Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 86 & 87

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My Sexiography …💦💦
 – Season 1 🌷🍆
Episode 86🍅🍑
By: Tayo
In my two hundred level, second semester, I had serious issues with some cult guys over something that at first looked trivial. I had tried my best to stay off their path since I gained admission into school. Ekosodin was then very notorious for different cult groups fighting over dominace. Hardly a week goes by that that they don’t brutally murder at least three people.
My issues with the cult guys started when a course mate of mine visited me one cool evening after lectures. She actually came over to do some assignments with me, back then I was known to be some sort of a braniac. I do help out some of my colleagues and sometimes I teach tutorials to some 100level students.
I saw her off after we finished doing the assignment. On getting to Edo street, some guys who were sitting under a shade, smoking marijuana called out to me. I decided to ignore them. I pretended as if it wasn’t me they were calling out to. Two of them pulled out from the group and walked over to me.
“We they call you, and you come dey form superman abi? You Pour dey spread as if Na you get this Edo street abi?” One of the guys said, his eyes red.
Chai! I don enter today o! I thought in my mind. The most annoying thing was that the stupid girl I was seeing off just walked off, abandoning me to my fate. At first I thought she is probably going to get reinforcements to come rescue me, instead she went straight to her hostel and stayed there.
“Boss no vex o, I be no know say Na me you dey call” I pleaded trying my best not to offend them.
“Sharrap there! Your fada!” The other guy shouted at me. The two of them then pushed me very roughly towards their other group. All these was going on on a public and busy street. No body stopped to intervene on my behalf, people just passed by unconcerned.
“Oya land your yansh for ground before I count two!” A guy who seemed to be their leader ordered me.
I refused to sit on the floor. Slaps began raining on my head and face as consequences of my disobedience. I was later forced to sit on the floor after which the leader began questioning me.
“You know who be that babe way you dey follow walka just now?” He asked.
“The girl Na just my classmate”
“You sure? the babe Na chairman babe. You get luck say Na we see you with the babe, if Na chairman boys see you, dem for don put two bullets inside your belle by now. So you know wet in you go do for us now?” He asked, while pouring smoke into my eyes.
“No boss, wetin you wan make I do?” I asked. A slap landed right on my face again.
“You dey craze!!!? Na Sky you dey ask question abi?”
“No vex sir!” I pleaded. Chai, Na me be this one so! I thought. Oga Sky finally went on.
“You go settle me and my guys unto say we let you know say Na chairman babe you dey align with, you hear me so?”
“Yes sir”
“”Oya offload your pocket” he ordered
I pulled out my pockets and brought out my wallet from my back pocket. I opened the wallet and started bringing out some money to give to them. Oga Sky grabbed hold of the wallet with my entire money and handed it over to one of his boys. I kept quiet, not wanting to piss him off. The guy with my wallet fished out the whole money inside and handed over the empty wallet to me.
“Where your hostel dey?” Oga Sky asked in between smokes.
Out of fear, I made the mistake of bluttering out the location of my hostel. The guys finally let me go. But it didn’t end there. Two days later, three of the guys came to my hostel very early in the morning. They came to collect protection dues. I didnt have any money with me so they seized my phone.
They said they would return an hour later to collect the money. I quickly ran to the ATM machine inside the school and made a 5k withdrawal. The guys were infact waiting for me at the back gate. I paid my dues. This was how I started paying dues.
I reported the issue to the school security when the dues paying became too much. I was paying dues at least two times in a week. The school security however failed to do anything. According to them, anything that happens to students outside the school walls is no concern of thiers.
I was forced to report the issue to a relative of mine who was a lecturer. He still couldn’t do anything. He however told me to pack out from Ekosodin. He then got a junior staff accomodation for me inside the school. I moved out from Ekosodin after my second semester exams.
My Sexiography … ✔🍄
– Season 1💦💦
Episode 87🌷🍄
By: Tayo
I stayed back in school after my exams.
I stayed clear of Ekosodin though. My new environment was kinda boring and dull compare to Ekosodin. There wasn’t much to do around, so it was either I got myself busy chatting on 2go or I go to sport complex to make use of the school pool. I saw and met differnt babes at the pool, but i was scared of getting close to them, who knows one of them could be the babe of a cultist, i reasoned. I however became addicted to 2go at a point. Chatting with total strangers, joining different 2go rooms. I became a regular visitor in the dating room, adding different girls, some asking me to send them airtime in order for them to send me their Unclad pics.
I added a girl from one the rooms one night that I couldn’t sleep. Her name was Maryann. I sent her a message immediately she accepted my friends request and she replied almost immediately.
We chatted at length. She told me she was a student of Auchi polytechnic. She was easy going and we bonded almost immediately. We chatted as if were old friends. We exchanged phone numbers before we both retired for the night. I was thrilled when her call woke me up the next morning.
“Hey sleepyhead… You’re still sleeping by now when your mates have since long woken up” she said in form of greeting.
“See this one, so is this how little girls in your village greet their elders when they woke up in the morning? I fired back at her.
“Who dash you elder? Small boy like you so!”
We continued exchanging good natrured jabs at each other till she eventually ended the call. I logged on to 2go an hour later. Maryann was already online. She had changed her relationship status from flirting to looking for a relationship. It became a point of conversation. She told me she had recently broken up with her boyfriend because the guy had always refused to go down on her even after she she had given him a blowwjob. As if that wasn’t enough, the guy had wanted to have anal S£x with her, she refused and the guy became abusive. So she was forced to end the relationship.
We became very close within the next three days. We were always chatting online. I became flirting with her at a point and initiated S£x chat with her from there I told her to send me her nudee pics. She refused.
“Why do you want to see my Unclad pics?” She asked.
“Hmmmm…nothing, just wanna see how Sekxy you look without clothes….”
She replied after sometime.
“Don’t worry, I’ll come see you on friday. You will see as much you like when I come”
I was very happy when I read her reply. I quickly sent her a message.
“Are you indeed serious?”
“Of course, or don’t you want me to come?”
“Can’t wait to see you infact!”
Friday came soon enough and she travelled down from Auchi to Benin. I went to pick her up when she called me that she had gotten to the school gate. She came very late, infact I thought she wasn’t even coming again.
Her phone had been switched off through out that day. I was so angry when I couldn’t reach her.
I got to Main gate and called her, she told me where she was and what she was wearing. I easily located her. Maryann wasn’t that beautiful, but she was however gifted with a killer body. Her b0s0m were big and her butt0ckz was superb!
I shouted out in my mind when I noticed the large sized bag she came with, filled with clothes. I was hoping this would just be a one night stand, here she was with a bag of clothes that would probably last for a month. I became worried as I wasn’t prepared to host her for that long. I was still trying to recuperate after my ordeal with my cultist friends.
I took Maryann home. We bonded physically again, we were like old friends or couples. She was very free around me. She immediately proceeded to my kitchen to prepare food when I told her I didn’t cook anything as I wasn’t expecting her to come today. She had earlier bought a full chicken suya while coming over to my place. We descended on the suya while she prepares jollof rice. I was very comfortable with her.
We later took our bath together after we had finished having dinner. She changed into a transparent night wear and joined me in bed.

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