Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 78 & 79

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My Sexiography … -💦🍆
 Season 1 ✊
Episode 78🎂💦
By: Tayo
Second semester came and gone.
200 level first semester, I moved out of Rita’s apartment. Getting a cheap apartment around Rita’s area proved difficult. I finally decided searching for one within the notorious Ekosodin. Hostels there were quite cheap compare to other areas. Rita fought me tooth and nail over my decision of moving out. She even threatened never to call me if I dare move out.
Happy had been campaigning for me to moved in with her. My experience with Rita made me resolute in getting my own apartment no matter how poor it looks. I did get a not too decent accommodation within Ekosodin. I paid the rent and moved in, infact I paid the rent twice. I paid the first rent to a so called caretaker of the hostel with the mind that he would remit the money to the landlord.
I trusted him to do just that because for one, he was a Jehovah Witness. However this guy pocketed the money and moved out of the hostel as he had just graduated.
A week later, the Landlord showed up.
Kpor kpor kpor kpor……….
“Who is that?” I asked with a sleepy voice.
“Your landlord” a deep voice replied.
I quickly unlocked my door to meet the landlord.
“Is this how you students behave? How can you just pack into someone’s house and you won’t see the landlord”
the landlord said before I could greet him.
“When did you move into my house and who did you meet before moving in?”
“Sir…I met Duke. I moved in last week and I have even given him the rent”
“Mr man…your rent didn’t reach me. This room is vacant for all I know, so its either you re-negotiate with me or you pack out of my house”
“But sir, I’ve given the rent to duke Na, you can call him to confirm.”
“That’s not my business, I didn’t tell duke to collect rents from my tenants.”
The landlord gave me up to 3 days to come pay him the rent if not he would have me arrested for moving into his house without his knowledge. I had no choice than to pay him, but raising the money was a big deal.
Rita won’t lend me money, she was even happy with what i was going through. Happy eventually gave me the full money after I told her what I needed the money for.
After settling the landlord, I settled down in my new apartment. My neighbours were distant at first, I got to know them after a short while.
We were about 6 girls and 3 boys living in the building. The girls were preety in their own rights. I had my eyes on one of the girls immediately I moved in. Her name was Pleasure. You better be pleasurably in bed, I thought when she introduced her self to me. My ballon got deflated a bit when she told she was a Jehovah Witness. I do know that these Witnesses hardly date someone that is not a member of their faith. She’s got the cutest face, and the sexiest body that I could not stop staring at when I first saw her. Pleasure also has the best hips I’ve ever seen, with an amazingly big and firm butt0ckz thats to die for, especially when she wore tight skinny jeans that would bring out its round and Sekxy shape. I must have this girl! I thought.
A week later, I invited Gloria (my colleague at the fashion school) to come visit me in school.
We hadn’t seen each other for a long while now, though we had kept in touch on phone.
My Sexiography … 🎈
– Season 1 🍆✊
Episode 79🎂
By: Tayo
Gloria called me to come pick her up when she got to the school gate. I quickly rushed down to meet Gloria. She was looking all tushed up and radiant when my eyes settled on her.
An oversized hand bang was dangling on her shoulder.
“Babe, see as you gallant well” I said to her in a complimentary manner.
“See as your skin dey shine, intact Beyonce no reach you at all!”
“Forget that side joor, you and this your sweet mouth. You sabi washy person. I think say you go don change by now” she replied while laughing.
I took her to my hostel. I entertained her as a good host ought to do after which she requested for my bathroom. She came out with just a towel covering her midrif after spending some minutes in the bathroom. This babe mean business, no time to waste time, I thought.
She walked straight to my bed and I slowly la!d her down on my pillow and began to kiss her with all the passion i had in me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me tightly close to her, jamming her whole tongue in my mouth. She pulled away, almost gasping for air, almost yelling
“I want you now, please you have no idea how bad I want this!”
I quuckly got undressed, then i pulled off the towel around her after which I slid off her p@anties and put them aside, they were soaked from her pucci being so wet. I couldn’t resist I went down to her pucci and started licking her cl!t, her body spasmed from what seemed to be a sudden feeling of heaven.
I jammed my tongue deep into her, rapidly moving it in and out and taking in all her sweet juices. Her pucci seemed to tighten up for a second before she came, releasing a bunch of her juice on my face
“I’m sorry! Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to cummm… It felt so good, I didn’t want you to stop”
“it’s ok”
She smiled and pulled me in for another kiss and then stared deep into my eyes for what felt like a lifetime.
“Make love to me baby”
I easily rolled a condom onto my J0yst!ck which had gotten hard while I ate her out. She got on top of me and unhooked her bra,
“I want you to make me cummm again.
I want you deep inside of me, please” Gloria said.
She took my J0yst!ck into her hand and guided it into her tight and warm pucci, which slowly eased its way in. She slowly grinded her Sekxy hips back and forth, resting her hands on my chest. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, letting out a soft m0an,
“oh… Oh fvck…” She started thrusting her hips, increasing her speed each second.
“Haa… Aaah, fvck it feels good!!!.” She purred out.
I grabbed her big, tight butt0ckz and began to fvck her faster, sticking every inch of my J0yst!ck into her soppy pucci.
“ah! Fvck! Fvck me!” Gloria shouted out again
I started to feel myself building up for a huge load of Cummm.
“ahh… Oh! Mmm, does it feel good?”
She asked while giving me a very Sekxy stare, i barely even mutter a word, all I could reply was with a smile and nod of Sekxual appreciation I sat up and pulled her closer. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began to tongue kiss me intensely. She pulled back and opened her mouth wide open and closed her eyes.
“I’m going to cummm!”
I thrusted with all the energy I had left before finally feeling her pucci tighten and tremble a bit. I could feel her juices drip down to my balls. Seconds later, I grabbed her tightly and exploded, releasing all my cummm into the condom. I fell back onto the pillows, and her
onto my chest.
“wow, that was amazing”
She looked up at me, her bare Unclad body still barely dripping sweat onto mine.
“did it feel good for you too?” Gloria asked. I smiled,
“ofcourse babe, I loved it, you were amazing” She gave a little smile, she whispered
“i love you so much” before closing her eyes and resting her head on my chest, dozing off into a deep sleep.
Twenty minutes later, Pleasure knocked on my door.
“Its about raining o and your clothes are still on the rope” Pleasure shouted out to me
“Okay, thanks, I’m coming”
I wondered what she would be thinking now, she had earlier seen Gloria as she was about entering my room. Gloria herself didn’t help matters with her loud m0ans. I hoped i hadn’t spoil my chances with Pleasure before even making my first move.

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