Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 7

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My Sexiography … –
 Season 1 🍆
Episode 7😯💦
By: イムリの
Next day was a Saturday, so no school. Mumsy would be going out for a marriage leaving Linda and I all alone at home. She however shared house chores for us to do. I was so waiting for her to leave. She left for the marriage after doing those things ladies normally do when going out for a special event.
Immediately she left, Linda came at me.
She pushed me towards the sitting room sofa, she went straight to the band of my shorts, pulled it down, and brought out my J0yst!ck without much ado. Then she slides her pants to one side with her right hand while she used her left hand to guide my J0yst!ck right inside her pucci.
“Haaa!” She m0aned out softly when my J0yst!ck finally got buried inside her pucci.
She then closed her eyes and concentrated on moving her pucci to and fro, like a pendulum clock on my J0yst!ck. I knew from last night experience that her n!pples were very sensitive so I gently pinched her n!pples.
She lost control as a result, she m0aned out
“haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaa! do it again, do it again, pinch my n!pples!”
She shouted like a mad woman. I did. What I felt next was a very hot liquid gushing from her her pucci onto my thighs. It took me years to know that she was squirting. Back then I thought she was peeing on me. Disgustedly, I pulled out my J0yst!ck from her pucci and pushed her off.
She was quite weak after cummin, so she didn’t try to fight back.
” why did you pee on me?” I asked her. She just laughed and said
“that’s no pee, that’s just how it gets when girls are enjoying S£x” she vaguely explained to me.
She came close to me again, held my now flaccid J0yst!ck. She started running her palm on it, before you say ‘Jack Robbins’ my J0yst!ck was at its full glory again.
Linda then pulled me on top of her.
“sU-Ck my n!pples” she demanded. I obliged her.
This is my first b0s0m sU-Cking. She m0aned out when my lips clasped on her right n!pple. .
I focused on sU-Cking her n!pple as if my life depended on it.
“Haaaaaaaaaa! Yea, like that, yea, don’t stop” haaaaaaaaaa! She screamed out again.
This girl is one Hot biatch!
” Sammy, put your J0yst!ck inside my pucci!” Her pucci was quite messy, but I didn’t mind. I slowly inserted my J0yst!ck inside her pucci. She kept m0an!ng. She couldn’t even wait for me to reach bottom, she pushed up at me and held me in place with her knees and her legs. Eventually she freed me and I started the age old long dance of passion.
We kept at it for about 5 minutes, then I felt a s£nsat!on deep down my J0yst!ck, it slowly crept towards the tip of my J0yst!ck. It somehow felt like peeing, so I quickly pulled out of her pucci, she was puzzled
“why did you pulled out?” She asked.
I was already quickly retreating towards the bathroom. That was wen it dawned on her that I was about cummin. She started laughing at me.
I got to the bathrum, and no urine would come out. I was later embarrassed when she later explained it all to me.

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