Story: My Sworn Enemy – Episode 1 & 2

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Episode 1
Written by chichi Tonia
Anita and Sophia had been friends right from their childhood, they attended same high school and even same University. they were both hardworking and beautiful.
After they graduated from University Anita became a doctor, while Sophia became a lawyer. even at that they were still friends.
As time goes on they both got married, Anita got married to Joe who was a successful business man, while Sophia got married to Stephen who was a bank manager. one day Anita husband bought her a new car, she was very happy about it and decided to tell her friend Sophia because they are not hiding anything away from each other.
Are you serious, so you mean that your husband bought you this car? Sophia asked looking at the car smiling because Anita came with the car so that her friend could see it
“Yes my sister, ever since I got married to Joe he have been spoiling me with so many things, was it not last week he bought me a diamond necklace worth about 300.000 naira and now he bought me this car .”Anita said excitedly
you are very lucky to have a man like Joe, he is very caring and loving. wow!! this car is very beautiful, am happy for you my sister. “Sophia said
Thank you! anyway how is your husband Stephen? Anita asked
he is fine, come let’s go inside so that I can entertain you. “Sophia said
“No don’t worry, I want to start going, I just rushed down here to show you the car my husband bought for me, but don’t worry I will come anytime again so that we can sit and talk very well okay? Anita said because she was rushing to go
“So you came to my house without coming inside to say hello to my husband. “Sophia said
Don’t worry I will do that when next I come, but for now am in a hurry, I just said I should come and show you my new car. “Anita said
ok no problem if you insist, send my regards to your husband joe .”Sophia said and after that Anita left with her new car, while Sophia went inside.
on getting inside Sophia saw her husband Stephen in the sitting room.
I thought I saw your friend just now, she didn’t come inside? Stephen asked because he saw Anita through the window
yes she came but she have gone home now because she was in a rush, she only came to show me the new car her husband bought for her .”Sophia replied and sat close to him
ok that was very thoughtful of her. “stehen said and they ended the topic. After some moment of silent Sophia said
“so honey, when are you going to get me my own car, just as you can see Anita husband joe bought her a car, so my own will not be different, so when should I be expecting my own car? Sophia asked curiously
“But you already have a car, why do you need new one? Stephen also asked
I need new car because the one am using is old, so are you buying me a new car or not? she angrily asked
ok I will get you a new car next week if that will make you happy. “Stephen said
yes that will make me happy. “Sophia said excitedly and kissed her husband.
Episode 2
Ok I will buy you the car next week if that will make you happy. “he said
yes that will make me happy .”Sophia said excitedly and kissed her husband.
One week later, Sophia husband bought her a new car and she was very happy and she decided to call Anita on the phone to tell her about the new car her husband bought for her.
Hello dear “Anita said Immediately she picked her call
“Anita how are you? Sophia asked excitedly
am fine, but this one you are happy over the phone, is like there is good news you want to tell me. “Anita said smiling
yes there is good news, guess what? Sophia asked
you know that am not good in guessing, ok you are pregnant. “Anita teased
no not that, ok let me tell you the good news, my husband bought me a new car. “Sophia said happily over the phone
you don’t mean it, are you serious? Anita asked smiling
yes am serious dear, my husband bought me a new car “Sophia said
wow!! this cost for celebration, honestly am so happy for you. “Anita said feeling happy for her friend
Thank you, but sorry to ask, how much did your husband bought that your car? Sophia asked
well he told me that he bought it 20 million naira “Anita replied
20 what!!! “Sophia screamed over the phone
“Is 20 million that Joe bought the car for me, I thought I told you the amount the day I came to your house, so how much did your husband bought your own car? Anita also asked
He said that he bought it 13 million naira. “Sophia replied in a sad mood because she wasn’t happy that Anita’s car is more expensive than her own
“Wow” he still tried “Anita said
He did not try anything “Sophia said and hissed
but I thought you were happy for the car your husband bought for you, why the sudden change? Anita asked
Never mind, I know how to handle Stephen. “Sophia said
please take it easy with him, he still try and bought 13million naira car for you, there are some women who don’t have any at all, so appreciate the one your husband bought for you. anyway I also have good news to tell you, I wanted to come to your house this evening to tell you but since you have called let me tell you the good news on the phone, am pregnant “Anita said excitedly
wow!! that is really a good news, you are very lucky girl, but have you told your husband yet ? Sophia asked
have not told him yet, but am planning to tell him this evening when he returns from work “Anita replied smiling
ok no problem, we will talk later “Sophia said and then ended the call
“mtcheeew…… Look at her mouth, am pregnant is she telling me that to make me feel bad, every time my husband bought this for me, my husband bought that for me, as if she is the only one that have the most perfect marriage rubbish, as for Stephen he must return this car and buy the one of 20 million for me, I can’t be driving 13 million naira car while my friend Anita will be driving the one of 20 million, no it will be very embarrassing to me, Stephen must return that rubbish he bought for me .”Sophia thought to herself

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