Story: My Sworn Enemy – Episode 11 & 12

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My Sworn Enemy Story


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Episode 11
Written by chichi Tonia
Six months later, one morning Joe was going to work with his car, along the line he was attacked by four armed robbers on the road, they beat him up and snatched his car from him.
“My car! my car!! “Joe screamed after they had gone with his car, a guy was passing when he saw joe screaming and he stop to know what the problem is
Oga! what is the matter? The guy asked Joe
they snatched my car from me “Joe said while putting his hands on his head
who snatched your car ? the guy asked again
is armed robbers ooo… “Joe replied
Armed what!!!……..
Armed robbers, snatched my car “joe replied again still putting his hands on the head
I will advise you go to the police now to report the issue to them “The guy advised and left, while joe went home without going to the police to report.
When he got home, Anita was very surprised to see him at that time when he was supposed to be at work.
“Honey what happened, you didn’t go to your business place again? she asked surprisedly
I was attacked by armed robbers and they snatched my car from me “joe said sadly
What!!! when did this happened “Anita asked
“just 30mins ago along tarbia road “joe replied while pacing around the room
you mean that lonely road? but why did you follow that road? Anita asked again
the traffic was too much in the other road, that was why I followed the tarbia road so that I can meet up “joe responded
And you know how lonely and dangerous that road is, yet you still went ahead and follow the road, the worst mistake you made was coming back home instead of going straight to the station to report the issue “Anita exclaimed
yes you are right, I was even advised to do that but I don’t have any money with me, because all my money was inside the car and you don’t expect me to trek to the police station that was why I came back home to collect money “joe said
honey you have to rush to the station and report the issue to the police “Anita said and that moment joe entered the room took some money and left, on his way he stopped a bike man who will take him to the station, so as the bike man carried him on his bike and was taking him to the station, along the way he sighted a car that look exactly like his own parked at one corner of the road, so he told the bike man to stop the bike for him to go and confirm if the car was his own, he got down from the bike and walked to where the car was parked, he looked at the plate number and was surprised that the car was his own, so he opened it because the car key was placed on the door of the car, as he opened the car he saw that everything was intact, so he paid the bike man and the bike man left with his bike, while joe entered his car and drove straight home, he never bother to go to the station again since he have found his missing car, but unknown to him that the car was used for kidnapping.
Episode 12
When joe got home, he walked into the sitting room but didn’t see his wife because it was the maid that opened the door for him, so he went inside the room and saw his wife who was busy arranging the room while the baby was sleeping
“Ah… honey you are back, is like the station you went to is not far? Anita asked immediately joe entered the room
I did not go to station again, you will not believe what happened “joe said
“honey what happened? Anita asked curiously and joe explained everything to her
“wait! wait!! so you mean that you saw your car on the road and you drove it home without going to the station to tell the police ? Anita asked anxiety
Darling I don’t see anything wrong in me taking my car I saw on the road, since I have found the missing car is of no need for me to go to the station again “joe responded
But honey you should have go to the station first to report before driving the car home, do you know whether the robbers use the car for anything before dropping it on the road, for crying out loud you should have report to the police first they should be one to tell you whether to take your car home or not? Anita exclaimed
I don’t think the robbers use the car for anything because everything I kept on the car was intact, so there is no need for me to go to the station “joe concluded
Hmm…… if you say so no problem, anyway thank God that the car have been found “Anita said
Mr & Mrs Lawson on the other hand was in their sitting room watching television, when all of a sudden their driver rushed inside panting heavily.
Oga! Oga!! Jan…..Jane….. the driver said panting
what happened to Jane? Mr Lawson asked the driver who was still panting
Jane have been kidnapped “the driver finally said, when Mrs Lawson heard this her heart skipped
what do you mean that jane have been kidnapped? Mr Lawson asked with his heart pounding because Jane was there only child
As I was taking her to school, we were attacked by four men carrying a brown car, they beat me up and took Jane away, but as they were driving away with their car, I used my phone and caption the plate number of the car “the driver explained and Mrs Lawson fell on the ground crying
my daughter ooo….. please honey do something, she is our only child, I don’t want anything to happen to her “Mrs Lawson said crying
please dear stop crying nothing will happen to our daughter, I will call the detective now “Mr Lawson said consoling his wife not too long he called the detective
“Hello! am I speaking with the detective? Mr Lawson asked Immediately they picked his call
“Yes! you are speaking to detective Nathan, what can I do for you? detective Nathan asked over the phone
Am Mr Lawson, my daughter have just been kidnapped “so he explained everything to the detectiveHi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
Don’t worry, we will do everything possible to find your daughter with the help of the plate number your driver captioned, we will use it to track those criminals, later send me the details of your daughter and also the plate number of the car, don’t worry I will be calling time to time to give you an update, but in case those kidnappers call to demand for Ramson don’t hesitate to let me know “the detective said and ended the call
what is the detective saying? Mrs Lawson asked with tears in her eyes
don’t worry dear, he said that they will find our daughter and bring the criminals down, I will send him the details about our daughter and also send him the plate number of the car our driver captioned “Mr Lawson said

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