Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 82 & 83

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My Sexiography … -😊🍓
 Season 1 🍅💦💦
Episode 82🔥
By: Tayo
I stopped going over to her place. We only get to see each other occasionally in school. Tegiri on the other hand had made it a regular practice coming over to my place when ever she was in the mood for S£x.
S£x with Tegiri was kinda wild. Most times we do forgo pre-intimacy and moved straight to the main S£x. I was however taken off balance when she came and she won’t let me pull off her clothes.
“Baby, kiss me first” she pleaded.
We hardly kissed when having S£x. I obliged her demand though and placed my lips on hers, she responded kissing me back passionately. I sensed something was wrong with her. This was so unlike her.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing” she simply replied. I noticed a shadow suddenly covering her face.
“You don’t look too well. What’s wrong?” I prodded her till she opened up to me.
“My boyfriend just broke up with me after I discovered some Unclad pictures of another girl in his phone. He cheated on me-and broke up the relationship just like that instead of him to beg me to forgive him. This is someone that I’ve given my all to and yet he could so easily discard me like trash.” She said, sobbing in between words.
“Babe, chill. The guy obviously does not deserve you.” I consoled her and after sometime she quietened down. I held her in my arms for some minutes till she slept off.
She woke up after like an hour and I turned to face her, she smiled when our eyes met.
“Sammy please make love to me” she requested, a sad smile on her face.
“Okay dear”
I pulled off her clothes and mine after which I made love to her. The love making was way different from our normal wild S£x. It was very slow, tantalizing as well as purposeful. I made sure she had toe curling orgasms before I came myself.
Later that evening, Pleasure and I were the only ones sitting on the bench in front of my hotel. It was a normal practice back then for we all in the hostel to come outside (after we had taken our night shower) to take fresh air before going off to sleep. As it so happened that evening, the other of my neighbours didn’t come out so, it was just pleasure and humble me outside.
We talked about several things while we were outside. I however quickly changed the subject when it became centered on Religion. It was getting too heated up for my liking. Discussing too deeply into religion won’t worked to my plans of ravishing this bae I reasoned.
“I’m having body pains all over my body. I really need a full body massage” she said in a languid manner.
“Really? It so happens that I’m a professional masseur ” I said, seeing my chance of getting into her pants.
“I spent six months training to be a masseur” I lied.
“You’re joking Sammy” she said not fully believing me.
“I’m not, a trial will convince you”
I stood up from the bench and went to stand behind her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and slowly massaged her shoulders. She sighed out and relaxed back into my hands. I then proceeded to giving her a neck massage.
I dipped my hand inside her shimi and slowly massaged her back. Moving from the nape of her neck to her butt0ckz crack. She m0aned out softly in a Sekxual manner. Right then I decided to take things further a notch. I slowly massaged her sides and my fingers dangerously moved close to her b0s0m. Her m0ans increased. I kept massaging her sides, making sure my fingers don’t touch her b0s0m, she m0aned out in frustration anytime my fingers came dangerously close to touching her b0s0m.
I continued massaging, better still romancing her with my hands. I stopped massaging her sides after sometime and moved to her tummy region. I was still on this when NEPA flooded the front of the hostel with light. I pulled off my hands and whispered into her ears.
“Let’s go inside…a full body massage awaits you”
She giggled and we both went inside together. She went straight to her room and I followed her in.
My Sexiography … -🍅🍓
 Season 1 🔥
Episode 83🏇
By: Tayo
She went straight to the bed and la!d on her tummy, her short skirt riding up to her butt0ckz, I could see her
p@anties. I didn’t wait to be invited to continue what I started earlier, so I joined her on the bed and i climbed and sat astride her back. I proceeded to massaging her shoulder, from there I raised up my body and trailed down my hand to her butt0ckz. She sighed out softly when my hands pressed and sq££zed her butt0ckz.
I decided to see how far she would be willing to go with all these, so I placed my hands inside her skirt and grabbed hold of her tight butt0ckz. She m0aned out when my hands came in contact with the bare skin of her butt0ckz. I massaged her butt0ckz for like a minute, her skirt was getting in the way, so I rolled it up to her waist. She wore a white lacy p@anties, I could see her pucci lips as her p@anties were hardly covering her snatch.
I concentrated on massaging her butt0ckz, occasionally, I would allow a finger to graze her pucci lips as if it was an accident. She would groan out and pushed her butt0ckz toward my hands when that happened.
The butt0ckz massaging was becoming a bore, so I told her to turn and face me, she obliged but not before covering her face with a pillow. Her big b0s0m were staring at me. My dreams are about to be fufilled, I thought.
I went straight to her b0s0m without any preamble. I’ve longed so long for those b0s0m of hers. She m0aned out loud when i placed my hand and gently fondled her b0s0m. Her b0s0m must be hyper sensitive or it must have been long she had S£x, I thought.
I raised her shimi top and my hands delved straight inside, grabbing her bare b0s0m, she groan out in a nice ring. I bent my head and took one of her n!pples into my lip. That was all it took, her whole body vibrated violently.
