Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 69 & 70

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My Sexiography … -🍑
 Season 1 💦💦
Episode 69💜

By: Tayo
*******­***** I woke up hours later feeling Happy’s butt0ckz pressed hard against my J0yst!ck. I thought she was probably still sleeping so I placed my hand on her b0s0m, and pressed softly. She m0aned out softly and turned facing me. She then placed her lips on mine, kissing me very softly. I took over from there and invaded her mouth with my tongue. She responded with her own furiousity, battling my tongue with hers.
We went on exploring each other’s mouths, then, my hands started to roam. They went straight for her butt0ckz, which was firm, because she swims. I sq££zed, and she smiled through the kiss. Her hands went for the band of my boxers, and pulled my J0yst!ck out. she started stroking it.
“Mmm… someone’s ready for more,” she said coyly as my J0yst!ck grew hard.
“Only if you are,” I replied.
I pulled up her night gown while my other hand went from her butt0ckz to her pucci. I opened her p@anties up as well, She was soaked. I slipped two fingers in, rockstar style, and rubbed her center of gravity. She m0aned into my kiss, and was rapidly approaching her orgasm. She quickly stopped me, stood up, and took off all of her clothing, except her p@anties which I helped her with.
I lowered my face to her breasts, and licked them slowly. I kissed around the n!pples, which were the size of my smallest finger, and flicked the n!pples themselves with the tip of my tongue. She m0aned softly every time I did this. I dropped to my knees, and grabbed the elastic of her p@anties in my fingers. I pulled it down slowly, and let go. She stepped out of it, and sat down on the bed.
I grabbed her legs and softly kissed up the insides of both. When I cam to her pucci, I threw all my inhibitions to the wind, and began to eat her out with wild abandon. As my nose massaged her cl!t, I buried my tongue in her VJ and stuck a finger deep inside her pucci. She gasped in surprised pleasure, and started breathing heavily. She lasted a while longer, but when she came, it was amazing.
When she came down from her high, she threw me to the bed and started to feast on my J0yst!ck, which was extremely hard. She sU-Cked up and down on the side of my shaft, then focused all her attention on the head of the J0yst!ck. She swirled her tongue around it, hitting all of the sensitive spots, and then thrust her head down, my J0yst!ck hitting the back of her throat. She made gurgling noises, and pulled back for air. She repeated this several times, and her throat muscles drove me over the edge. My orgasm was so strong, that I could barely gasp,
“I-I’m– cummin!” I shouted out in warning to her.
My Sexiography … 🌳🌴
 Season 1 🌷
Episode 70👨💦

By: Tayo
She drove my J0yst!ck all the way into her throat, without even gagging, and her throat muscles milked my J0yst!ck for all it was worth. She pulled off, but my J0yst!ck wouldn’t go soft. She smiled at the sight of this, and straddled my hips. She slowly lowered her pucci onto my J0yst!ck.I almost panicked when I noticed I wasn’t putting on a condom. By now her pucci was giving me so much pleasure. The milk was spilled already and there was nothing I could do to remedy the situation so I decided to just continue with the ride. I chilled and concentrated on how tight her pucci was.
I slowly thrust into her, her hips meeting me halfway. We continued this, going for 20 minutes. When her breathing quickened, I knew she was near orgasm. I paced it so we would climax at the same time. She finally came,
screaming out in sheer delight. She shuddered, her pucci squeezing tight on my J0yst!ck, sending me into extreme bliss. I clamped her down onto me, holding her tight. Her breathing slowed. With my J0yst!ck still inside her pucci, I pulled her head down to my chest. We slept off in this position.
We woke up hours later still feeling hungover. We had our bath after which we went to Edo street to buy meshai. We came back home, eat, had S£x and went back to bed again. Next day was Sunday. We had S£x through out, no thought of going home crossed my mind probably because Monday was going to be a public holiday.
Rita called me several times that Monday, in the evening while I was busy pumping my J0yst!ck inside Happy’s pucci. She later sent a text, begging me to come home. I went back home that Monday evening so that I could prepared for class the next day. Happy wasn’t too happy about it, she wanted me to go get my things and moved in with her. I told her no as Ekosodin is too wild for my liking. She finally relented and I went back home to meet my unofficial wife.
She hugged and held me so tight to herself when I entered our apartment. She held on to me as if she was scared I’m going to run out again. She started crying. I hate to see a girl cry and she knows it and had on several times used this weakness against me. I held her to myself and kissed her on the forehead. A corner of my mind prodded me to ask her what she was doing in the club that Friday and who she went with. Another of my mind argued that I should just let sleeping dog lie.
I led her to the bed and we had a makeup S£x. I felt so guilty while burying my J0yst!ck inside Rita’s pucci. This same J0yst!ck had just dug Happy’s pucci. Seeing and hearing the pleasure she was getting from my J0yst!ck seemed to have down played my guilts a little bit. When she started cummin, Rita looked deep into my eyes and begged me not to ever leave her. This kind of promise would be hard to keep, I thought. I assured her though, with a final thrust I emptied the little load of Pour I still have left in her waiting pucci.

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