Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 71 & 72

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My Sexiography … 🌚

– Season 1🍑💦💦
Episode 71🍄🍑🍑
By; Tayo
Matriculation day came and gone. Soon first semester exam time table came out. Happy made it a point of duty dragging me to night class to read. I hated night class, but I had no choice in the matter especially when Happy felt like going to night class. She dragged me to night class on a Friday. I grumbling went with her. We got to our faculty and we looked for a good place to seat. Other students were scattered around us reading. I tried reading myself, but nothing was going in, I am so easily distracted. Seeing Happy’s fresh thighs was distraction enough.
“Seen enough?” She asked with a sly grin,
Damn. Knew I shouldn’t have let my mind wonder.
“Certainly not!” I replied, in mock indignance.
The light went off around 11pm. Students started trooping out to the corridor, happy and i remained still where we were.
After like 10 minutes of waiting for the light to come, I felt Happy’s hand on my J0yst!ck. I held her hand to stop her from going any further.
“Hey what are you doing, students are around” I whispered to her.
“They won’t see us” Happy whispered back.
I Freed her hand and she immediately pulled down my zip and brought out my J0yst!ck. My J0yst!ck was semi erect. She got it hard within minutes. Next thing I knew, Happy straddled me, and positioned herself, then she nudged her tight opening against my J0yst!ck. She pushed down hard, letting out a long soft m0an of pleasure as she impaled herself. The tight fiery heat of her pucci drew an answering grunt from me as she slid down my pole, and swallowed my J0yst!ck right to the balls.
She gently rode my J0yst!ck for about five minutes. Her delightful tightness clutches at my J0yst!ck, her inner muscles grip me snugly as she thrusted downward unto my J0yst!ck. People were moving about in the class, but she was too far gone to get concerned.
I felt her body start to tremble in my arms, the light came on just then. I quickly tried to pushed her off, she maintained her position albeit with super woman strength.
Letting out a silent howl of pleasure, her body freezes, then starts to tremble, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure. As her body shudders in climatic joy, I could feel her pucci tighten around me, milking at me, urging me on to my explosion, the juices of her release gushing over my hardness.
To a casual eye, Happy could have been said to be sitting on my lap. But not to this eye that winked at me with a mischievous look on her face. This girl clearly knows what Happy and I had been doing. She was sitting directly opposite us, about three seats from us. I whispered into Happy’s ear that someone is looking at us. She wiggled her butt0ckz on my J0yst!ck before she stood up and readjusted herself to a normal sitting position.
The other girl kept stealing glances at us and smiling. I ran into her at the library about a month later (I couldn’t remember her, but she remembered me…) and we developed a steady rapport. Her name was Cindy. We joked about what she saw that day at night class. She admitted she was kinda freakish for public S£x and she had been trying to get her boyfriend to have S£x with her in a public place to no avail. I jokily offered to render my services to her anytime. She took my offer seriously and arrangements were made.
My Sexiography … 🍄🍒🍒- 

Season 1 👨
Episode 72😻🌵
By: Tayo
After my first semester exams, I travelled over to Ekpoma and Auchi Poly, first to visit Aishatu in school and to see a girl I once had a one night stand with at auchi when I went for clearance. Her name was Linda. Aishatu and I had kept in touch over the months. She had wanted to come see me in school, but I told her not to come just yet as I hadn’t gotten a place of my own. I finally agreed to come see her in school during the holiday. The journey would allowed me to kill two birds with one stone I reasoned.
Linda and I met in a classic Hollywood style and had S£x that same day. I travelled down to Auchi Poly to write an entrance exam which was later changed to cross checking of documents. We were made to line up in queue under the hot sun. A girl with a very big and well shaped butt0ckz was directly in front of me. The queue became rowdy and uncontrolled as time went on. Those at the front would push back while those at the back would stumbled, some falling out of the queue.
The pushing went on. I planted my foot solidly on the floor so as I won’t be pushed out of the line. When those at the front pushed back, the big assed girl would also pushed back, her butt0ckz pushing hard toward my J0yst!ck. This went on for sometime, my J0yst!ck was a complete gentleman.
“Babe, abeg suffery dey move your bumbum, body no be fire wood o” I jokily complained to her.
She turned around facing me with a smiling face. Her eyes were covered with thick dark sunshades. She was light skinned and very beautiful. She turned around facing her front when one of the staffs started shouting that we should get ready for the exercise. Immediately the queue became uncontrolled again, as those People not in the queue started trying to join the queue. As a result, the queue became so tight, the butt0ckz of the girl in front of me became glued to my J0yst!ck. There was hardly a tiny space in between us. To worsen matters she started wiggling her butt0ckz from side to side.
My J0yst!ck responded immediately. She turned around and looked at me when she felt my hard on on her butt0ckz.
“Babe, I be warn you o, body no be fire wood” I said to her trying to look into her sunshades. She just smiled and faced her front. She resumed wiggling her butt0ckz immediately she turned around. Till it got to her turn to go present her documents. I immediately pulled a guy behind me to the front to cover my hard on.
The guy was confused by my behaviour, who send I thought.
After the clearance, I came across my butt0ckz wielding seductress at the gate. I walked up to her and started a conversation going. She told me her name was Linda. We exchanged numbers, after which I went over to a friends place at Sabo where I was putting up.
I called Linda later in the evening. She wanted to know where I was, I told her and she told me she will be coming over. 20 minutes later, Linda showed still wearing the dress I saw her in earlier, the sun shades was still covering her eyes. My friend guyly excused us, leaving Linda and I alone in the room. Immediately he left the room, I closed the door and approached Linda on the bed.

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