Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 84 & 85

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Here’s episode 84 & 85
My Sexiography 💦💦
Season 1 🍆
Episode 84 🌅
By; Tayo
Over the preceding weeks and months after giving Pleasure a swell time, I had become friends with most of her friends and coursemates. There is a particular one who was openly flirty with me any time she was around. She says all sort of spoilt and lewd things in form of jokes. She is the touchy touchy type, always looking for an excuse to rub herself on me, sleep on my chest, hold my hands and so on. I so much wanted to fvck the poo out of her, but there just wasn’t an opportunity to because of Pleasure. My bread got buttered one day when she came to visit Pleasure. As luck would have it, Pleasure wasn’t home when she came. Infact it started raining heavily after she entered my hostel so, she came to my room.
Cynthia is a big black busty girl and was endowed with a thick round butt0ckz, just like her friend. She gave me two canned Star bear when she came in.
“What is the occasion for?” I asked.
“My birthday was yesterday, I kept these for you and Pleasure”
“Hold on…can’t believe you celebrated your birthday and you didn’t invite me”
“I’m so sorry, didn’t plan to celebrate it at first, it was a last minute decision. No vex, I’ll make it up to you somehow and some day” she replied.
“I’ll hold you to your promise soon o” I said.
“Anything you say. I’m cold o. Do you have a wrapper?”
“Then I’ll just hide under your bed sheet.”
“Do whatever you like madam” I said while moving towards my kitchen to get something.
I returned back to the room to see Cynthia under my sheet, all covered up. The room as kinda dark, however I noticed her blue jean trouser atop my reading chair. Then it got me wondering what she had on underneath the covers. She smiled at me then I sat on the bed and started talking to her. We talked about our likes and dislikes, and our relationships. I told her Pleasure and I were just friends when she asked of my relationship with her friend. We carried o the conversation for a little, all these while she never got from underneath the covers.
The rain had stopped falling and Ekosodin Nepa had restored back the light. I asked Cynthia if she had plans or was she was going to sleep in my room tonight as it was already getting late. She answered saying that she was waiting for her friend Pleasure to come back. But she’d wait in my room if I didn’t mind, I agreed that was fine. I turned the light off but you could see in the room because of the lights from an opposite house just outside my window.
I lifted the covers to join her in bed only to see her short thick legs and a pair of white p@anties. That got me thinking some evil thoughts, i lay down but Cynthia wanted to talk some more so we talked for a few minutes in the dark, then she said:
“Can we have some fun while both of us are in bed?”
“What sort of fun do you have in mind?” I asked her.
“Pretend as if you don’t know what i have in mind o, you think i haven’t noticed the way you’ve been looking at me abi?”
“Okay, okay…you win o!
I lifted the covers and started pushing her shirt up slowly, I wanted to know if what she had in mind was what I had in mind too, so I decided to take things slow. She didn’t seem to mind at all when i started pushing her shirt up, so I went on by saying I wanted to see what she had on under her shirt. She said she had her black bra on underneath and wanted me to remove it for her, then, she told me that I had to undo it from the front. I was more than willing to help her remove it. I proceeded to undo it.
I slid her shirt up and she helped me pull it off, I then undid her bra revealing her big breasts which had always caught my attention especially when she first came in today.
I began to grab them in my hands and squeezing her big n!pples with my roaming fingers then I lean over to kiss them and slowly enjoyed them with my mouth, I hear a pleasant low m0an!ng coming from her lips.
I sU-Cked them harder and harder the m0an!ng turned into cooing.
finely my hand roamed down her bellybutton and on to her white
p@anties she was wearing, slowly going down between her thick black legs and over her pucci. She didn’t stop me in any way; she seemed to be encouraging me by the look on her face and the sounds coming from her mouth. Her head leaned back, her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips. As I took my fingers and rubbed her pucci through her thin p@anties little by little I was taking my fingers and barely entering her pucci listening to her m0an!ng get louder and louder. But I didn’t have to hear her to tell her
p@anties were soaked.

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