Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 76 & 77

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My Sexiography … ♥👨
– Season 1 😁
Episode 76🍆👋

By: Tayo
See flexing! I thought aloud in my mind when i opened the two ceramic plates in front of me. I had earlier told Aisha that pounded yam and well prepared vegetable soup garnished with fresh fish and okporoko was my favourite food. She had then jokily promised to prepare it for me when ever I do come visit her. I thought she was joking. Damn! The vegetable soup looked so appetising and the pounded yam was still hot when I touched it, she must have just finished pounding it, I thought. Most Ladies don’t know that the fastest way into a man’s heart is through his stomach. I could have given my entire Kingdom, if I had one, to Aishatu if she had asked it as reward for the sumptuous meal she took her time to prepare for me.
“Megida, eat o before the food cools down” Aisha said while squatting down in front of me.
“Or do you want me to feed you?” She asked coyly.
Maybe for rice and chicken, me no dey do lovey lovey for pounded yam and vegetable soup o. I thought.
“Where is the water to wash my hand nau? I asked in mock offence.
“No vex Megida, let me get it for you” she stood up and went into the kitchen, after she she came back with a bowl of water which she presented to me.
After eating, we cuddled up in bed. I was feeling very heavy and sleepy. I usually do feel like that after eating pounded yam. I slept off in Aisha’s arms after some time while she busied herself going through my phone.
I woke up sometime later in the evening, the room was already dark. Aisha was no where to be seen. I called her line and it rang out somewhere in the room. Where this yarinya go, I thought.
While waiting for her, I decided to take my bath. I entered her bathroom, mehn…her p@anties, different colours, different types, were hung all over the bathroom. I stretched out my hands in a wide stretch only for my right hand to dislodged one of her catapult looking
p@anties. The catapult fell right untop my head. I gingerly plucked it off with a finger and returned it back to its position. A thought entered my mind that instant.
“See as you just dey carry the pant with one finger as if Na poo, when very soon you go use your tongue take sU-Ck the owner of the pant pucci”
I sighed and proceeded to pulling off my clothes, after which I took my bath.
Aisha came back home around 8pm.
She apologised for leaving me at home just like that. She prepared indomie and fried some eggs which we ate. After which she went inside the bathroom to take her bath.
“Megida, go take your bath, there’s water in the bathroom” she said when she came out from the bathroom, Unclad while towelling her body dry.
“I’ve taken my bath already” I replied while looking at her cute looking butt0ckz.
“When was that?”
“When you went out earlier”
“Megida, that was then nau, go take your bath now, if not….? ”
“If not what….?” I asked her while edging close to her. I grabbed hold of her butt0ckz from behind and gave it a little sq££ze.
She pushed me away.
“No bath, no S£x this night” she said while facing me.
“Hmmmm, owk! You win!” I replied.
She laughed out loud when I said that.
“Dirty boy! Go and take your bath joor!” She pushed me into the bathroom. I slapped her butt0ckz gently when she turned around.
She squealed and turned facing me.
“Don’t start what you know you can’t finish o!” She said.
I quickly took a quick bath and returned back to the room. Aishatu was waiting for me in bed cladded in just a long white T-shirt as a night gown. It came down several inches past her hips so I couldn’t tell if she was wearing p@anties underneath.
My Sexiography 💦
Season 1 😍
Episode 77🥱
I walked into the bed and pulled her into my arms. Facing me, she cuddled up close, and I firmly, but gently, pulled her to my chest. She put her head on my shoulder and snuggled into my neck. Her left arm was draped over my chest and her right arm folded between us.
I placed my left arm under her head and neck and held her close. With my right hand, I caressed the back of her head. I then kissed the side of her neck while she let her left hand come around and begin rubbing my chest.
Slowly, Aisha turned her face up toward mine.
Our lips met in the most tender of kisses I have ever enjoyed. As our kiss lingered, it became more and more passionate. When I probed her lips with my tongue, she opened her mouth and sU-Cked it in. Our tongues fought a mock duel.
I moved my hand that had been stroking her head slowly down her back. I messaged her back while moving my hand lower and lower until I had a hand full of Aisha cute butt0ckz.
A firm sq££ze brought a deep sigh from her.
Aisha let her left hand slide from my chest, down my belly, and tentatively wrapped her fingers around my semi-erect J0yst!ck. I then moved my hand from her butt0ckz, up under her shirt, and slowly moved it toward her b0s0m.
After sometime, I knelt in between her thighs and reached up for her
p@anties. I slowly pulled her white
p@anties off her hips and let them fall to the floor. She then took the bottom of her shirt and began pulling it up her slender body.
