Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 80 & 81

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My Sexiography … – 🍆
Season 1🍆👲
 Episode 80 & 81🍆🏊
By: Tayo

I had just finished lectures that Friday evening. The worms in my stomach were actively protesting. There wasn’t any cooked food at home so I decided to stop by at Edo street to buy some soup ingredients.
“Good evening, do you have ice fish?” I asked the beautiful fair skinned girl at the kiosk.
“Yes, how much own do you want?
“Hmmmm….bring that of two hundred”
“Sammy!!!” I heard someone shout. I turned sideways only to see Antonia and Wemi walking towards my direction. I quickly left the fish I was buying and covered up the remaining distance separating me from the girls.
“Bros, you no dey buy the fish again?
The babe asked.
“No vex, I dey come back just now”
Antonia and Wemi were both looking nice and dressed in dangerous looking bum shorts and sleeveless tops. I caught up with them.
I wondered where Joyce was as they all do go out together. I hugged both of them and we exchanged pleasantries.
“Sammy, you no just dey try at all” Antonia complained.
“You no sabi call person, abi we offend you?”
“No nau, I’ve called you several times, but you didn’t picked up” I lied, knowing I never called, in fact her number was no longer in my phone. This was all Rita’s fault. She had taken my phone one day and out of jealousy start deleting any contact that was saved with a lady’s name. That was how I lost Antonia’s number.
“Sammy Sammy, its okay sha, shey we don finally catch you again. You think say you go fit escape us forever abi?” Wemi said. “You stay around here right?”
“Yes, not too far from here. Was just about getting soup ingredients to make soup”
“Hmmmmm, our hostel is just around the corner” Wemi said while eyeing me coquettishly.
“Follow us to our hostel so that you will know it, in case you want to come over.” Wemi said.
I knew what would happened if I followed these girls home. I was quite ruluntant as I was very hungry and my stomach used that opportunity to grumbled out loudly.
“Babes, I can’t o, I’m very hungry. Haven’t eaten since morning and I’m so tired. Why don’t you give me your number, I’ll come over on Saturday”[/B] I said.
“Hmmmm, we can follow you home and help you prepare the soup while you rest” Antonia offered.
“Better still, you can follow us home, we prepared vegetable soup just this morning, we can make EBA for you to eat. And we will still come help you prepare soup tomorrow at your place. Wemi said.
I accepted as it was a nice offer. I get to eat my best soup, fvck two lovely babes and tomorrow they prepare a pot of soup for me. Not bad I thought.
We headed to their hostel. We gisted while walking on the road. I was in between the two of them. I placed my two hands around their Sekxy waist. Guys were jealously looking at me as I paraded my two beauties. Though, in my deepest mind, I prayed no cult guys noticed me.
“Where is Joyce?” I asked the girls.
“Joyce wasn’t given admission. She do come visit us in school. Intact she was with us since last week, she went home today. She won’t be happy when we told her we saw you and you came to our hostel the very day she left for home. She has been asking of you ever since then.” Antonia said.
“I think she may have fallen in love with you o, with the way she was angry with Antonia for misplacing your phone number” Wemi said.
“Really?” I asked with an incredulous look.
Wemi laughed and replied:
“Ask her yourself when you see her. She just won’t shut up ever since you did a wonderful job on her pucci”
We kept gisting till we eventually got to their hostel. The front gate opened up just as we were about pushing it open ourselves. Out came Pleasure, my neighbour, dressed in decent attire. Some watch tower and Awake magazines were in her hands, so it was Preety obvious she has been doing field work. She smiled and exchanged greetings with me after which she walked off.
Pleasure and I had gotten close back at the hostel. I had on several occasion gone to her room to pass time with her. She on the other hand had been to my room on several occasions. Nothing Sekxual had so far happened between us unless you want to count the day I barged into her room without knocking only to see her fully nakeed. She was rubbing cream on her body when I barged in, she quickly ran inside her bathroom.
