Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 73 & 75

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My Sexiography … -👴🍆
Season 1 🍄
Episode 73🌵🌴
By’ Tayo
We both got undressed in less than a minute, her sun shade fell off her eyes as we were both pawing at each others clothing. I was shocked still for some seconds when I saw her eyes. Her eye balls were almost outside its sockets, just like that of frogs. Hers was even more prominent. Her eyes were quite revolting, no wonder she was putting on sunshades to cover it up, I thought in that instant.
I noticed her countenance darkened into a sad scowl when she noticed me drew back from her. Sensitive guy that I was, I quickly covered up my initial shock by drawing her closer to myself. The light went off in that instant and I thanked God for Auchi NEPA, their timing was great.
With the light off, I la!d Linda gently on the bed and started fingerin her pucci, she m0aned out loudly in response. I concentrated on rubbing her cl!t with my thumb which got her wiggling all over the bed.
I needed to fast forward the whole thing, so I positioned my J0yst!ck in between her pucci lips. She wasn’t too wet. Her pucci opening was very tight, I could hardly fit the cap of my J0yst!ck in.
She was so tight and barely wet, getting inside her pucci became so hard. I was getting frustrated and my J0yst!ck wasn’t hard enough to breach her tight pucci.
I then calmed my self and imagined I was fvcking Rita, my J0yst!ck responded immediately and it became rock hard. I finger-fvcked Linda while imagining I was with Rita, I managed to get her a little bit wet after which I reinserted my J0yst!ck inside her pucci. I slowly worked it all inside her pucci till my balls were touching her pubes. Her pucci was extreamly tight.
I started thrusting deep into her pucci, I knew I wouldn’t last long as her pucci was gripping so hard around my J0yst!ck. Her pucci juice dried off after a few thrusts. Thrusting in became quite painful for both us and she told me to stop.
This babe no just dey feel me at all o, I thought.
I pulled out and smeared my condom covered J0yst!ck with a generous potion of my spittle. I positioned her Doggy style and thrust deep into her from behind while holding unto her well shaped butt0ckz for support. I got her juice flowing freely in no time. The pillow was covering her face which also helped in muffling her m0ans of pleasure.
She was so tight that i didnt notice i was putting on a condom. I fvcked her for like 10 minutes after which I unloaded my load inside the condom. Marking it the first time I ever released while having S£x with a condom on.
I gently pulled out from her pucci and rolled off the condom. Immediately she got up and started getting ready to leave..
❌❌No episode 74❌❌
My Sexiography … ♥

– Season 1 😻🌵
Episode 75♥

❌❌No episode 74❌❌
I went straight from Benin to Auchi to See Linda. My plan was to stop over at Ekpoma when returning back from Auchi. I called Linda when I got to the school gate and she came to take me to her hostel. The babe make sense if not for her draculian eyes. Her Identical Twin sister was around. She was perfect in every way and I wondered where Linda got her Dracula eyes from. I stayed with her for about two days, we couldn’t have S£x anytime her twin was around.
On the day I was to leave, Linda initiated S£x, her sister had entered one of her neighbour’s room. We could hear her voice gisting out loud with the occupant of the room. So when she drew near to me and started kissing me, I quickly decided to give her a quick one for the road. I quickly undressed her and did a quick feeling of her body, after which i moved my hand over to her pucci and rubbed her cl!t, the babe just refused to get wet. And I don’t know how long her sister would keep gisting, so I quickly wore a condom on my J0yst!ck and applied an extra lubricant that I especially brought for her dry pucci. After which I positioned her doggy style and thrust my J0yst!ck into her pucci.
Doggy style I realised is the best way to fvck her without loosing my hard on. Her eyes were a serious turn-off, while her butt0ckz was encouragement enough. While banging into her pucci from behind, I was so tempted to start slapping her big soft butt0ckz, just like Adult movie stars do in Adult movie. I didn’t know how she would react if I should start slapping her butt0ckz so I pushed that thought aside.
“Harder, Sammy, harder…harder..harder….” Linda voiced out. I was surprised because she wasn’t the vocal kind of person when having S£x. The highest she does is m0an out gently or pant with her mouth wide opened as if she wanted to shout. Here she is telling me to go harder on her.
I buckled up and increased the speed and depth of my thrusts, She opened wide her mouth as if she wanted to scream…her twin used that moment to push the door opened and walked in. She closed her eyes and quickly ran outside when she saw me digging her twin’s pucci. Immediately Linda pulled away from my J0yst!ck and put on her clothes. Damn, which kind bad market be this I thought in my mind.
20 minutes later I was set to leave. Linda and her twin saw me off to the park and I took a vehicle going to Benin, with a pitstop at Ekpoma. I received a text from a strange number about 20 minutes later.
“Ha! Bros, see as you just dey pound my sister totto as if you wan tear am wide open. Abeg take am easy before you kill person pickin o…”
I smiled when I read the text.
I got to Ekpoma about an hour later. I called Aishatu on phone and she gave me directions to her hostel. I stopped an Okada and gave him Aisha address. We argued over price after which we got on the road. The bike man stopped the bike three minute later and I thought we had gotten to Aisha’s house.
“Bros, abeg no vex. I wan carry that girl join you, Na the same direction una dey go, the girl Na my person” he pleaded
I was about protesting, but I closed my mouth when I saw the girl he wanted to carry. The girl was heavily breasted. Her breasts Na die! Each of her breasts could be bigger than my head. I started imagining how it would feel like having such big breasts pressing against my back.
“Abeg bros, come down make she enter” the bike man said when the girl walked over.
No way!, I thought. Na me this girl go use this booby rub, no be you!
“Oga, no need nau, make she enter from the back” I replied while shifting closer toward the bike man, so as to create space for the girl.
She mounted the bike and true to my dark thoughts, her huge mellons strarted rubbing against my back in a sensuous manner. I bet I felt her Tips hardened after some time.
Getting to Aisha’s house brought the b0s0m rubbing business to an end. I called her and she came out to receive me.

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