there is something I want to delete before giving it to you” happy said while stretching her hand toward me.
“What is it you want to delete, tell me. I’ll delete it for you” I replied.
Happy refused to tell me instead she tried taking away the phone from my hand. We started struggling over the phone, in the process she pushed me on the bed and fell right on top of me.
I mistakenly pressed her breasts while trying to dislodged her from my body. She finally got hold of the phone, she cheated by tickling me and I was forced to roll off her from her atop her.
She deleted what ever it was she wanted to delete and handed the phone over to me. I took my leave 3 hours later. My Igbo smoking friends were still outside weeding away. Happy told me not to be worried when I asked her while she rented a place here of all places. According to her, her elder brother passed over the apartment to her when he graduated. Her elder brother was a senior man in one of the cult group, so she is untouchable and her elder brother told those guys I saw earlier to be looking out for her.
Rita was angrily waiting for me when I got home. She won’t even let me enter the house before she started shouting on me, wanting to know where I was coming from. She followed me in still shouting. I ignored her, took my bath and went over to Tegiri’s room. Tegiri and I had been secretly fvcking each other under Rita’s nose. Although we had been pretty careless of late and some of our neighbours had started gossiping. I knew its a matter of time before the gossip gets to Rita. I had my J0yst!ck in Tegiri’s pucci with her legs on my shouders few minutes into entering her room. Her tv was blaring away, so I wasn’t scared other neighbours would hear her m0an!ng out loud.
My Sexiography … -🌚
 Season 1 💦💦
Episode 68🍆
By: Tayo
Two weeks later, Happy and I had gotten pretty close. There was this Sekxual tension between us anytime we were around each other. My friend James invited me to go clubbing with him (he had just secured a new catch and wanted to impress the babe) I told Happy of it and she wanted to tag along.
I took my bath and took my time getting ready.
“Where are you going to” Rita asked me.
“Night class” I simply replied her.
“Night class? and you’re dressed like you’re going to a party”
“Who are you deceiving?”
I ignored her, not wanting to get myself into a war of words with her.
I left the house after assuring myself that I look good. I got to Happy’s house, she was all dressed up in clubbing outfits, my eyes almost popped out of its sockets when I saw her. God please save us guys from girls like this, I whispered in my mind. She smiled when she noticed her effects on me.
We went to James house from hers. All eyes were on us, I heard some guys whistling out loud when we passed them on the street, even girls weren’t left out. Happy was the cynosure of all eyes. We finally got to James house, not too soon. I noticed James and his friend opening staring at Happy, staring was even an understatement. More or less like Ogling. I prayed I don’t have issues with James over Happy. It wasn’t as if Happy and I were dating, so anything can happen I reasoned, it all depends on what Happy actually wants.
We loaded ourselves into the car belonging to James’s friend who was also with his babe. We got to the club after like an hour on the road.
The bouncers at the club were scaring looking guys with broad chest and thick voice. They refused me entry just because my dressing was a bit too conservative or probably because I looked too innocent. My friends refused to go in unless they let me in too. The Bouncers remained adamant.
“What are you doing here Sam? I heard someone say beside me. I turned around facing the voice.
It was one of my elder’s brother friends.
“Good evening bros”
“What are you doing here?” He repeated not even acknowledging my greeting.
“Bros, I just say make I come chill small for here o” I replied, trying to form a little bravado.
“Hmmmm, so small pickins like you don dey go clubbing”
“Bros, me no be small pickin again o, I don mature”
“Okay, I hear you, so wetin you come dey do for outside?” He asked.
“Bouncers no let me ball in. Bros, abeg help me talk to them, I Pour with babe. Make them no go fall my hand for where the babe dey.”
“That babe Na your babe?” He asked in an incredulous voice.
“Na so bros.”
“Chai, see wetin small pickin like you dey chop.
No worry I go yarn with the bouncers, but you go promise me say you no go drink o”
I readily agreed I won’t drink. He approached the bouncers and spoke to them after which they let us all in.
The club was dimly lighted. The light though was sufficient enough to see the manners of human beings that were inside the club. My party of friends secured seats and we ordered for drinks. I kept watchful eyes on my brothers friend before I attempted downing a bottle of Star. That guy no know say person don dey guzzle long time ago. Happy wasn’t left out.
This girl drank bear as if it was water. The bear seemed not to have any effects on her.
After downing a couple of bears, James pulled his new babe toward the dance floor and they started dancing. His friend and his babe joined them and it was remaining just Happy and I at the tables. I wasn’t too sure of my balance as the bear was beginning to have effects on me.
“Sammy, let’s go dance nau” Happy suggested.
“Hmmmm, hold on for a second”
I stood up and slowing walked toward the attendants and asked for the direction of their loo. A lady attendant pointed it out to me and I went to relieve my self. I hanged around the loo for sometime after which I went back to the main hall. Happy was no where to be seen. So I just went back drinking. After sometime my eyes caught sight of Happy dancing with a guy.