I apologized and returned back to my room.
She avoided me for the next two days.
Antonia and Wemi led me inside their compound and to their apartment, which was stylishly addorned in a feminine manner.
I settled down on their bed and Wemi immediately proceeded to the kitchen to make the promised Eba. NEPA brought light and Antonia powered up the home theater in their room and music boomed out from the speakers after some time. Antonia started dancing, moving her hips and skaking her butt0ckz in a sensuous manner. Wemi came over from the kitchen and joined Antonia dancing in front of me. They rocked each other so flirtily that my J0yst!ck responded, pushing the flap of my trousers up. The girls kept at it for about 3minutestes touching each other in a seductive manner. Wemi later went back to the kitchen to make the EBA while Antonia kept dancing. She moved over to me on the bed and proceeded to giving me a hot sizzling lap dance.
I descended on the EBA with passion and in no time I cleared off the plate.
“Do you need more?” Wemi asked.
“No, I’m okay, anything more than this and my stomach would explode.”
Time now was around 7pm and I was thinking it time to start going home as I hate walking late in Ekosodin to avoid stories.
“Why not spend the night here, tomorrow we can all go over to your place.” Wemi said. It was as if she knew I was about announcing its time for me to go home.
“Yes, spend the night here, we have so much to catch up on, Antonia begged while laughing.
I accepted.
My Sexiography … – Season 1 Episode 81
I quickly got undressed and wore one of the condom on my enraged J0yst!ck which had quickly got hardened up like an iron rod when my eyes saw what the girls were doing.
I lined up my J0yst!ck on Wemi’s pucci and slowly thrusted my J0yst!ck deep into her wet warm pucci, which gripped me like a vice. Immediately Wemi started moving her butt0ckz, pulling back then pushing back on my J0yst!ck. She kept thrusting at a very slow tempo while still using the didlo to fvck Antonia. Her attention was torn in between the two of us. So without wasting time, I grabbed hold of her butt0ckz with both hands and pulled her harder and faster onto my J0yst!ck. I doggyfvcked her at a fast pace for about 8 minutes.
“Haaaaa…aaaaaa.ohhh myyyy……
“Yeaaaaaa….ha baby.yessssssssss!” Antonia screamed
“Haaaaa!…..I…I…I’m almost there! Please don’t stop!” Antonia begged Wemi.
Wemi m0aned out loud and begged me to fvck her harder. I was already tired and was already thinking of taking a break. Wemi m0ans of pleasure however gingered me up and I went harder on her, in no time her body shook in orgasm, her pucci became drenched with her nectar. Seconds later, Antonia released too, screaming like a banshee.
After resting for like 15 minutes, I pulled Antonia toward me. Wemi had already dozed off. I changed the condom on my J0yst!ck and positioned my J0yst!ck on her pucci entrance and thrusted in deep inside her pucci. I slowly fvcked her for about 10 minutes. Fvcking her was so pleasurable as she was making good use of her pucci muscles to grip my J0yst!ck so hard. It took intense concentration to avoid spilling my palm wine inside her pucci.
I raised up her legs and placed them on my shoulders and propped up her butt0ckz with a pillow. This elevated her pucci thereby making it easy for me to thrust my J0yst!ck completely into her pucci. I fvcked her in this position for like 5 minutes after which I unloaded my load into the condom. I pulled out and disposed the condom after which I returned back to bed to join my girls. I slept off in between two hot Sekxy girls.
Next morning, I woke up to see Wemi atop me in a cowgirl position. My J0yst!ck was buried deep inside her pucci. I pushed her off when I noticed there wasn’t a condom on my J0yst!ck. Wetin dey worry this girl I thought. I was visibly angry, but I didn’t say anything to her. Antonia wasn’t in the room, I wondered where she went to early this morning as there wasn’t any sign that she was inside the bathroom or the kitchen.
Wemi apologised claiming she looked for the pack of condom, but couldn’t find it. I located the condom and handed it over to her. She quickly rolled one on my early morning hard on after which she stridded me and positioned my J0yst!ck back into her pucci. I let her used my J0yst!ck as she liked until she came and collapsed on my chest.

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