Story: My Sexiography – Season 1 Episode 9

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My Sexiography … ✌️👇👅
Season 1 Episode 9
‘Only when you have crossed the river, can you say the crowcodie has a lump on his snout’
-Ghanian Proverb.
I’ve never been to my home town before. It was a total new experience. Home is where you go to when you’re in trouble. So it seems for me. My home town is a picturesque little town, surrounded by gigantic rocks, cold climate almost all year round. A lot of tourist attractions, a lot of places for young and imaginative boys to seek out adventures. There are several caves and several ponds naturally carved out from within rocks. As for the people, they are quite friendly, nice and compassionate. My Grandmum accommodated us during our short stay in my home town. Her house was built with red mud sand and it has many rooms. Many of my relatives were home for Christmas, so each room was filled up and I was forced to share a room with 6 of my cousins. It wasn’t comfortable, but who am I to complain after escaping death?
I’m used to be on my own due to the way I was raised by my mum, now there is hardly any privacy, so I opted on always leaving the house. I used the opportunity to go rock climbing and exploring the hidden caves. It was on one of these expeditions that I met the first love of my life. After quickly wolfing down my breakfast that Friday morning, I proceeded on exploring some caves my little cousins told me off. The caves were quite inaccessible, but I was pretty determined to see those caves, so I pushed on till eventually I broke through, tearing my clothes in the process. I know mumysy and my grand mum would be pissed at me when I returned from my adventure, I however didn’t let that knowledge deter me. The cave mouth wasn’t too wide, barely wide enough for me to wiggle through.
Inside the cave was quite dark, it was like a scene from an horror movie, so I quickly switched on the touchlight with me. Its rays barely cover the interior of the cave. All of a sudden I heard a strange sound from ahead of me, the sound was verry terrifying, then an apparition came at me. The apparition was covered with white clothe like a ghost. I was rooted to floor at first shaking with fear, then a thought came to me that I should run
. Immediately I turned on my heels and varmosed through the mouth of the cave as if it wasn’t there in the first place.
“Wait, wait, wait, stop running o” I heard someone calling behind me. Instead of stopping, I infact added more speed. I believed I ran faster than Usain Bolt that day.
The voice however kept on after me, laughing at the same time begging me to stop running.
Eventually I did stopped running, turned back to see a girl running towards me. I was very angry realizing she played pranks on me, master of pranks. I pride myself as a chief prankster, second only to Tunde, my old friend in kano.
I was very angry to have been given a taste of my own medicine. I made up my mind to beat up the girl when she comes closer. I calmly brought my heart rate to normal and focused on the satisfaction of beating the naughtiness out of this girl when she comes closer to me. She eventually caught up to me, on seeing her closely, something came over me, it was like the world stopped moving, the air became stilled and everywhere became sillent. I forgot how angry I was and my plans on beating her up.
” My name is Queen.” She told me.
“What is yours?”
“Sammy” I simply replied. She was quite shy and so was I. “Why did you scare me like that” I asked her.
“Hahahahaha!” She bursted into a fit of laughter. She kept at if for almost a minute, with spittle coming out from her mouth. She couldn’t stop herself from laughing. I hate to be laughed out, but funny enough I didn’t feel bad that Queen was laughing at me. Eventually she calmed herself.
” I’m so very sorry for scaring you, you need to have seen the look on your face when you thought I was a ghost” she said with a coquettish voice.
“Forgive me, it wasn’t you I wanted to scare. My younger brother played a prank on me yesterday, so I decided to return the favour. I told him I would be here. I thought he was the coming when I heard you coming through the cave hole. So I quickly got ready to scare the Shtt out of him” she breathed out in a rush, still trying to stifle herself from laughing.
“Hope you’re not angry with me” she continued. ” no, I’m not angry” I assured her.
All these while the sun was hitting down on us, so we moved off toward a shade, which was a very big tree surrounded by rocks. We sat there.
She told me virtually everything about herself. I noticed one peculiar thing about her, she loves talking, she loves hearing her own voice. She just couldn’t bear for there to be quieteness. Queen is very beautiful, she is indeed a Queen. She has these dimples on both sides of face, an open teeth she proudly display every time she smiles.
She also got a pointed nose, just like mine, but hers wasn’t as pointed as mine. This has always been a bone of contention between us till today. She is always claiming her nose is more pointed than mine. Queen is quite slim, but she is however endowed with very big size b0s0m meant for a 20year old girl. She is tall, very tall for her age. And my o my! She’s got straight long legs. I’ve always been attracted to a girl’s leg, even till now. Straight long legs always turn me on, lol…
” Sammy, I’m hungry. Its time to go home for lunch” she said.
“Okay, I’ll go with you”
She kept on talking on the way to her parent’s house, pestering me with questions, and I kept answering her every questions like a zombie.
“Where is your dad?” She asked.
“How many children do your mum have?”
“How was kano like?”
“Do you have a girlfriend in kano?”
“What is your favourite food?” The questions kept on pouring in till eventually we got to her house. Her parents were quite happy to see me as they know my family. She’s got 4 brothers. She is the only girl child in the family.
Her mum treated me well, Queen and I were both given a plate of EBA and a bowl of Egusi soup decorated with bush meat. We ate together. The rest of the family have had their lunch before we came. Her younger brothers kept tying to steal meat from our soup bowl. We finished eating and we went to the sitting room to watch television. It was evening eventually, so I informed Queen’s parents that I’m going home.

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