I felt like murdering someone that moment. The guy was trying to hold Happy so close to himself while she was trying to pull away. Her eyes caught mine and hers seemed like they were calling out to me to come save her from the guy. I stood up from my seat and approached them with a murderous look on my face and a bottle of Star on my right hand. The guy swiftly released Happy and disappeared into the crowd when he noticed the dark looks on my face and the bottle of bear in my hand. Happy gratefully thanked me for delivering her from the guys clutches.
I wanted to return back to the table, but Happy won’t let me, so I had no choice than to dance with her. While dancing, her butt0ckz did some marvellous works on my J0yst!ck. I got so heated up that I allowed my hands to grope around her body. I became so bold that my hands started handling and pressing her breasts right there in public. She didn’t stop me instead she pushed her b0s0m right into my hands while her butt0ckz kept rocking my J0yst!ck. I closed my eyes enjoying the s£nsat!on.
“Sammy, what do you think you’re doing?” I heard someone shout out above the club’s music.
My eyes remained shut, you’re not the only Sammy here, my mind told me.
“Sammy!!!!” The voice shouted again.
This voice sounds familiar, another part of my mind whispered. It can’t be, the other part countered. She can’t be here.
I slowly opened my eyes to see Rita right in front of me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought it was the Bear that was making me hallucinate.
Rita had also noticed Happy and she quickly disengaged from me.
“What are you doing here Sam, you told me you were going to night class, here you are clubbing with this harlot”
Before I could reply her, Happy landed a very hot slap on Rita’s face.
“Who are you calling an harlot?” Happy asked.
In reply, Rita returned back the slap, smacking Happy right in front of her face. I believed Happy would have wanted to asked:
“Who off light…..who off light…..?
I quickly stood in the middle of the two girls, trying to stop them from getting at each other.
From no where, I felt a thunderous slap across my face, immediately darkness was upon the face of the world, after which stars started winkling right in front of my eyes. It all happened in a rush. Just when I was beginning to get my eyesight, I noticed another slap about to land on my face again. I quickly blocked the slap and firmly held Rita’s hand from causing more havock to my handsome face.
James came in from Gods knows where, I wondered where he was all these while.
He helped me pulled Rita away while Happy and I went back to our table.
“I’m so sorry for what just happened”
“You don’t need to apologise” Happy said to me.
“But you’ve got to do something about that girlfriend of yours, she is so rude and mannerless” Happy said, fuming with anger.
“Its okay, I’m so sorry.”
I managed to calm her down after sometime. She wanted to go home, but the others weren’t ready to leave just yet. We finally left the club around 12am.
“Stop there!!!”
“Pull over!!!!
It was a police patrol team.
We pulled over only for these uniformed men to turn the full glare of their touch light on our faces. They shouted at us to come out of the car when they noticed we were all youngies inside the car.
“Where are you all coming from?”
Their spoke man asked us.
“From, my grand father’s burial” James lied.
“No be only from your grand fathers burial, una be criminals! Tell me the truth!!!!”
“No sir, we are not criminals o, we went to aaaaa clubbb” the girlfriend to James friend bluttered out in fear
“You say you go your grand papa burial, while this fish brain say Na club una go, who I go come believe now? Who dey lie?
“oga no vex, Na club we be go” James admitted.
“Your father yansh!!! Why you first lie you this criminal?!!!! Infact all of una Na criminals!” The policeman shouted bathing our faces with spittle.
“Oya lie on the floor all of you!!!!”
I quickly obeyed as I was already shaking with fear. Happy and others joined me on the floor except James who was forming that his father was a Major general in the Nigerian Army.
Twap!! twap!! Twap!!! Was the next thing I heard.
“You dey madt? I say lie down there!” Twap!! Twap!!! Again.
Our Major General son infact dived unto the floor. Chai! The slaps must have been very hot to make James forget he was the son of a Major General. This night seemed to be a night for slapping, at least no be only me chop slap today I thought.
The policemen later allowed us to leave, time now was around 2am. We got to Ekosodin and dropped Happy at her hostel while the rest of us went over to James house.
I woke up around 10am with a serious hangover, James and his friends were still sleeping. I left James place for home so that I can take my bath and freshened up.
Rita however refused to opened the door for me when I knocked. I kept knocking, yet she refused to open up.
I called Happy and told her the situation of things. She told me to come over to her place.
She was still in bed when I got to her place. She looked terrible as a result of last night’s adventure. I used her bathroom to shower after which I joined her in bed. Happy had resumed sleeping by the time i joined her in bed. I zoned out myself after fighting a losing battle with sleep.
I woke up hours later feeling Happy’s butt0ckz pressed hard against my J0yst!ck.

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