She calmed down after some seconds. I couldn’t believe what just happened.
She pushed me off and excused herself to the bathroom.
She came out from the bathroom, five minutes later in just a towel which, to my amazement, she removed in front of me to reveal her totally Unclad body. She looked incredible, and had the most Sekxy, womanly body I had ever seen, and my eyes were drawn to the dark triangle of hair between her legs. She smiled at me and got into the bed next to me, and my J0yst!ck grew hard with this beautiful babe Unclad next to me.
To be frank, I was still unsure what, if anything was going to happen, but soon she was stroking my chest and leaned over to kiss me, and it was a full, passionate kiss that made me think this was going to be my lucky night. As we kissed she put her hand into my boxers and started to stroke my hard J0yst!ck, and I took my chance to put my hand between her legs to rub her moist hairy pucci.
I took off my boxers to gave her full access to my equipment and kicked them out of the bed so we were now both totally Unclad and touching each other intimately. She then got on top of me and I felt my hard J0yst!ck pressing into her stomach. She wasted no time and suddenly I felt her hand around my J0yst!ck, she lifted her body and I felt hair on the tip of my J0yst!ck…condom!!! a voice shouted in my mind. I ignored the voice, I was simply far too gone to care, all I wanted at that moment was my J0yst!ck in her pucci.
I felt bliss as my J0yst!ck became engulfed in her wet warmth. She started to slowly fvck me, I am ashamed to say that the excitement of these unexpected events got the better of me and I started to ejaculate uncontrollably into her pucci.
She looked surprised and said
“did you Pour?” and I was too embarrassed to say anything but “yes”.
That’s ok” She said next.
Damn, which kind embarasment be this nau, this babe go dey reason me as 1 minute guy now, I thought. To save face, I told her that I would like to shower. I went inside her bathroom, she joined me in the bathroom and we both showered and returned back to the room. I couldn’t say anything while we were in the bathroom together.
“There is something I’ll like you to do for me” she finally said after a moment of silence between us.
“What is it? I asked.
“Don’t worry, I’ll show you”
Pleasure then la!d on her back and pulled me by the neck towards her hairy pucci. I held back for some seconds. As much as I love sU-Cking pucci, I don’t fancy sU-Cking an hairy one. She grabbed the back of my head and drove my face hard into her impatient pucci. There is no escaping this so I delved straight in. I swirl my tongue around her cl!t , making her tighten her legs around my head, I dipped my fingers into her pucci and explored a bit, just to get some wetness on my fingertips… then I went back to her little cl!t… and started rubbing.
[B] “mmmm” she went… as I built up stimulation. When she m0aned louder when I sq££zed her b0s0m, I sq££zed more, but not too much which made her to start Cummin so hard. My mouth was filled with her sweet juices. While I was eating her out, her m0ans had turned into loud muffled screaming not to draw the attention of our neighbours.
I lifted her legs back open and positioned my J0yst!ck in-between, putting her legs on my shoulders then inserting my hard J0yst!ck, which had regained its hardness while I was sU-Cking her pucci in her wet little pucci.
I started pumping my rock hard J0yst!ck in and out of her soaking wet pucci, taking care not to ejaculate in a rush again. I sU-Cked her swollen n!pples and was pinching them while I was fvcking her tight little pucci.
Pleasure was screaming away into her pillow, biting it every time I slammed my J0yst!ck deep in to her pucci lips making her juices flood over my J0yst!ck onto the bed. I pulled out after like 5 minutes giving her a breather, for a minute.
I grabbed Pleasure and put her in the doggy position. Carefully sliding my J0yst!ck in between her wet pucci lips hearing her yelp out loud , her face was back in her pillow as her butt0ckz was up in the air. My hard erection penetrating her Hot slit, the harder I shoved it in the wetter her pucci was getting.
“Oh god… Bleep me harder…please…”
“Harder, harder….oh myy…yes!”
“Just like that!”
I was wondering how much longer she could go on for. So I pulled out again, and la!d on my back. She knew what I wanted as she quickly climbed on top my J0yst!ck.
Sliding her quivering lips around the head of my J0yst!ck, then slamming her twaat up and down, soaking my J0yst!ck with juices from her pucci. She furiously rode my J0yst!ck, her eyes half closed and her mouth slightly opened. I couldn’t believe I was finally fvcking this babe afer all her religious stories.
She was indeed very pleasurable, her name more than suits her, I thought.
After like 5 minutes, she couldn’t take it anymore, me neither. My J0yst!ck exploded with all my built up cummm all in her as she collapsed on top of me while our combined juices ran all over my J0yst!ck and onto her bed. We both lay on the bed exhausted. I had to get back to my room so I got dressed, while I was getting dressed she lay on her bed exhausted, her legs were opened showing the whole world her dripping wet pucci. The look on her face was that of pure fulfillment and contenment. I told her good night and stole away like a thief into my room.

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