I grabbed her butt0ckz, sq££zed firmly, and pulled her to me. Using her butt0ckz as a handle, I pulled Aisha up to where I could get my mouth on her left n!pple. She used her hands to pull my mouth to her b0s0m. She was m0an!ng as she pulled me tightly to her n!pple.
As I sU-Cked harder and harder on her n!pple, it grew even longer. In no time, it was nearly half an inch long and hard as a little rock. I rolled her onto her back and divided my attention between her n!pples. They were soon both standing hard and proud.
Aisha was rocking her head back and forth while she held my head to her chest. Softly she said,
“Oh yes! sU-Ck my n!pples…sU-Ck them hard.”
I was more than happy to comply with her request.
While sU-Cking one n!pple, and pinching the other, I let my free hand slide down her flat belly to her pucci. I gave her pubic bush a few gentle strokes before letting my hand trail down between her slightly spread legs. With my finger, I gave her one slow, pucci-lip parting stroke that stopped with an ever so light touch to her cl!t. Aisha’s legs practically flew apart.
“Oh god!” She gasped. A few more strokes like that, and she was breathing rapidly, arching her back, and lifting her butt0ckz off the bed.
As she lowered her hips, I left her n!pples and kissed my way down her body. She immediately began twisting and pinching her n!pples herself. I ended my journey down Aisha’s body when I was laying between her widely spread legs. In a short time, I had replaced the finger stroking her pucci with my tongue. A pucci-lip parting lick again brought her hips off the bed again. After several more licks like that, I settled my lips on her cl!t and began gently licking and sU-Cking that sensitive little morsel. I slowly increased the suction, while watching Aisha’s face and hands.
Aisha was loudly m0an!ng, and her head was rolling back and forth. She was pinching her Tips very hard and pulling them outward from her chest. Her pucci was dripping wet.
I released her cl!t and inserted my tongue into her love hole as deeply as I could.
Aisha released her n!pples, grabbed the back of my head, and pulled my face as tightly as she could into her pucci. As she ground her pucci on my face, she said with a gasp,
“Will you please fvck me now?”
“No…I’m not going to fvck you. I’m going to make love to you.” I replied.
“Oh yes, Honey. Do what ever you want to me.” She sounded as if she was near tears.
Kissing my way up her body, I found it somewhat difficult to put my J0yst!ck into Aisha’s K!ttyC@t and still be able to kiss her lips. Im not that tall. sU-Cking a n!pple while my J0yst!ck stayed in her pucci was impossible in the male dominant missionary position.
Wrapping my arms around her, I then rolled us over so she was prone on top of me. I took her under her arms and lifted her to a sitting position over my hips. As I lifted her, Aisha folded her legs so her knees were alongside my body. She reached between her legs and held my J0yst!ck. As I lowered her, she aimed my condom covered J0yst!ck into her pucci.
Aisha then took control. Kneeling over me, she took my hands from her sides and placed them on her n!pples. I quickly began pinching, pulling, and rolling her n!pples between my thumbs and forefingers.
After making a few minor adjustments to her position, Aisha sat down until she had my J0yst!ck head in her tight pucci.[B]
“Pinch my n!pples, Honey.” She told.
When I pinched her n!pples and firmly sq££zed her breasts, Aisha sat down. She had fully impaled her hungry pucci on my J0yst!ck. She had one of the tightest pucsies I had ever been in. From that point on, I was just along for the ride. She rode me hard and fast. In rapid succession, Aisha repeatedly lifted her pucci up and slammed it back down hard on my J0yst!ck.
In a short time, I was about ready to cummm.
Though I knew it was hopeless, I did my best to hold off the inevitable. I wanted her to get all she could from our night together. I also wanted to stay in that tight little pucci and enjoy the ride as long as I could. Damn, that little gal could fvck.
Then, just as I began to lose control, and felt the undeniable urges of my balls to let go, Aisha pitched forward, to lay on my chest, and cried,
“I’m… cuuummmmmming!” She quickly bounced back to her sitting position, raised up, slammed her pucci down on my J0yst!ck, and ground her cl!t onto my pelvis.
I reached down, grabbed her by her hips, and held her pucci down on my J0yst!ck as tightly as I could. I held her tightly as I lifted my hips and pumped my load deep into her. Immediately I pulled out and gently rolled off the condom care full not to spill the contents.
I fell back in bed and pulled Aisha unto my chest. I wrapped my hands around her and held her snugly to myself. Minutes later we both drifted off.
Next morning, she woke me up with a broad smile on her face and said:
“Are you up for another round this morning?”
I pulled her close and pulled one of her n!pples into my mouth and said,
“Naughty girl, what do you think?”

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